5 Current TNA Wrestlers WWE Should Sign (& 5 They Should Avoid)

The TNA roster is currently a mixed bag, as they attempt to re-brand under the Impact Wrestling name. Don Callis and Scott D’Amore have taken a few risks trying to steer the TNA ship back to calmer waters after years of disappointment. The names on the roster range from extremely talented young stars with massive potential to solid workers to disappointing names with little upside.

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WWE has made it clear they are trying to sign the top talents available and TNA performers are not exempt. Older names like A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode have become fixtures in the company, while recent TNA stars like Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Drake Maverick have been signed. This list will feature five current TNA performers that WWE should add to the roster soon, along with five to avoid.

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10 Sign: Rosemary

The women’s division in WWE continues to gain more importance. They need women for rosters on Raw, Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK. Rosemary has the character element that sets her apart from most other female performers in the entire wrestling industry.

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NXT is clearly looking to build the women’s division around some new talents after losing big names to the main roster. Rosemary has delivered incredible matches and storylines, and it's clear that WWE would benefit from adding her to the NXT roster at any point.

9 Avoid: Sami Callihan

Former NXT talent Sami Callihan had a run there as Solomon Crowe. It was a terrible fit as Callihan never felt comfortable in the NXT environment. A request for a release would see Callihan return to the independent circuit, with IMPACT Wrestling finding interest in him.

Callihan has become one of the top performers for IMPACT, with a run as a main event heel. Storylines with Pentagon, Brian Cage and Tessa Blanchard have been among the most heavily-pushed angles for Impact. Callihan fits better outside of the WWE system, as the rules and guidelines take away a lot of his tricks.

8 Sign: Willie Mack

WWE initially wanted to sign Willie Mack, after a great run in PWG, to become one of their NXT talents. Mack, unfortunately, could not pass the physical tests and WWE took away the contract offer. The talent of Mack is mostly seen in IMPACT Wrestling today.

Mack is among the most unique performers in the business today. His size, agility and personality all add up to make a great performer. WWE should try to add Mack to the roster for real this time, since his health has not been an issue as he continued to wrestle in recent years.

7 Avoid: Cody Deaner

The wrestling style of Cody Deaner has been polarizing throughout his various stints in IMPACT Wrestling. Deaner originally joined TNA back in 2009, for a short run. The return would see him rejoin the promotion in 2018 and he is still working there today.

Deaner is known for his comedic wrestling style, which leads to the audience having a few laughs in the midst of the action. WWE’s style would not be a good fit for him, then, and he’s better off in IMPACT. Deaner’s creative freedom allows him to make the best of his unique talents right where he is.

6 Sign: James Mitchell

James Mitchell is a wrestling personality who contributes immensely outside of the ring. Mitchell's managing run has seen many twists and turns. WCW would have him manage Mortis and Wrath. Mitchell found great success in ECW as Sinister Minister, managing Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri.

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TNA is where Mitchell found the most stability, back when he managed Abyss and helped him get to the level of winning the NWA Championship. Mitchell is back now, managing Havok and Su Young. WWE having managers on the roster again should see a talent like Mitchell hired. Bray Wyatt’s new character, for instance, could thrive with someone like Mitchell at his side.

5 Avoid: Jessicka Havok

The monster heel character Jessicka Havok has seen her have multiple stints in IMPACT Wrestling throughout the years. Havok came close to signing with WWE once, when she attended a WWE tryout camp the Performance Center.

Havok has regressed as a performer as well, with less praise for her matches. The addition of Havok has done little of note for IMPACT since she returned. WWE is probably better off avoiding Havok, given the lack of positive impact she’d make.

4 Sign: Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards is one of the most underrated wrestlers today, since he’s spent the past few years of his career in TNA. The run of Edwards has seen him win almost every title currently in IMPACT Wrestling, but he still flies under the radar due to the company not having much momentum.

Edwards was one of the top performers in Ring of Honor and PWG before signing with TNA. Many of his peers, like Kevin Owens, Adam Cole and Seth Rollins, are thriving in WWE today. Edwards would be a great addition to any of the rosters in WWE, given his superb in-ring skills.

3 Avoid: Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam recently appeared on WWE television for the Raw Reunion, despite his current status as a contracted IMPACT Wrestling star. The legendary status of Van Dam will make him stand out when looking over the IMPACT roster, but he’s no longer the same RVD fans remember.

Much like other wrestlers, Van Dam has lost a few stops and can’t perform at the same level as he did in the past. The slower RVD is hard to watch if you’re expecting the old-school innovative style associated with his career. WWE is better off having him appear in non-wrestling capacities, like backstage appearances and a Hall of Fame induction.

2 Sign: Tessa Blanchard

The biggest future star on the Impact Wrestling roster today is clearly Tessa Blanchard. At just 24 years old, Blanchard is performing at a high level that shows her pedigree as the daughter of Tully Blanchard. Tessa is making her own name as the most dominant woman in IMPACT and one of the top ladies in the entire industry.

The skill level of Blanchard is so high that IMPACT changed their stance on intergender wrestling, having her wrestle against male main-eventers in the world title picture. WWE would be fools to not sign a star like Tessa: already great at a young age, with potential to become even better.

1 Avoid: Michael Elgin

The career of Michael Elgin has seen him have long runs in Ring of Honor and New Japan before landing a spot in IMPACT Wrestling. Elgin had impressive matches in all promotions, but the weaknesses of his game are his lack of charisma and promo skills.

The WWE roster is full of performers with stronger all-around skills. Elgin would get lost in the shuffle before he could get established. The names to come over from ROH, NJPW and TNA usually have more versatility. Elgin succeeding in WWE seems nearly impossible, which means they should avoid hiring him.

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