TLC PPV: Date, Location, And Brand Revealed

WWE have revealed when and where this year's Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view will take place as well as the brand that will host the event.

Every year WWE base a pay-per-view around the infamous Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Earlier this week ticket details for this year's installment were released as well as detailed information on the date and location of where TLC will be this year. The PPV will take place on October 22nd and it will be Minneapolis, Minnesota's Target Center that plays host to the event. As well as the date and location of the show, it was also revealed that it'll be the Raw Superstars competing on the show this year after SmackDown Live's roster filled the card for the 2016 edition.

In years gone by the TLC PPV has typically taken place in December, however since the draft last year the addition of many extra shows to WWE's calendar has meant a lot of reshuffling. It would appear that this year's TLC show will fill the slot of WWE Hell In A Cell, a pay-per-view that, if still taking place, will be hosted by the SmackDown Live brand if it follows TLC's suit and switches brand each year.

Still Real To Us reported on Monday that it will be the Raw roster's turn to wield Tables, Ladders and Chairs, and that tickets for the event will go on sale this coming Friday (June 23rd). While WWE doesn't officially announce the details, tickets for fans to attend live have to go on sale well before the event and that's often how the details of shows like this come to light, obviously the date and location but in the present day also the brand that will be playing host to the event.

Match themed pay-per-views have become a main stay of WWE's calendar nowadays, and the Tables, Ladders and Chairs event was one of the first gimmick matches to start that trend. With Raw being the hosts of the show this year, all eyes will be on The Hardy Boyz who were one of the teams responsible for the match itself being invented. Matt and Jeff, Edge and Christian and The Dudley Boyz competed in the first ever TLC match almost 17 years ago and it's that original idea from which this now long running PPV was born.

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With the roster split in two and the further progression of the WWE Network, the PPV calendar is more packed than it has ever been. Sometimes there are shows every fortnight and it feels like once one PPV is done there's barely any time to recover and begin building to the next one. TLC matches always promise excitement, though, and if you'd like to relive some of WWE's greatest matches involving Tables, Ladders and Chairs before the show in October then check out our article featuring the best 15 in history.

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