Tomasso Ciampa Will Retire If WWE Moves Him To Raw Or SmackDown

Tomasso Ciampa revealed that he would ask to be a trainer or a coach if WWE ever tries to move him to Raw or SmackDown, and he is being deadly serious.

Up until very recently, Vince McMahon and Triple H would carefully select NXT Superstars who were deemed to be ready to compete on Raw and SmackDown. Now that NXT is live on USA every week things have changed. The black and gold brand is considered almost equal to WWE's two major shows now, hence them getting Finn Balor back.

The era of the NXT call-up might well be over, and come the next draft or Superstar Shakeup, all three brands might get to make picks. One man who is hoping call-ups are a thing of the past is Tomasso Ciampa. The former NXT Champion revealed on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast this week that if WWE moves him to Raw or SmackDown, he would retire.

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Ciampa is being deadly serious when he says that too and has a good reason for taking that stance. It's not a case of him believing that NXT is better than anything else in WWE right now and him viewing it as a step-down. Whether he believes that or not is unknown. His reasoning for refusing to go to Raw or SmackDown on a permanent basis should WWE ask him to is the toll it would take on his family and his body.

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NXT's weekly show airs from Full Sail in Orlando every week. That means Ciampa and his family can live in one place. The travel that comes with being a main roster star is also pretty grueling but would be even worse for Ciampa. The Blackheart of NXT has spent most of 2019 recovering from major neck surgery. He doesn't think his neck would be able to handle the upped wrestling and travel schedule that would come with a call-up.

How valuable Ciampa is to NXT coupled with the new lay of the land in WWE might mean that all of the above is something he never has to worry about. Aside from the odd appearance on a rival show during an invasion or the build to Survivor Series, WWE brass might never ask Ciampa to be on Raw or SmackDown. Plus, Ciampa did add that he would ask to be a trainer or producer should he be faced with a call-up, rather than downright refuse the offer altogether.

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