5 Things Neville NEEDS To Do After Leaving WWE

As we all know by now, Neville has reportedly walked out on the WWE, and while we don’t have any further details about his situation at this point, we know what he should do if the rumors are true. The unexpected news has many fans dreaming about what The Man That Gravity Forgot will do once he re-enters the independent wrestling world. There are countless dream matches and situations for the UK native to find himself in, but today we are going to get specific, and look at five things that he HAS to do or accomplish, once he does find himself a freelance wrestler again.

5. Join The Bullet Club

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This is the obvious one, and after all the controversy surrounding Bullet Club recently, this would make sure that Neville stayed in the spotlight, and with Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks already suggesting this move, it’s bound to happen. The team already has a Junior Heavyweight, and a British member at that, in Marty Scurll, but the goal of Bullet Club is to become as big as possible. With an incredible athlete like Neville, it would take them to another level (the Neville Level, if you will). With Bullet Club heating up in Ring of Honor, and still having a strong presence in New Japan, adding another Elite (get it?) performer to their group would be a tremendous help. He could even be a replacement for Cody Rhodes, who still has issues with Kenny Omega, so this may force that storyline breakup along. Either way, this is best for all parties involved, as everyone involved with the Bullet Club gets elevated, and it would give those guys more spotlight to be joined by such a great performer.


4. Enter & Win PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles

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There are a lot of tournaments out there in the wrestling world today, and while there are more high profile ones in Japan (we will get to that later), in North America, one tournament is at the top. Though he’s competed in it before, it’s time for Neville to step up and win PWG’s BOLA tournament. Back then, he was just a young guy known as PAC, and didn’t have the hype he has today, and with guys like Adam Cole and Ricochet on the way or already in WWE, that tournament needs big stars, and he is the guy to step up. If possible, it would be great to see him compete in every tournament worldwide, but a victory or good showing in BOLA would solidify him as one of the top stars in the independent wrestling world.


3. Finally Compete For Progress Wrestling

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Neville came to the WWE in 2012, and ever since that point, the UK wrestling scene has absolutely blown up. The crown jewel of the hot UK scene is Progress wrestling, who consistently put on better shows than any company in the world, which makes it the perfect place for Neville, right? Awaiting The King of the Cruiserweights are matches against the likes of Travis Banks, Matt Riddle, Pete Dunne, and more, which are all fresh matchups. If Progress wasn’t one of the top companies in the world, it sure would be with the inclusion of Neville. We don’t know much about Neville’s situation, or what his goals would be once he can compete again, but if he wants to go back to the UK, the Progress fans would welcome him with very open arms.


2. Wrestle Will Ospreay And Ricochet

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There are many great high-fliers in the wrestling world today, and perhaps none are better than the Aerial Assassin, Will Ospreay. You have to say, whether you like him or not, that this would certainly be the biggest dream match that Neville could have outside of the WWE. Whether it happens in PWG, the UK somewhere, ROH, or even New Japan, these two would make magic happen inside that ring. Whether Neville works heel or face, it would genuinely be a surreal moment and a Match of the Year contender. Ricochet is just as good as Ospreay, and it’s reported that he is on the way to WWE, so it would be great to see those two collide while they can, but the true money is in an Ospreay vs. Neville matchup.


1. Follow Cody Rhodes’ Lead And Sign With ROH AND New Japan

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Ever since TNA went downhill, there has been no clear number two wrestling company in the US step up. Ring of Honor is certainly doing great things, however, and with their relationship with New Japan booming, this is the place to be for any top star, and in these promotions, Neville could become one of the best wrestlers on the entire planet. We’ve seen Cody rise to the top of the ROH world, and even challenge Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight title, and Neville is a much better performer. So if he dedicates himself to these two promotions, he could be on the level of Okada/Omega/Naito in just a year or two. There are many great matches awaiting too, against the likes of Kushida, Ryusuke Taguchi, Tanahashi, Okada, Omega, Dalton Castle, Jay Lethal and many more, and if he wants his career to blossom following his departure, this is the place to be.


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