TNA's Best Storylines Ever, Ranked

The amazing talent to work for TNA in different presentations of the product helped create some good memories in between the bad times. Most fans remember the negative moments in TNA history due to the promotion's legacy of dropping the ball when having a chance to become a thriving promotion. The poor decisions led to countless bad storylines, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have their fair share of good storylines at times.

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We will look at the better memories to come from the talented performers in the company. All these angles helped keep some interest in TNA despite the other negative things that started turning fans away. The wrestlers involved deserve credit for making it work in often tough situations. Find out just what content you should go back and check out on the Impact Wrestling app. These are the ten best storylines in TNA history officially ranked.

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10 The Beer Money breakup

The tag team of Bobby Roode and James Storm led to incredible work together. Many fans would put them in the conversation for the greatest TNA tag team of all time. Both men had singles potential which led to the eventual breakup.

Storm surprisingly won the TNA Championship first which led to Roode turning on him to win the title with cheating tactics. Roode had a strong run as a top heel and a long reign as the TNA Champion. The feud with Storm was the high point of the reign as the two produced some classic matches that cemented both as main eventers.

9 Raven's rise to the top

One of the better early TNA storylines came at the end of their television deal with Fox Sports. Raven - arguably the most popular full-time wrestler on the roster - was in a feud with Jeff Jarrett. Other people in the company like Larry Zbyszko tried to hold Raven down, but this only made fans support him more.

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Raven finally won the NWA Championship in a King of the Mountain Ladder Match. The Impact Zone responded with huge cheers as Raven certainly was the man of the people. Unfortunately, TNA would end Raven’s title reign before the Spike TV deal; otherwise, he may have been a bigger player for them.

8 Desmond Wolfe Going After Kurt Angle

Nigel McGuinness lost out on his WWE contract in 2009 when the company discovered injuries that scared them away. TNA reached out right when he was once again a free agent with the potential of a huge push right away.

Under the new name of Desmond Wolfe, the wrestler quickly surprised fans by attacking Kurt Angle. Wolfe was a major player right away, producing two classic matches with Angle at TNA PPVs. The plan was for Wolfe to become a consistent main eventer due to the superb work, but Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff ended all plans after taking control.

7 Main Event Mafia's takeover

One constant criticism leveled again TNA was the promotion always relied on talents who were already past their prime instead of pushing new stars on that level. This reality made the Main Event Mafia faction even bigger heels.

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Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Booker T worked together as former world champions and legends attempting to hold off the younger names. The Frontline faction led by AJ Styles and Samoa Joe opposed them in a great storyline that kept fans interested.

6 EC3 vs Rockstar Spud

The current roles of Drake Maverick and EC3 have them in the 24/7 division trying to win the entertaining championship. Both men worked together in a tremendous feud during their TNA days. Under the name of Rockstar Spud, Maverick served as a friend and sidekick to EC3 and Dixie Carter.

EC3 started to bully Spud leading to the obvious storyline of an arrogant heel versus a beloved underdog. The storyline invested fans in Spud along with attracting even more hatred for EC3. They had a classic match to culminate their feud that was one of the best bouts in TNA history.

5 Austin Aries Journey To The World Title

Austin Aries had an improbable run to the main event picture during his time in TNA. As one of the better wrestlers in the world, the original plan was to have Aries work in the X-Division following his Ring of Honor run. Aries, however, developed great momentum during his X-Division title reign.

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TNA created an “option x” that allowed the reigning X-Division Champion to cash it in for a title shot against the TNA Champion at Destination X. Aries was the first man to have this perk and challenged Bobby Roode late into his title reign. They had an incredible match with Aries taking the gold in a feelgood moment.

4 James Mitchell Leading Abyss

Abyss showed great potential early on as an impressive big man. The company wanted to push him as one of their homegrown stars, but there was something missing. Abyss’ silence in the early years was a glaring weakness.

TNA introduced Father James Mitchell (a.k.a Sinister Minister) as Abyss' manager, and he took the wrestler to the next level. With Mitchell doing the talking, Abyss went on to have memorable feuds with Sting, Christian Cage, and others. They were a tremendous pair that complimented each other perfectly.

3 Gail Kim Vs. Awesome Kong

The knockouts division in TNA helped provide great success for women wrestlers looking to have great matches and impressive storylines. Gail Kim was the first Knockouts Champion to add legitimacy to the title in its early stages.

Awesome Kong was signed to play a monster heel and was the perfect opponent for Kim. The wrestlers shared incredible chemistry, leading to superb matches that were not common for the women’s divisions in North America. Kong and Gail both became major players in TNA thanks to their incredible feud together.

2 Broken Hardys

The last few years of TNA have fallen under the radar, but there was one major storyline that helped the company find attention. Matt Hardy came up with his own idea to start playing the “Broken” character that was unlike anyone else in the industry.

The storyline came when Matt was involved in a feud with his brother Jeff Hardy. Their matches at the Hardy compound featured incredible moments that provided entertainment in many ways. Jeff would become “Broken” as well leading to TNA getting a red-hot act before they left for ROH and WWE.

1 Samoa Joe's unbeaten streak

The best storyline in TNA history came during the first year of Samoa Joe's time with the company. Joe was booked as an unstoppable monster with an undefeated record. The X-Division was the first slate of victims destroyed by Joe on route to the title.

A triple threat match featuring Joe, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels assisted in creating new fans for the product. Joe would eventually move on to the upper card, earning major wins over the likes of Jushin Liger, Abyss, and Rhyno. The dominance of Joe made him a must-see star until he lost to Kurt Angle and moved back down the card.

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