15 Times Vince Got Mad Backstage For A Wrestler Breaking Script

The recent Raw moment featuring Roman Reigns pretending to break the script and confront Vince McMahon left fans talking. We got a rare glimpse of gorilla position and where Vince sits during the television shows. The segment was designed to show McMahon getting upset at Reigns breaking the script leading to his temporary suspension. While this was scripted to add to the Roman vs. Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 34 feud, there have been legitimate instances of McMahon flipping out backstage regarding a wrestler breaking the script. The wrestlers to stray away from the plan will become enemies of Vince in the short term with a likely shouting fest being directed towards them.

These examples range from wrestlers losing their cool to making a bad decision to enduring a simple mistake. They all led to McMahon getting upset at the results of what went down on the WWE product. We will look at why each of these occasions made Vince angry. A few moments saw the wrestlers have their careers fall apart while others rebounded quickly to earn back the trust of McMahon. Let’s look at the history of wrestlers breaking the script with fifteen specific times it caused Vince McMahon to lose it.

15 The Revival Using The Term "Pro Wrestlers"

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A smaller instance of wrestlers upsetting Vince McMahon featured The Revival making a bold move during a promo. McMahon has tried to replace the term “professional wrestlers” with “sports entertainers.” While some wrestlers like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have referred to themselves as pro wrestlers, they were major stars using it as part of their angles.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder attempted to try this by saying they were professional wrestlers during a promo. Rumors circulated that Vince McMahon did not appreciate this and let them know his feelings. The Revival lost their next few matches and have not been pushed at all as a relevant team since returning from injury. It appears this line worked against them as WWE doesn’t plan to use them as “top guys” any time soon.

14 Hulk Hogan Showboating After Win

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Hulk Hogan made various comebacks for WWE between 2002 and 2006 using his star power to his leverage. Most runs saw Hogan win matches over young talent in questionable decisions due to him demanding to win. One instance of this took place at SummerSlam 2006 when Hogan faced rising star Randy Orton in an attraction match.

Hogan demanded to win the match, but that wasn’t the big problem that night. The aftermath saw Hogan run longer than planned when celebrating with his poses in front of the crowd. This caused a few other matches to lose time. Triple H and Shawn Michaels were reportedly livid about this and they talked McMahon into feeling the same way. This got on Hogan’s radar enough to brag about getting a bigger ovation than both men in future interviews. WWE stopped doing business with Hogan after this and it ended up being his final match in the company.

13 Batista and Chris Jericho Break PG Rules

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Batista has made it clear that he is not fond of the PG Era in WWE. The legend was a fixture on the roster right when WWE started creating new roles to make the product more family friendly. No bleeding was one of the rules that Batista attempted to break during a match with Chris Jericho. Batista started bleeding during the match despite it not being a part of the plans backstage for the match.

Vince McMahon yelled and cursed a lot following the match according to Batista and Jericho. A massive $100,000 fine was issued to Batista for going against WWE rules with his own vision on what the match needed. Batista stated he was heartbroken at receiving one of the biggest fines in WWE history, but he believes the match was great thanks to his decision.

12 The Rock Calling CM Punk After Raw

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Another non-televised segment to upset Vince McMahon featured The Rock playing to the live crowd in Los Angeles. Rock appeared for a dark segment promo as his production company was filming scenes for an upcoming movie about Paige’s family. One of the scenes featured Zelina Vega playing AJ Lee in the match where Lee lost the Divas Championship to Paige in her first match on Raw.

Fans chanted “CM Punk” due to the portrayal of his wife being filmed. The Rock decided to have fun with the chants. Most wrestlers are told to never acknowledge the chants, but Rock was bulletproof as a mega-star not technically working for WWE. The decision of Rock was to call Punk on his phone and encouraged fans to chant for Punk as he left a voicemail. McMahon was livid at Rock encouraging fans to continue the trolling chant that has inconsistently been around since Punk left the company.

11 Mickie James’ Gesture at WrestleMania 22

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The run of Mickie James in 2006 saw her become one of the top women’s wrestlers in the industry. A great storyline with Trish Stratus featured James becoming an obsessed fan that turned into the biggest threat to Trish’s title run. A highly anticipated match between the two ladies for the Women’s Championship lived up to expectations with Mickie winning an impressive bout.

However, Vince McMahon was upset following the match when James arrived backstage to celebrate her big moment. Mickie gestured with her fingers near her mouth after grabbing Stratus below the belt. McMahon felt it was a tacky and embarrassing thing for a wrestler to do at any point, especially at WrestleMania. James was yelled at for the improv, but it luckily didn’t derail her push.

10 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Running Away from New Day

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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are currently involved in a top SmackDown feud against Shane McMahon. This has been going on since the second half of 2017 and is expected to culminate at WrestleMania 34. Things could have been derailed for Owens and Zayn after they got into hot water with WWE this past November. WWE sent Owens and Zayn home for “going into business for themselves” by breaking script during a match against New Day.

The reported plan was for Owens and Zayn to get beat down by New Day following a match, but they ducked out of the ring and walked up the ramp. This upset Vince McMahon enough to send them both home from a United Kingdom tour. Owens and Zayn claimed it was a misunderstanding of being told to do what they did rather than McMahon’s plan.

9 Sycho Sid Fist Bumping Fans After Mega Heel Move

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Shawn Michaels versus Sycho Sid at Survivor Series 1996 remains one of the most bizarre matches in WWE history today. The insider fans in New York for this event chose to boo the face Michaels and cheer Sid as the heel. Vince McMahon planned the finish for Sid to cause Michaels’ mentor and manager Jose Lothario to have a heart attack as he fell in pain.

The distraction allowed Sid to take advantage of Michaels checking on his father figure to score the win. After cheating to win the WWE Championship over a face and causing an old man to have a heart attack, Sid decided to play to the crowd by fist bumping the fans. Sid was feeling the love after delivering some dastardly actions. McMahon was not pleased with Sid refusing to play the heel by embracing the fans.

8 Perry Saturn Attacking Mike Bell

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This story features a rare instance of a wrestler breaking script in a dangerous and reckless manner. Perry Saturn faced enhancement talent Mike Bell in a match taped for Jakked. Bell botched a move of Saturn’s to set him off. Saturn thought Bell was either trying to hurt him or go into business for himself. The reaction of Saturn was to beat the hell out of Bell in the middle of the match.

It turned into a shoot fight with Saturn brutally beating Bell up. At one point, Saturn’s manager Terri Runnels tries to talk him down to prevent further damage. Vince McMahon was livid at Saturn getting that reckless and dangerous. The character of Saturn fell in love with a mop named Moppy as punishment. Saturn would never get a legitimate push and was released shortly after.

7 Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart getting personal on mic

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Vince McMahon was viewed as a father figure for both Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in the 90s. WWE was trying to survive following the drug scandals and Hulk Hogan leaving them. Hart and Michaels emerged as the two biggest stars of the new generation. McMahon gave them the confidence to shatter the glass ceiling. Their personal rivalry behind the scenes may have been impacted by both men wanting Vince to choose them over the other.

Hart and Michaels legitimately hated each other during their feuds and it led to things getting very personal. Serious allegations were thrown both ways with the wrestlers breaking script to run down the other. McMahon did not like seeing his two big players going into business for themselves. Vince ultimately chose Shawn over Bret as seen with the Montreal Screwjob.

6 Goldberg Getting Concussed During Pre-Match Ritual

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The intensity of Goldberg helped him become a legend in the wrestling industry. What Goldberg lacked in the ring, he made up for by portraying everything as real. One act Goldberg did before matches in WCW saw him head butt the wall in his locker room with full force to psyche himself up before his match. Fans often saw a trickle of blood running down his forehead.

Goldberg tried to keep the same routine up for his WWE routine in 2016 and 2017. This backfired before a promo segment when he accidentally concussed himself during the head butting. Goldberg struggled to speak on the microphone and slurred his words. Vince McMahon and other important folks backstage were not pleased at a star getting injured in such an unnecessary fashion. Goldberg forgetting his lines in the script also had to upset McMahon ahead of one of his biggest matches.

5 Brad Maddox Using Banned Words During Promo

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Brad Maddox was once viewed as a prospect with a lot of potential by WWE. The first storyline of Maddox saw him take part in a controversial PPV main event screwing Ryback to help CM Punk retain the WWE Championship. Maddox later became the General Manager of Raw as the ultimate sign of faith in his character work by Vince McMahon and others.

Unfortunately, Maddox never progressed in a manner WWE expected. One final effort saw him experimenting with a heel character in dark segments before shows. Maddox used a term he shouldn't have in a promo to insult the live audience. McMahon reportedly dislikes that word and banned it from being used in WWE promos. Maddox breaking the rule led to him getting fired just a few days later to end his career in wrestling.

4 Daniel Puder Legitimately Wrestles Kurt Angle

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Tough Enough has created some of the most awkward moments in WWE history. Daniel Puder contributed to this during a segment with Kurt Angle on SmackDown. Angle was portraying a bully trying to intimidate the aspiring wrestlers competing for a WWE contract. The task of the week saw the young wrestlers attempting to amateur wrestle Angle with the plan being for them all to get destroyed.

Angle embarrassed most of them, but Puder had a background in MMA and refused to look like a fool. Puder placed Angle in a kimura and key lock attempting to break his arm. The referee counted Puder’s shoulders on the mat to end it. Angle was livid, and Vince McMahon felt the same way. Puder won a contract but was made into a whipping boy in his only PPV appearance. Various tough wrestlers like Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly and Eddie Guerrero destroyed Puder in the Royal Rumble as revenge for Angle.

3 Titus O'Neil Roughhousing with Vince on stage

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Titus O’Neil received one of the harshest suspensions in WWE history for the action of improv with Vince McMahon. The incident took place on the night of Daniel Bryan’s emotional retirement speech when the entire roster was on stage to witness it. Following the speech, the wrestlers all walked to the back. O’Neil grabbed McMahon’s arm in a playful fashion as they left the stage.

This infuriated McMahon enough to suspend Titus for two months and forcing him to miss WrestleMania 32. Many interviews have revealed that Vince loves roughhousing with the wrestlers backstage, but he didn’t enjoy it on the stage. McMahon doesn’t like being portrayed as weak and this led to O’Neil being suspended twice as long as those that are caught doing drugs.

2 The Kliq Curtain Call

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The infamous curtain call from the members of the Kliq at Madison Square Garden was one of the most memorable moments of a wrestler breaking the script. This was back when wrestlers still tried their best to stay in character and make fans believe the stories on television were true. Shawn Michaels decided to break this tradition during the final night in WWE for Kevin Nash and Scott Hall before they left for WCW.

Hall faced Triple H earlier in the night, and Michaels faced Nash in the main event. All four rivals had zero connection on WWE television. Michaels convinced them all to come in the ring and celebrate their friendship together before Hall and Nash left. Vince McMahon and other people in management were livid at them breaking kayfabe in the ring. Triple H received the punishment here by losing out on a major push for the time being.

1 LaVar Ball's Son Cursing on live TV

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WWE tried to take advantage of the controversial fame of LaVar Ball when running a show at Staples Center in Los Angeles. LaVar was brought in with his NBA star son Lonzo Ball and a lesser known son LaMelo Ball. All three members of the family were on Miz TV and it turned into a hilarious train wreck. LaVar took his shirt off and tried to instigate The Miz.

LaMelo was heard casually using a vulgar term on his microphone while it was all going down. Vince McMahon was furious at LaMelo saying the word on WWE television and upsetting the USA Network. WWE issued an apology the next day and it was obvious they were livid at this taking place on live television. Despite being a natural entertainer, we will likely never see LaVar return to WWE television again.

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