Predicting The Next 10 TNA Superstars Who Will Leave TNA

The future of TNA will be interesting, as the revamped Impact Wrestling heads to AXS TV. Recent years of struggle has been combatted with optimism after TNA’s owner Anthem purchased the rights to the network. However, that does not erase the past. Wrestlers often left the company for what they considered to be better options. Names like EC3, Drake Maverick and Drew Galloway left for the consistency and perks of working for WWE.

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Talents like Pentagon, Fenix and LAX have all jumped ship as well, making their way to AEW. Impact is hoping the new deal will convince their current performers to not only perform at a high level but remain under contract when free agency hits for each of them. Today, we will predict the wrestlers that are most likely to leave.

10 Killer Kross

The most controversial story in Impact Wrestling right now is the status of Killer Kross. Impact is keeping Kross under contract despite his desire to get released and try his luck in other promotions. Kross’ girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux requested her release, but Kross has struggled to get his.

No matter how it ends, Kross clearly wants out of the company. TNA will have more money to spend on new talent with this deal and will likely grant Kross his release. There is almost no positive to keeping a wrestler under contract who does not want to wrestle for you.

9 Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood was viewed as one of the biggest signings for TNA in a while. The former WWE star had a run there as Emma and always showcased great skills.

Dashwood had a hot start outside of WWE, until an injury sidelined her. Despite having a great start for Impact, the reports all indicate her deal is a short-term one that will expire after Bound for Glory at the end of October. All kinds of offers from other promotions should be on the table for a talent like Dashwood.

8 Willie Mack

Willie Mack has been a consistent member of the Impact Wrestling roster for about a year now. The unique skillset of Mack allows him to stand out with his highly entertaining matches. Mack once had a WWE contract offer, which was pulled due to issues with his medical.

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TNA has not used Mack as much as many expected; he’s been a mid-carder and tag team member. With so many promotions looking for new talent, Mack will likely be out of Impact unless they do something more with him on his current deal.

7 Rosemary

The women’s division has always been one of the positives in TNA, even when the company struggled. TNA’s Knockouts division highlighted stars like Gail Kim, Awesome Kong and many others. Rosemary is arguably the most beloved star currently in the division, thanks to her unique gimmick.

Allie left Impact Wrestling following the end of her contract and storyline teaming with best friend Rosemary. Given AEW signing Allie so quickly, there’s a good chance her partner Rosemary could join the roster. Rosemary has done everything possible in TNA.

6 The Rascalz

The trio of Zachary Wentz, Desmond Xavier and Trey Miguel have a memorable gimmick in Impact Wrestling. They often spoof That 70s Show, offering comedic moments in skits outside of the ring.

All three wrestlers are highly talented in the ring, with an entertaining match guaranteed any time they are competing. TNA will have to pay them all to keep them together, or other promotions will jump at the chance to sign three young rising stars with the potential to be even better.

5 Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards has been in TNA for about six years now, since making the move from Ring of Honor with tag team partner Davey Richards. The past few years have seen Edwards on his own in singles action, with an Impact World Championship reign cementing his success.

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Despite his loyalty to TNA, Edwards has accomplished everything possible there and should be looking for a new home. WWE is hoping to bolster NXT with their recent move expanding the show to two hours. Edwards is close to many WWE stars like Kevin Owens, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong, which could play a role in a move.

4 Taya Valkyrie

The Knockouts Championship reign of Taya Valkyrie has cemented her as the top star in the division. Valkyrie has found great success in Impact, AAA and a few other promotions. Taya is rising to great heights, among the top female stars in all of wrestling.

Between her recent appearance in a Being the Elite skit and the reports of her husband John Morrison going back to WWE, Valkyrie has ties to the two biggest companies in wrestling. After a strong run for TNA, she's likely to move to a bigger promotion.

3 Rob Van Dam

The recent return of Rob Van Dam to Impact Wrestling has not been as exciting as some fans hoped. Van Dam is showing his age and the wear and tear of his long career. Instead of the must-see matches of his glory days, RVD struggles to deliver his classic moves in the same fashion.

The contract of Van Dam is likely a short-term one, given his age and pay demands. Impact would be foolish to continue investing in him as they try to build their brand back up on a new platform.

2 Brian Cage

Brian Cage has become one of the faces of Impact Wrestling with his current reign as Impact World Champion. His massive size, impressive strength and surprising agility make Cage one of the more unique all-around performers in the industry today.

TNA wants Cage to represent them for a long time, but he would be a great fit in the other, bigger companies. The Young Bucks and Cody booked Cage for last year’s All In show which shows their interest in him. WWE would want any star as big and athletic as Cage. Impact will have a hard time re-signing Cage when the time comes.

1 Tessa Blanchard

The rise of Tessa Blanchard has seen her become the top star in Impact Wrestling, when looking at the entire roster. Blanchard started off as the top Knockout right away by capturing the title and having a strong reign. However, a move into intergender competition against the men have shown she outshines them as well.

Tessa had a great performance against Sami Callihan in the Slammiversary PPV main event. The future of Blanchard is unknown, but every promotion will want her. WWE would make a her a huge star for the women’s division. AEW already has her dad Tully Blanchard on the roster and they want to make their women’s division a success. TNA must break the bank or Tessa will be gone before they know it.

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