TJP Opens Up About Not Being Allowed To Excel In WWE

TJP was recently asked why he didn't have as much energy in WWE as he does now, and his answer was an incredibly eye-opening one.

As fans, we hear conflicting stories about how controlling WWE can be in regard to what it allows its Superstars to do. Take promos, for example. Some wrestlers who have recently left the company speak of being handed scripts and having to read them word for word. Others dispute those comments, claiming that they are given bullet points or a framework and it's on them to fill in the gaps.

While we imagine the reality lies somewhere in the middle, what we didn't realize is how controlling WWE can be when it comes to a Superstar's matches. TJP recently shone a spotlight on that via an Instagram comment. TJP was released from his WWE contract earlier this year and has since returned to the independent circuit.

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TJP has clearly been enjoying himself on the indies these past few months. That prompted a fan to ask him where this energy was during his tenure with 205 Live. The former Cruiserweight Champion then took the opportunity to give that fan and the rest of us some insight. A real look into what it was like to wrestle matches in WWE.

The CWC winner revealed that his matches were incredibly micromanaged. "They'd have the referee on the headset relay the moves they wanted me to do," he wrote. Apparently, whenever he'd ask about using certain moves, there'd always be an excuse so higher-ups could shoot them down. Heels not wrestling that style and other guys complaining about the work being to close to their own were apparently reasons TJP heard on the regular.

TJP finished off the comment by admitting he reached a point where it felt as if he was watching his matches unfold with the rest of us. That they had become so paint by numbers it was as if he was on auto-pilot. All of that being said, it sounds as if being released might well have come as a relief to the former champ. Plus, it's no wonder that some wrestlers complain of a glass ceiling in WWE if 90% of the roster is treated this way.

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