15 Absurd Things Ronda Rousey Does To Stay Healthy

When you think about Ronda Rousey's remarkable shape, we think about her absurd training tactics during her UFC and WWE runs, however, her habits began long before. At the age of 11, Rousey started in the field of Judo, a craft her mother perfected. In 2008, her hard work paid off, winning a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic Games. And oh, she won the medal just entering her 20s.

Needing to pay the bills, Rousey took a chance on the world of MMA. Ronda would not only become a household name but she became a pioneer in helping to put the sport on the map. Without Rousey, the women’s division would have never flourished the way that it did.

Success comes with countless hours of hard work when nobody's watching. In this article, we take a look at some of the most absurd dieting and training methods incorporated by Rousey. We’ll also take a unique look putting the spot light on some of the rigorous drills she recently performed at the WWE’s Performance Center. If you thought she was only practicing her in-ring skills boy are you ever wrong! Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 absurd things Ronda Rousey does to stay healthy!

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15 4 Hour Workout Sessions

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There’s a reason why Ronda Rousey called her WWE training the most grueling of her entire career. Digging a little deeper, we found out that the workouts at the Performance Center lasted four hours a day! You’ll get tired just reading about the stages she underwent to get in ring shape, it’s truly grueling.

Rousey started her day off with a stretch and then her program routine was broken into four parts. She spent an hour on in-ring work followed by another hour of working on her judo skills on the mats outside of the ring. She proceeded to work on her striking ability for another hour and then the session finally concluded with a full workout that was based off strength and conditioning. If you’re asking yourself how she was in such phenomenal shape for Mania, this absurd training plan is the answer.

14 No Cheat Meals

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Yes, you likely saw images and videos of Rousey smashing down her favorite chicken wings but she only does that in celebration of something. When she’s in game mode, don’t expect Rousey to consume anything other than her organic diet foods. Rousey admitted she does not eat cheat meals, sticking to her diet plan on the regular.

Like most of us, she does have a craving for sweets. No, she doesn’t smash a box of cookies or donuts to fulfill that need but instead, she has some healthy Greek yogurt mixed in with her favorite chia seeds, a food she consumes for breakfast as well. With the tough training sessions and needing to look like a champion on the regular, who knows when her last cheat meal was.

13 Grueling Functional Strength Gauntlet

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For the bros out there reading this article, Ronda’s fitness routines likely aren’t for you. The classic bro likes to hit the bench press or curl some dumbbells and heck, maybe to finish off, a bro might hit the Stairmaster. We hate to break it to the bros out there but Rousey has admitted she is not a fan of bodybuilding and before the WWE, she barely used any weights.

Her fitness style is all about performance. Rousey doesn’t have an absurd number on the bench press but the exercises she takes on are more grueling than pressing a heavy weight. One of the exercises she performs is called a functional strength gauntlet. Head WWE trainer Sean Hayes explained the drill which features weighted sled pushes and farmer carries. The drill paid off as she picked up Triple with the utmost ease at WrestleMania.

12 Breakfast Of A Champion

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For most of us throughout the week, breakfast isn’t the most nutritional meal of the day. Some of us rush down a bowl of cereal while others eat nothing at all. Ronda however, is the complete opposite. She claims that breakfast is her favorite meal of the day and in terms of calories consumed, breakfast is her biggest meal of the day - especially in terms of the quality of the foods.

Her go to breakfast consists of many different foods. As we stated in the previous entry, she’s a huge fan of chia seeds, using them as a snack to fulfill cravings along with consuming a big bowl for breakfast. Along with the chia, she mixes in hemp, oats, almond butter, cinnamon and raisins. Yea, that’s an absurd breakfast bowl and one suitable for a champion.

11 Maintains Low Body Fat Year Round

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In the WWE, some of the performers like to kick things up a notch for the well-being of their physiques during WrestleMania season. If you follow WWE stars religiously, you know that Mandy Rose, Triple H and Jinder Mahal, just naming a few, took their diets a little more seriously for the event. Surely, following the big show, they lowered their conditioning levels and likely upped the calories.

Rousey however, is not an advocate for such a way of life. Looking back at photos of Ronda in the octagon from years ago, it’s shocking to see how similar she looks to the Rousey of today, hardly changing and maintaining such a slender figure throughout her 20s and into her 30s. Due to her impeccable work ethic and diet, she’s able to maintain such a look yearly.

10 Unmatched Flexibility

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A judo champion, you can say Rousey’s mobility and flexibility is a tad bit better than the rest of the WWE roster. Back when Kurt Angle made his WWE debut, scouts marvelled at how quick he was able to pick up the craft. A lot of it had to do with his past as an amateur wrestler, his speed and footwork was made for the squared circle.

Angle saw the same thing in Rousey, which is why he was so optimistic pertaining to her debut. Search "Ronda Rousey fitness" on Google and images will show you just how impressive her flexibility really is outside of the ring, an absurd quality that really doesn’t get enough recognition. Her flexibility, mobility and power was on full display during her WrestleMania match when she performed a brilliant role only to put Triple H up on her shoulders.

9 Takes Cold Baths

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Oh yes, she trains and eats like a champion and apparently, she also bathes like one following a rigorous workout. It’s an absurd tactic that lots of athletes use, the mindset behind a cold bath is that it increases the recovery rate following a workout. Given the fact that she performs four hour workouts, one can imagine that she needed to speed up the recovery process following such exhaustion.

When WWE cameras caught up with Rousey, she was post workout taking a cold bath at the PC. It just goes to show how invested she is into being great at her craft. It all seems to be working out for Rousey as not only did she look like a million bucks during her debut but she also shocked the world in what’s being called the greatest debut of all-time.

8 Conditioned To The Bone

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What sets Ronda Rousey apart from the rest is her remarkable endurance levels. That didn’t happen overnight however, she’s earned such a reputations due to years and years of hard work. During her UFC days, Rousey had 6 to 12 conditioning sessions per week, some of us are lucky to get in that many per month let alone a week! Her cardio drills consist of lots of variations which includes swimming, one of the top cardio routines out there. Even WWE Superstar Finn Balor uses this tactic to maintain his tremendous shape. If anyone ever asks what do Rousey and Balor have in common, you got your answer.

Her conditioning was on full display during her WrestleMania bout. She was like the energizer bunny throughout the match, heck she could have probably went another ten minutes if needed!

7 Total Body Workouts

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You would think Ronda had it easy during the final portion of her training at the PC given the fact that she was working on drills for three hours prior. However, those than know Rousey are well aware that she never stops working, Ronda’s a beast! WWE trainer Sean Hayes explained the strength and conditioning aspect of her fitness routine and it’s seriously no joke.

The workout consists of upper body and lower body circuits. So for every set Ronda worked on, it was comprised of three exercises with minimal breaks in between! If you want to get your heart rate jumping, trying out such a workout regiment would do you some good! The exercises were seriously grueling and something only an athlete like Ronda can pull off.

6 Organic Driven

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If someone ever asks what do Daniel Bryan and.... okay you get it, but seriously, like Bryan, Rousey’s a huge advocate for plant based products and she’s spoken out at length about the benefits of such foods in her diet. Now she isn’t s vegetarian, but she does her very best to consume fresh organically bred foods, which are featured throughout her meals. She also recommends growing your own vegetables naturally, oh if only she was on SmackDown Live, just imagine the conversations pertaining to the matter Ronda would have with a certain wrestler....

As we stated earlier, Ronda continues to follow a diet religiously, especially now during her WWE run. A strong diet has always been a major factor to her success, even back in the UFC days.

5 Functional Workouts

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Nowadays, within the WWE, the norm is starting to become working out for a functional purpose. Back in the Attitude Era that was not the mindset and you couldn’t tell the veterans otherwise. It was all about gaining muscle and the body’s function was absolutely secondary. Former wrestlers like DDP are making a fortune nowadays aiding past performers that made this mistake for far too long.

Today, even the likes of Triple H have converted to a functional style. Rousey has kept in shape with such a fitness routine for the longest time. Her strength, speed and agility is all thanks to the functional workout plans she’s been using for the longest time. With her body still priming at the age of 31, she’ll only get better.

4 Hits The Bags For Hours

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At the Performance Center, Rousey hit the punching bags for an hour. Yes, that is truly ridiculous but before her WWE days, she spent hours not an hour, performing the same drill. Strength and conditioning drills weren’t really used by Ronda and in fact, she admitted to hardly touching any weights. Instead, she would spent numerous hours just hitting a bag, another reason as to why she’s so darn conditioned. If you ever back out on cardio, take a boxing class, you’ll burn double the calories than walking on a Stairmaster.

Even The Game himself uses this tactic when he gets into phenomenal shape for WrestleMania. Like most of us, Hunter gets bored of hitting conventional cardio so instead; from time to time he switches things up and throws some jabs with a boxing coach. Needless to say, that work didn’t help him one bit at WrestleMania when Rousey cornered him...

3 Snacks Of A Champion

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You can look at this one in two ways: one, an absurd dieting tactic or two, a brilliant tactic that you the reader might even contemplate into your diet. Like the rest of us, Rousey likes to snack on some foods. As children or heck, even today, lots of us like to munch on chips.

Well, Rousey outsmarted the system going for a healthy chip alternative. She basically cuts a sweet potato into a chip size and bakes them in the oven. When they’re done and ready to go, you have yourself perfect sweet potato yam chips! In terms of dietary carbohydrates, the sweet potato is atop the list and it’s another one of Rousey’s favorite items that’s grown organically!

2 Protein Fueled Dinner

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Nope, Rousey doesn’t settle for a small salad with a glass of water during supper, instead, she’s all about maximizing her protein intake. We hope your bros are still with us and didn’t run away after it was established that she didn’t perform bodybuilding movements. If you stayed, you’ll get a kick out of the fact that she consumes protein just like you do! But probably not twice her bodyweight like the overaggressive bro out there!

For dinner, Rousey usually consumes a small meal, she likes to keep the calories on lighter side at night, intaking most of her calories during breakfast and lunch. The dinner routine consists of six ounces of ground turkey which is near 40 grams of protein, an amount of protein most humans aren’t consuming per meal.

1 Absurd In-Ring Stamina

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We spoke at length about Ronda’s crazy ways to stay in shape, one of her best assets is her conditioning levels which remain unmatched. We got an early hint at this early on in her training, Shayna Baszler spoke about Rousey’s in-ring desire and how she could go in the ring for hours without getting tired. A similar sentiment was echoed by Natalya discussing Rousey’s ability to improve in the ring, no matter how many hours it took.

Her WrestleMania bout was a testament to that as the match lasted a shocking 20 minutes and in fact, it was the longest bout of the night even beating out the main event. As you saw in the match, those 20 plus minutes weren’t slow minutes, the match was high paced matching Rousey’s absurd conditioning and strength levels.

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