TNA President Confirms Vince McMahon's Interest In Purchasing Company

The speculative sale of TNA has proven more interesting and intense than the promotion as a whole. Obviously, the name Vince McMahon remains a constant in this discussion. Will McMahon buy-out TNA in a move akin to the WCW purchase of 2001?

According to TNA President Billy Corgan, Vince McMahon is in fact interested in acquiring TNA. While appearing on The Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Radio, the talk-show host would ask Corgan: "how you beat Vince McMahon when he wants to purchase something?" Corgan would respond:

“You don’t, and that’s what’s part of the equation. Vince McMahon wants to buy the company.”

So, if TNA is set to become Vince McMahon's next project, what will become of the company's roster? No one knows for sure but let's hope that McMahon at least has the good sense to bring home The Hardy Boyz.

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