Tightly Knit: 15 WWE Female Talents Who Are Dating (Or Married) Inside The Industry

Wrestling has changed so much in the recent years that indie darlings AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor all find themselves vying for the top spot in the company. WWE have stopped portraying women as sex objects as they're now trying to make history by making them compete in 'first ever' matches every single week. Wrestlers are no longer allowed to swear on live television, and the promos are more scripted than ever.

Many backstage things have also changed, but none is more significant than how prevalent intra-industry relationships are these days. Back in the day, such relationships weren't very common as top stars only used their colleagues as road girlfriends, opting to ignite relationships with those who aren't in the industry. Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Ultimate Warrior all found love outside the industry although they've all been rumored to have slept with at least one colleague.

Things have changed drastically these days with regards to romantic relationships as wrestlers find their true love while on road. Part of the influx of intra-industry relationship is the fact that more women are involved in the industry than ever before.

The following article discusses the love life of WWE female talents who are now either dating or married to those inside the industry. To think we could compile a list of 15 such women without even mentioning a few such as JoJo states how prevalent such relationships are these days.

If I've failed to discuss such relationships, you can add them as notable mentions by dropping a comment.

15 Stephanie McMahon

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Is there a better way to kick-start a list that celebrates intra-industry relationship in pro-wrestling than discuss Stephanie McMahon’s marriage. In more ways than one, she has proved that pro-wrestling is in her blood. With Shane McMahon spending considerable amount of time away from WWE and marrying an outsider, the Queen has always been around, even tying the knot with one of the brightest minds the business has ever produced in Triple H. Even though WWE didn’t acknowledge their real life marriage for a while, they’re now celebrating their relationship as hardly a week goes by without WWE’s mentioning their marriage. With wrestler-wrestler marriages often ending unceremoniously, the McMahon-Levesque couple have been going strong for almost two decades now. We’ll never know if they’re really happily married, but the kayfabe version of the couple is what every wrestling couple dreams of becoming.

14 The Bellas

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The Bellas are Stephanie McMahon’s closest rivals as far as power is concerned. With the twins dating WWE personages since their signing on the dotted lines, their taking wrestlers’ second names was inevitable. However, no one expected them both to marry arguably the two biggest names of the century in John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Nikki Bella, who had previously dated Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk, got engaged, as the 16-time world champion proposed at the Grandest Stage of Them All. Brie Bella’s marriage has remained comparatively low-key, however, as only the more hardcore wrestling fans keep tabs on her personal life. Interestingly, their mother also now dates a wrestling legend, John Laurinaitis. Calling The Bellas gold diggers isn’t justifiable; let’s just assume their spouses’ wealth is a bonus they ‘never’ bargained for.

13 Maryse

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Wrestlers’ walking down the ramp with their wives is a rather common sight in the industry. Kevin Sullivan, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Randy Savage and Tommy Dreamer have all done that. When The Miz exchanged vows with one of the most successful divas in Maryse, many expected the couple to be featured at some point down the road. WWE duly delivered a few months ago when they brought her down as his valet to reinvigorate his career. She’s since been an effective part of the critically-acclaimed persona The Miz has engineered, often aiding him in his Intercontinental Championship pursuits and defenses. Many considered the couple a mismatch as Maryse was more popular than the Hollywood A-Lister when they began dating, but he has since proved that he’s worthy of the former Playboy model’s love.

12 Maria Kanellis

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The WWE’s Women’s Revolution definitely got a boost when they re-signed Maria Kanellis and her husband. WWE has often come under the microscope for utilizing women poorly but, when they brought back the First Lady of WWE, they made her husband Mike Bennett, a decent indie wrestler, take her second name to become Mike Kanellis. The name change goes awesomely with their gimmick, epitome of true love. The former Diva Search contestant met her husband while working for Impact Wrestling; they have worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling and numerous other major promotions since marrying. With her dating numerous big names such as John Cena and CM Punk, her marrying a fellow wrestler is far from surprising.

She's ended up with a rather low-profile one when compared to the ones she'd dated, though; however, she now has the opportunity do a Maryse to make him a superstar.

11 Renee Young

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Every male wrestler has his own set of zealous female fans. However, the ones that Dean Ambrose has made clearly are as lunatic as he is on the screen. When Ambrose’s dating WWE interviewer Renee Young became public, they showered her with abuses on social media so much that she had to address the issue publicly. At one point, they even began spreading rumors that WWE officials had developed a disliking for her for allegedly holding the most unsuccessful Shield member’s career back. Given her good looks and the Lunatic Fringe's thinning hairline and wacky on-screen personality, though, many branded them a mismatch. However, the couple seem to be thoroughly enjoying each other’s presence, as evidenced by their numerous Talking Smack segments (RIP Talking Smack!).

10 Lana

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In an article discussing intra-industry romantic relationships, Lana largely feels an outsider as the other 14 women we’ve discussed have accomplished at least twice as much as she has. After calling time on her full-time modelling career in June 2013, The Ravishing Russian began managing a Bulgarian nobody in NXT. Little did she know she’d go on to marry the 300-pounder three years later in a controversial manner. They managed to win over the WWE officials again; however, with WWE now featuring more married couples than ever, they now find themselves walking down the aisle alone. Lana has shown significant improvement from her in-ring debut at WrestleMania 32 but, given the plethora of female talent WWE has at their disposal, she may revert to her valet role in the near future.

9 Naomi

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Of all the WWE couple discussed in this article, only Jimmy Uso and Naomi portray polar opposite roles. The SmackDown Tag Team Champion rips the blue brand’s tag team a new one on the microphone and in the ring with his twin brother, often resorting to immoral tactics while the neon-wearing Naomi fights fair and square against bad women Carmella, Lana, Natalya and Tamina. Thanks to their contrasting roles, WWE hardly ever mentions their real-life marriage on television although they’ve let the Total Divas directors refer to them as real-life husband and wife on the E! Show. However, with her character proving stale and SmackDown’s biggest babyface Becky Lynch due a championship run, one can expect her to go through a heel turn akin to her husband’s in the coming months.

8 Carmella

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Even though it took Carmella many months after Enzo and Cass’ call up to finally move up to the main roster, she has now become as big a star as the duo. Winning the Money in the Bank twice, she has established herself as the best up-and-coming star in women’s division today. Given her gimmick and looks, one may expect her to be dating Enzo; however, the 5ft 5in wrestler is, in fact, seeing the seven-foot catchphrase in Big Cass. WWE largely downplays their relationship as the pair performs under different shows as of now; Carmella only commented on Cass’ heel turn with a tweet. Many fans have already been weighing up the prospect of a stable featuring Cass, Carmella and the Big Hog James Ellsworth.

7 Mickie James

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Mickie James is the first wrestler in this list to date or marry someone who’s not working for WWE right now; we’ll get to more such wrestlers as we go down the list, though. Given her journeyman (or maybe, journey person) career, it’s not surprising that the WWE legend has married a wrestler who has never wrestled for WWE. The Native American wrestler met Englishman Magnus during her Impact Wrestling spell. The couple married in December 2015 when their baby boy Donovan Patrick Aldis was one year old. As he’s only 30 years old, one may expect him to sign an NXT contract in the coming years; however, he, a former TNA Heavyweight Champion and GFW Global Champion, needs to improve drastically to even get anywhere close to the yellow brand.

6 Paige

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Alberto El Patron recently got into trouble with the law over an alleged domestic assault incident. TMZ’s breaking the news on the back of a rumoured breakup has left a lot of wrestling observers wondering what’s going on in the chaotic lives of two unstable minds. Paige has been embroiled in everything Sunny did save for adult entertainment (as of now) at a tender age of 24, and not a single person ever expected her relationship with the Mexican wrestler to be a bed of roses. Paige’s kith and kin believe the GFW Unified Champion is a bad influence while his relatives apparently want the Norwich-born talent away from him. Should the domestic abuse reports prove true, the couple should call off the engagement, lest we witness a Chris Candido and Sunny 2.0.

5 Liv Morgan

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When Carmella started managing Enzo and Cass, many touted Enzo Amore to woo her. However, it was the Seven-foot Catchphrase, who ended up winning her heart. Being a Certified G and Bonafide Stud, he ensured he won a hotter female in Liv Morgan over. WWE has largely kept their relationship low-key, especially with the 23-year-old New Jersey-native still wrestling for NXT. Additionally, their keeping their relationship private has helped WWE create storylines in which he seduces – or tries to seduce – female colleagues such as Lana and Sasha Banks. However, with their gimmicks being somewhat similar, one can expect WWE to team them both up as an Enzo without the backing of Big Cass is largely one dimensional. They can be the only active real-life couple playing a couple on the television that way as Maryse, Maria Kanellis, Renee Young and Stephanie McMahon don’t wrestle anymore.

4 Thea Trinidad

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Austin Aries got released recently, after just a few months in WWE. Dave Meltzer and other respected combat sports journalists reported a couple of days later that his attitude rubbed WWE writers and agents the wrong way. His departure got the more informed wrestling fans wondering what the future would hold for his significant other Thea Trinidad, a new WWE signing. She’s now involved in a love angle with Andrade Almas. Given her wrestling resume, one can expect her to be an integral part of the post-Asuka period in NXT.

Her real-life relationship with the A Double, whom she had met during their Impact Wrestling stint, could make her do an AJ Lee, though. Here’s hoping she achieves what she can rightfully do without her personal life blocking her ascension.

3 Sasha Banks

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WWE had Enzo Amore flirt with Sasha Banks on live television a few months ago. A segment of that sort wouldn’t have seen the light had WWE publicly acknowledged her real-life relationship. The Boss has been romantically involved with WWE costume designer and indie wrestler named Sarath Ton for years now. Many news outlets even suggested that the couple even tied the knot a few months ago in a private wedding. The couple met during her indie career, and have remained together ever since. The chances of his ever becoming an on-screen personality is slim but, as he’s known to design the wrestling gears notable wrestlers such as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon don, one can expect the couple to tour the world together for a long time.

In an industry that has seen Sunny and Chris Candido, Lita and Matt Hardy and Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage, one can’t help but admire her commitment to the relationship.

2 Bayley

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Much like her best friend Sasha Banks, Bayley is also dating a low-profile indie wrestler, named Aaron Solow. He’s struggling in the indies as she continues to be booked terribly on the main roster. Given her good looks and position in the company, she could easily break up with him to woo high-profile single male wrestlers such as Seth Rollins or Finn Balor; however, the Hugger chooses to stay truthful. WWE has been keen to portray her as a role model, and she’s been living a life that makes her a definite role model. However, with his chances of ever joining the WWE ridiculously slim, one wonders how long she can resist the temptation to look for a relationship that seeks less effort and dedication.

1 Alexa Bliss

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Unlike the days of Sunny and Lita, female talents seem quite faithful these days. Alexa Bliss, who recently became the first woman to win both Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship titles, recently got engaged to struggling NXT wrestler Buddy Murphy. The two met when WWE made her Blake and Murphy’s valet. They fell in love shortly afterward, even touring the world together with NXT. She now thrives on the main roster, being a main-event talent, whereas he continues to languish on the developmental territory. With their career trajectories being as dissimilar as those could be, one wonders if they can keep their love alive. Given his Instagram posts, though, the one-time NXT Tag Team Champion seem happy to see his fiancé do things he’s currently unable to.

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