Titus O'Neil Treats Homeless People to Dinner

Too often, we see professional athletes flaunting their money on luxuries, but every once in a while, we see a simple good deed that warms our hearts. After learning that a restaurant wouldn't serve some homeless people, Titus O'Neil gathered more and treated them to a meal at Yard House in San Diego.

Titus said in his Instagram post: "I'm not a fan of injustide or prejudice towards anybody."

Titus has received praise for his actions, as he showed his heart of gold. It was a simple act of kindness from O'Neil, but one that seemed heartfelt and spontaneous. Sometimes those are the best acts.

It's been a good few months for one half of the tag team champions, as he was also named Celebrity Dad of the Year at the MEGA Dad Awards back in May.

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Titus O'Neil Treats Homeless People to Dinner