Throwback Thursday: The Undertaker Returns At Judgment Day 2000

This day (May 21) marks the 15 year anniversary of The Undertaker's epic return at Judgment Day 2000. That return took place at the end of the thrilling Iron Man match for the WWE Championship between The Rock and Triple H. With the falls tied at five and DX interfering on Triple H's behalf, The Deadman returned under a new moniker, later to be known as the American Badass and cleaned house.

'Taker took out all of DX, but unfortunately all special referee Shawn Michaels saw was Undertaker delivering a Tombstone to Triple H, resulting in a disqualification. The fall gave Triple H the title, but began an impressive run for The Undertaker who managed to succeed even while stepping away from the greatest gimmick in wrestling history.

What a return this was and it's crazy that it's already been 15 years.

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