Tomasso Ciampa Wants Randy Orton At WrestleMania 36

WWE 2K20 simulated a match between Tomasso Ciampa and Randy Orton, and NXT's Blackheart would like the idea to become a reality.

WrestleMania might still be six months away, but some Superstars have already started lobbying for dream matches. In their defense, January/February is not when you want to be knocking on Vince McMahon's door and requesting you be the one who gets that elusive match with The Undertaker. Why not start putting the pieces in place six months ahead of time?

After Stone Cold admitted he might well have one more match left in him, Seth Rollins was the first off the start line to throw his hat into the ring. The Architect suggested WrestleMania 36 be the backdrop, but we'd imagine that's the kind of match that would be more suited to Saudi Arabia. Prior to that request, Randy Orton tried to get The Rock's attention.

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Rock has since replied, and although his message was convoluted, it seems as if he has no interest in wrestling at WrestleMania. However, a much more full-time WWE Superstar has suggested an Orton dream match of his very own. The idea came about after WWE 2K20 simulated a match between Orton and this Superstar. Orton's opponent won in the simulation, and that opponent was Tomasso Ciampa.

WWE 2K wants the match to happen, and clearly Ciampa does too. Chances are the former NXT Champion would have been up for the match whether he won the simulated version or not. Ciampa quoted WWE 2K's original tweet, adding, "Considering Randy won’t be facing Rock at Mania 36, I guess..." Adding a snake emoji versus a black heart emoji. As WWE 2K put it, "TAKE OUR MONEY!"

As for right now, it seems as if Ciampa still has business to take care of in NXT. After his recent return from neck surgery, Ciampa is first in line to challenge Adam Cole for the NXT Title. He never lost it, after all. However, Ciampa was also transitioning to Raw/SmackDown right before he had to take seven months off. There's no reason why he couldn't be a fulltime member of the Raw or SmackDown roster by the time Mania season rolls around.

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