'Til Death Do Them Part?: 15 Of The Shortest Wrestling Marriages

WWE couples are often thrown together based on circumstances and many of them even decide to take a walk down the aisle as well.

Even though there are currently more couples in the company that there ever has been, there have also been a lot of couples that haven't managed to make it work between them when it comes to their marriages.

Marriage isn't the main problem for a lot of these couples. Sometimes it's being committed to another person and sometimes it's a culture shock; having now been married before or having to live by the rules that come with it.

Marriage was a step too far for many of these stars and when they did finally decide to tie the knot, it actually didn't work out the way that they thought it would.

The following is a list of the 15 shortest marriages when it comes to wrestling stars. It seems that not only did these marriages fail to work out, but the couple was happy to file for divorce as soon as their marriage hit its first problems. This probably isn't something that many of these stars would want to be on the list for.

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15 Goldust And Terri Runnels: Six Years

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Goldust and Terri Runnels were a popular couple both on-screen and off in WWE for many years. They decided to marry in 1993 when they were at their height of popularity. They had a daughter named Dakota Avery who was born the following year.

Despite their success as a couple in WWE, their marriage just didn't work out. Part of the reasons was because of Terri's strained relationship with Dustin's father Dusty Rhodes. Terri states that Dusty sparked rumours of infidelity and gold-digging that caused her to have problems in her relationship. It was then agreed that after six years of marriage the couple divorced in October 1999. Goldust has since gone on to remarry twice in 2002 and 2012 while Terri has also moved on to have two more significant relationships.

14 Billy Kidman And Torrie Wilson: Four Years And Eleven Months

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Torrie Wilson may be remembered as one of the very few women who managed to have a lengthy career in WWE but never lift an actual championship. But she still remains one of the most memorable female wrestlers of the past generation.

Torrie has gone on to become a fitness expert ever since she left WWE. S washe actually married while she was still working for the company. Torrie and Billy Kidman dated for four years before they decided to marry in July 2003. The couple then travelled together and lived together in Tampa, Florida when they weren't working on the road. But their marriage didn't work out and ended in divorce at the beginning of 2008. Torrie is yet to remarry ever since, even though she briefly dated Nick Mitchell from The Spirit Squad a year later.

13 Jesse Cabot And Madison Rayne: Four Years And two Months

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The TNA Universe have become very familiar with Madison Rayne over the past few years since she has been in and out of the TNA Knockout's picture and was one of the founding members of The Beautiful People. Madison's personal life is not as well known to her fans though apart from the fact that she is currently married to TNA Commentator Josh Mathews.

Before Madison and Josh decided to tie the knot, the former TNA Knockout was married. She married Jesse Cabot on February 8, 2011 and it was going well for her for a number of years. Cabot often left to tour Afghanistan for six months at a time and it seems to have become too much for Rayne who filed for divorce in 2015. Madison later went on to marry Josh Mathews in August that year.

12 Ric Flair And Jackie Beems: Three Years And Six Months

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Ric Flair and his fourth wife Jackie Beems made a lot of headlines throughout their divorce, and it seems that the couple were never really supposed to be together. There was a lot of hate from Jackie's side after Ric filed for divorce and she went on to cause a lot of problems for him when he tried to move on with his current fiance Wendy Barlow.

Ric married Jackie back on November 11th, 2009 before what was considered to be a brutal few years of marriage between the couple before Ric filed for divorce in 2012. The divorce wasn't finalised until mid-2014, because of the problems that Jackie caused throughout the process, but Ric was finally able to move on and become engaged for a fifth time in July 2016.

11 Jerry Lawler And Stacy Carter: Three Years And One Month

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Jerry Lawler is another Superstar who doesn't have a great history when it comes to women. His short-lived marriage to former WWE Divas Stacy Keibler could be one of the reasons for this.

Stacy was known in WWE as both Miss Kitty and later as The Kat and it was while she was performing for WWE that she met and married Jerry Lawler. The couple married in September 2000 while Stacy was still part of the company. She was then fired and Jerry quit in protest to try and help his wife. This was in vain and Jerry was later given his job back after it was revealed that the couple had filed for divorce. It was finalized in October 2003 which means that their marriage only lasted just over three years.

10 Shannon Moore And Crystal: Three Years

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Shannon Moore is remembered as a Cruiserweight in WWE circles and the best friend of Matt and Jeff Hardy. Moore hasn't been seen in WWE since the old Cruiserweight Division was still popular, but he has been busy outside of the ring and on the Independent Scene over the past few years.

Moore married a country music singer named Crystal back in 2002 and the couple were said to have been quite happy for a long time until Julie Youngberg came along; a WWE seamstress who was also married herself. Both couples ended up divorcing and Shannon and Julie then married themselves. Their affair ended the relationship between Shannon and Crystal that only managed to last three years when their divorce was finalized in 2005.

9 Riki Johnson And Charlotte: Three Years

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Charlotte has been married once before what was a very public divorce with TNA star Bram. Charlotte first married a man named Riki Johnson back in 2010 when she was just 24-years-old. There isn't a lot known about Charlotte and her first husband but it is reported that he was there when Charlotte was arrested for assaulting a police officer back in November 2008, outside a bar with her father Ric Flair also in attendance.

Seemingly their marriage failed to work out and their divorce was finalized long before Charlotte decided to walk down the aisle once again when she married Bram. As you will see further down this list, Charlotte really is trying to follow in her father footsteps in every way imaginable.

8 Bret Hart And Cinzia Rota: Three Years

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After being married to Julie Hart for a number of decades, 'the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be,' decided that it was time to move forward without each other when they filed for divorce in 2002. Hart then quickly moved on and his marriage to Italian beauty Cinzia Rota was revealed in September 2004.

It must have been a culture shock for both parties since their marriage didn't fully take off because the couple couldn't decide on a place where they wanted to live. This led to their divorce in 2007 after just under three years of marriage. Bret Hart has since gone on to marry his third wife, the much younger Stephanie Washington back in 2010. The couple have been happily married now for seven years.

7 John Cena And Elizabeth Huberdeau: Three Years

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John Cena and Nikki Bella have recently been one of the main storylines on Total Divas as Nikki attempted to convince her boyfriend of five years that she was ready to marry him. Cena's reluctance to walk down the aisle again was because of the mess he made of his first marriage.

John and Elizabeth married back in July 2009. This was when Cena began travelling more with WWE and is reported to have had an affair with the likes of Maria, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix while his wife waited for him at home. It was then Cena who filed for divorce which was then finalized in July 2012, citing that his wife had spent too much money on the improvements to their home.

6 Ric Flair And Tiffany VanDemark: Three Years

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Ric Flair definitely doesn't have the best resume when it comes to his personal life. Ric has been married and divorced four times and is currently engaged to a woman who will soon become his fifth wife. Even though his second marriage managed to last for 23 years, it seems that his third one didn't have the same kind of success.

Ric married Tiffany VanDemark back in May 2006 before it was reported that Tiffany herself had decided to file for divorce in August 2008. The process was a lengthy one but it seems that all the papers were filed and Tiffany was declared a free woman before May 2009 meaning that their marriage lasted around three years. Ric was already married to his fourth wife by November 2009 and then divorced once again by 2014.

5 Steve Austin And Debra: Two Years And Five Months

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Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra met when they were both part of WWE. And even though they have both since left the company, they managed to hit it off in real life and decided to marry in 2000.

Their marriage seemingly didn't manage to work out since there was a reported domestic incident between Debra and Steve Austin and the latter was then arrested for it. The marriage was able to be saved following this but the couple filed for divorce, that was finalized in February 2o03. Debra has since sold her wedding ring and donated the money to domestic violence charities, something that she continues to work with and help to this day, whilst Austin has returned to WWE many times over the past decade.

4 Edge And Alannah Morley: Two Years And Four Months

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Edge had quite a public personal life after the affair with Lita was made public knowledge in 2005. But Edge's personal problems began long before then, when he married Alannah Morley in November 2001.

Edge was working for WWE at the time and Alannah was the sister of fellow WWE star Val Venus, which can't have made their relationship any easier. It seems that it wasn't the right fit for the duo and merely two years later the couple filed for divorce, which was finalized in March 2004. Edge had already moved on to his second wife by October 2004, merely seven months after his divorce from his first wife was complete. As you will see further down this list, that marriage didn't exactly go to plan either.

3 Bram And Charlotte: Two Years

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Charlotte obviously intends to follow in her father's footsteps when it comes to her personal life since she has already been married twice and neither of which have been lengthy affairs. Charlotte married her second husband and TNA Wrestler Bram back in 2013 but their marriage didn't work out because their divorce was finalized in October 2015.

Charlotte has since become a star in WWE while Bram has moved on to another girlfriend. Charlotte was recently reported to have had a fling with the married Alberto Del Rio before it was then revealed that Paige and Del Rio were a couple as well. Charlotte has decided to stay single for a while now after the last few years, which have obviously been emotionally draining.

2 Edge And Lisa Ortiz:  One Year And One Month

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Edge has been married now to three different women. And while his first marriage was considered unsuccessful, his second was definitely no better. Edge married Lisa Ortiz in October 2004. Not long after their marriage was made public knowledge, Edge's affair with Lita was brought to light and Lisa filed for divorce a few month later.

The divorce was finalized in November 2005, which means that their marriage lasted a mere 13 months. Edge remained single for a few years after his love triangle with Lita and Matt Hardy but has since moved on to marry former WWE Diva and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. The couple have already welcomed two daughters, Lyric Rose and Ruby Ever. Lisa has since opted to remain out of the spotlight.

1 Drew McIntyre And Taryn Terrell: One Year

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Drew McIntyre and Taryn Terrell had been together for a while before the former TNA World Champion decided to propose to Taryn back in July 2009. The couple went on to marry almost a year later in May 2010, but they failed to hit it off when they had declared their love before God.

Their marriage was a disaster and Taryn revealed that she and Drew had decided to divorce the following year in May 2011. The couple rushed into their marriage and in the end, it completely failed to work out. Drew has since gone on to remarry Kaitlyn Frohnapfel back in 2016 while Taryn moved on to marry stuntman Joseph Dryden in 2015. The couple recently welcomed their first child, Taryn's second.

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