Titus O'Neil/Vince McMahon Incident Almost Ended Much Worse

Well, it's now been a week since the incident involving Vince McMahon and Titus O'Neil took place following the Daniel Bryan retirement ceremony last Monday on RAW, and the stories are still coming in.

O'Neil's suspension for his playful grab of McMahon was originally scheduled to be 90 days, but was reduced to 60 only a few days later. Claims of racism have surrounded McMahon in the past week and former WWE superstar Dave Bautista, who is close friends with O'Neil, told the former tag team champion that he should have just quit WWE. It turns out, according to a new report from the New York Post, that O'Neil almost didn't even have that option.

It turns out that Vince McMahon was ready to actually fire Titus O'Neil for the incident but was talked out of it by Triple H and Joey Mercury. That's likely the reason the original suspension was so long.

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Titus O'Neil/Vince McMahon Incident Almost Ended Much Worse