Tony Khan Sounds Off On Getting Called Out By CM Punk On Twitter

AEW owner Tony Khan has told Wrestling Inc he's not quite sure why CM Punk got him involved when making his WWE Backstage comment on Twitter yesterday.

Khan got involved in a bit of a back and forth with WWE star Randy Orton after responding to a tweet from Punk suggesting he would be discussing AEW on the show this. And it took off to a point where other wrestlers from both promotions got involved. You can read all about that here.

Speaking to the aforementioned publication on Tuesday, the AEW boss got asked why Punk tagged him in said tweet and he could not conjure up a definitive reason.

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“It’s funny because I’ve never once brought his name up," Khan said. "But as you know from the scrums, whenever I get asked a question I try to be honest. I’ve always been really clear that I’ve had conversations but never tried to lead anyone on that he’d be doing anything with us.

"I haven’t talked to him in a long time. I wish him the best and am not sure why he tagged me but it’s hard to talk about all of the great things happening in wrestling without talking about AEW.”

He went on to claim that Punk was not the first person he wanted to discuss AEW with ahead of the company's launch but did admit that the new Backstage co-host was one of the persons at the top of his list.

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Things appeared like they might get out of hand following that tweet from Punk, who might be regretting he chose to mention Khan.

The former Straight-Edge Superstar has been away from the game for several years and is probably unused to how thing work now. People weren't so accessible across the internet back when he was blowing up in WWE but everyone's paying attention to just about everything nowadays.

Source: Wrestling Inc

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