The 5 Most Successful Members of TNA’s Main Event Mafia (& 5 That Never Deserved Their Spot)

The Main Event Mafia, MEM, was stable in the world of professional wrestling. It was birthed in 2008 as part of the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling franchise. The group, first led by Kurt Angle saw many changes to its membership roster over the years. As with any group, there has always been conflict among fans as to who should be a member of MEM and who shouldn’t. Of course, the reason behind the opinions is never the same and certainly, the wrestlers themselves have their own reasons. Here is a list of the five most successful members of TNA’s Main Event Mafia.

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10 Successful: Traci Brooks

Traci Brooks is the only female to ever be a member of the Main Event Mafia. She began her career in 2001 and has spent most of it as part of the TNA franchise, joining in 2003. Traci disappeared from TNA in January 2009 to pursue other aspirations. She returned that summer as a referee for a Knockout match. The victor would receive a hefty cash payout and a coveted spot in The Main Event Mafia. With only two fighters remaining, Brooks went in for the kill. Announcing that she was really a participant, she tossed the women out of the ring and took the title for herself.

9 Undeserving: Christian Cage

Christian Cage made his professional wrestling debut as part of “The Brood,” on WWE in 1998. He then joined Edge as a duo that had a great run, winning various title matches. In 2005, Cage became part of the TNA franchise. He was only part of MEM for a few days after its initial run was over.

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He hadn’t done anything spectacular or noteworthy to earn his spot in the stable. He left the franchise and returned to WWE in 2008. An increasing amount of injuries caused Cage to leave the in-ring action. He and Edge started a show on the network and have started a podcast.

8 Successful: Magnus

Magnus joined Angle, Sting and Samoa Joe in the rebirth of The Main Event Mafia in 2013. Magnus joined the TNA franchise in 2008 under the name Brutus Magnus. During his first year with the franchise he had some pretty impressive wins and his signature finishing move, the Tormentum, became a fan favorite.

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Previously, there had been bad blood between Magnus and Joe. An injury forced him to take a leave from wrestling. Upon returning in 2013, he joined forces with Sting, Samoa Joe and others for a Lockdown match. There he proved himself worthy of his spot in the stable.

7 Undeserving: Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash made his professional wrestling debut in 1990 as part of a tag team called “The Master Blenders.” At that time, he went by the name Steel. He became part of the TNA franchise in 2004. Nash came upon his spot in The Main Event Mafia when he turned heel and helped Sting win a match against his then-rival, Samoa Joe.

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Although Nash has had a long career in wrestling, he has often been viewed as too gimmicky. He didn’t do anything, in particular, that proved him worthy in a stable where the goal was to take over.

6 Successful: Samoa Joe

During The King of the Mountain match, Samoa Joe illegally attacked Angle before the official start bell. This made Angle the first one eligible for the belt. Once all of the wrestlers were knocked out of the running, only Joe and Kurt remained on the brink of winning the match.

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He simply had to place the belt on the hook to end the match victoriously. Instead, he turned and handed the belt back to Kurt, giving him the win! Who’d have seen this coming since Joe had a history of trying to destroy MEM. That’s one way to earn a spot!

5 Undeserving: Rampage Jackson

Rampage Jackson got off to a rough start in the TNA franchise. He debuted with a verbal altercation with Kurt Angle. Probably not the best first impression. However, the following week, he would come to Angle’s rescue as he was being attacked by members of the Aces and Eights stable. He was later announced as the 5th member of The Main Event Mafia.

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It didn’t last long. Just weeks after being appointed the spot, it was announced that the wrestler would not be participating in any matches as he prepared for a Pay-Per-View match. In later interviews, Jackson stated that he would not be returning to TNA because of certain disapprovals.

4 Successful: Sting

Another TNA champion and veteran in the world of wrestling, Sting was the second leader of The Main Event Mafia. He earned his position fair and square by pinning and beating Kurt Angle during their Ultimate Sacrifice matchup in 2009. His first move as the new leader was to clean house.

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Immediately, he removed a number of people from the group. Sting was born Steven Borden and got his professional start in 1985. He signed with WCW in 1987. Today, he maintains a Legends contract with WWE although he retired in 2016, after more than thirty years in the business.

3 Undeserving: Scott Steiner

Steiner is another veteran wrestler. He began his professional career in 1986 and became part of the WCW franchise three short years later. He had a long career that spanned various franchises. At one point, he was even independent.

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He joined the TNA in 2006, in an alliance with Jeff Jarett. An injury during a match with Samoa Joe put him out of commission. He returned in 2008 as part of The Main Event Mafia, wielding a lead pipe at his opponents. Scott was in disbelief when Angle announced the stable’s disbandment in 2010. He departed from TNA that same year.

2 Successful: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle became the first leader of The Main Event Mafia, after the seed for the stable was planted when he joined Booker T, Team 3D, and Tomko in an attack on A.J. Styles. Originally, Kurt’s wife had called him in hopes he would help the victim. He clearly had other plans.

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Kurt was already a TNA champion. It only made sense that he would be chosen as the head of the new stable. Kurt Angle has been part of the professional wrestling world since he debuted in 1996. In 1998 he joined the World Wrestling Federation, now known as WWE.

1 Undeserving: Jenna Morasca

Jenna Morasca was merely an associate of The Main Event Mafia. Sadly, she didn’t even deserve that role. She’s an actress, former model, and a reality television contestant. She won the reward on an installment of the Survivor series and later appeared with her boyfriend on another popular reality show. Although she did train for and beat Booker T’s wife, Sharell, in a Victory Road match, she isn’t a professional female wrestler. The match has been listed as one of the worst matches in wrestling history. Her affiliation with The Main Event Mafia stems from her financial contributions to the stable.

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