As the year 2017 comes to a close and 2018 is almost upon the WWE Universe, there are all sorts of storylines, happenings, returns, departures and rumors that fans can look back upon and say 2017 was a pretty good year. But, as any fan will tell you, the idea that 2018 could be better has everyone excited.

There is speculation a number of talents will be joining WWE. From names like Ethan Carter III to Ricochet to potential names from New Japan that haven’t really been seen with WWE talent relations, where the next calendar year goes and how the WWE grows and improves its roster is intriguing. What about new social media campaigns like the WWE’s relationship with Facebook Watch? Maybe the idea that the women will be more featured on WWE programming than ever before has you giddy with anticipation.

If you had to make a wishlist for 2018, what would be on it? There are so many things a WWE fan could wish for but here are five we think would be on a lot of people’s lists.

5. Neville and WWE Make Nice


The fact that Neville and the WWE have not ironed out their issues is a shame. When Neville joined the Cruiserweight Division he elevated himself to a whole new level. He was taking over the 205 Live brand and ready to make a leap on the main roster if an opportunity presented itself. Before he could get there, WWE and Neville apparently didn’t agree on how and when to use him.

That Neville is now not wrestling anywhere is disappointing. Worse is the fact that the company isn’t a fan of a talent just bailing and they hold ill will on moves such as sitting out or not showing up when contracted. If many fans could have their way, he’d be back in the WWE and performing at the level he was (or higher).

4. Kenny Omega Joins WWE


Some people may argue that Kenny Omega joining WWE would be bad for Kenny Omega. One of independent wrestling’s biggest stars right now, Omega has a lot of freedom he might lose if he joins the top professional wrestling promotion in the world. He’s the type of talent who wrestles long matches and may not be best suited in an environment that is often full of 2-3 minute segments on a weekly program.

Still, the idea of Omega in WWE is one that would have many in the WWE Universe salivating. The matches he could have with the likes of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor or even the feud he’s currently having with Chris Jericho could headline any WWE card and be arguably the best match of the night.


3. WWE Finds Their New “Rock”, “Stone Cold” or “John Cena”


Roman Reigns might be close, but to suggest the WWE has found their new franchise talent might be pushing it. Former greats like The Rock, Steve Austin or John Cena can carry an entire company on their backs and WWE badly needs that kind of person right now.

Daniel Bryan looked like he had the potential to be that guy but his injuries squashed any hope of that. If 2018 is going to produce anything of substance, it would be great if a clear talent emerged from the pack as the guy WWE can bank on without hesitation. WWE needs a fan favorite that is unquestionably the guy who will main event several WrestleMania’s in a row, even if it isn’t in the year 2018.

2. A Full-Time Universal Champion

Photo: The Comeback

It isn’t helping the WWE that its Universal Champion isn’t around to help the product on a weekly basis. The fact is, WWE hasn’t had that guy since Kevin Owens last held the belt, and even then, the entire history of the Universal Title has been clouded by the fact that no one has really represented that belt well.

The WWE needs a talent who can win the belt, grab a hold of it and make it relevant in a way that no other WWE Superstar has yet to do.


1. Daniel Bryan Returns To The Ring


It might be a pipe dream but with every passing bump and every interview Daniel Bryan does about getting healthier and wanting to wrestle, WWE fans get more and more excited about the prospect of Bryan being an in-ring competitor again. How could that not top most people’s wishlist for 2018?

If there’s a chance Bryan can wrestle and that the WWE might clear him, he needs to become the big star he was destined to be before his injuries slowed his momentum. He deserves another shot and the WWE fans deserve to have him in the ring if healthy enough to do so.

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