Top 10 Championships WWE Should Consider Bringing Back

Championships are an integral part of any sport, but in pro-wrestling, they are used to separate the elite from the rest with no offseason.

Title matches are usually kept for larger wrestling events, like monthly pay-per-views (PPV) or premiere television shows like WWE Raw or TNA iMPACT. In WWE’s case, they have eight championships (including the NXT titles), with over a dozen defunct ones.

But over the course of the last 10 years, some of wrestling’s most notable titles have been dropped or unified, for one reason or another. After all, a wrestling promotion doesn’t need close to 10 championships, since it would devalue the history of the belts, and even more so, the legitimacy of such wrestlers and the promotion itself.

However, with WWE giving both the Intercontinental and United States Championships a much-needed boost since WrestleMania 31 by having main eventers hoist the gold, it would only be fitting to speculate if WWE could afford to throw another title or two in the mix. It may be unlikely for any of these titles to show up on WWE television any time soon, yet considering WCW had some memorable championships as well, WWE has plenty of options to bring back a belt and build some brand new divisions.

Here are 10 championships WWE should consider bringing back, even though they can’t afford to pick all of them:

10 10. Hardcore Championship - WWE


While it’s highly unlikely the current WWE product would approve of the type of hardcore matches that made the Attitude Era infamous, the main roster does have its fair share of brawlers to fit the part.

9 9. Martial Arts Championship - WWE


In 1978, Antonio Inoki was crowned the first Martial Arts Champion, as part of WWE's partnership with NJPW. The last wrestler to hold the title was The Great Muta in 1992, after only four different champions wore the strap between that time.

8 8. World Six-Man Tag Team Championship - WCW


Back in 1991, WCW crowned Junkyard Dog, Tommy Rich, and Ricky Morton as the first-ever World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, after the NWA would abandon the championship almost three years prior. WWE doesn’t have a whole lot of trios in contrast to Chikara or NJPW, yet teams like The New Day could set the tone for a six-man tag team championship.

7 7. Million Dollar Championship - WWE


This one is a bit tricky, considering a true heel that is money-driven could only the fit the part as a Million Dollar Champion. Besides the title being a large part of Ted DiBiase’s gimmick, only Virgil and “The Ringmaster” Steve Austin got their hands on it (both former associates of The Million Dollar Man), before the WWE Hall of Famer’s son, Ted DiBiase Jr., brought it back in 2010 for a forgetful run.

6 6. Women’s Tag Team Championship - WWE


WWE may want to add some more value to its Divas division by unearthing a title that was shelved in the late-1980s, considering the amount of tag team matches we’re used to seeing the women compete in.

If officials truly want to give Divas a chance, the women of WWE and NXT could join forces and compete for the Women’s Tag Team Championship, last held by The Glamour Girls.

5 5. Women’s Championship - WWE


Some may find this inclusion cheeky, considering there's already a WWE Divas title and an NXT belt reserved for the up and coming women of Wednesday nights. However, much like ROH’s Pure Championship, WWE could add yet another title in the women’s division, with the defunct Women’s Championship reserved for the more technical and stiffer wrestlers who enjoy telling stories, like Natalya, Paige, and Charlotte.

4 4. Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship - WCW


One of the more interesting things WCW did in 2001 was hold a tournament for Cruiserweight tag teams, with the winners being crowned the first Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. Only Kid Romeo & Alix Skipper and The Filthy Animals had title runs before WWE bought out WCW. With the amount of Cruiserweights and Cruiserweight tag teams in WWE, adding another tag title dedicated to the lower weight class could be intriguing.

3 3. European Championship - WWE


The European Championship instantly became one of WWE’s major singles titles in 1997, with a fitting champion like The British Bulldog as the first to claim gold. Shortly after, legends like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Owen Hart, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guerrero would all become memorable champions. The title was unified with the Intercontinental Championship in 2002, as Rob Van Dam stood as the last athlete to win the belt.

2 2. Television Championship - WCW/ECW


Serving as the second major singles title in Ring of Honor and the now-defunct ECW, this championship highlighted the best wrestler working on television. The United States title was more prestigious in WCW, yet the promotion would grant the championship to some of its best wrestlers in the company.

1 1. Cruiserweight Championship - WCW/WWE


In WWE quarters, talents in lower weight classes were often refereed to as Junior Heavyweights or Light Heavyweights, but WCW truly put a label on those types of wrestlers by establishing a respectable Cruiserweight division.

With former champions such as Rey Mysterio Jr., Dean Malenko and Chris Jericho responsible for putting on some of the division’s best matches, WWE tried to continue WCW’s legacy post-Invasion, yet there seemed to be a shortage of wrestlers under 230 pounds.

However, the obsession with big and muscular body types is wearing thin, considering some of the best action in WWE comes from the likes of Neville, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze, who are just a few names that can fill a potential division alongside WWE veterans like Stardust, Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd and Kofi Kingston.

Cruiserweight championship matches frequently stole the show on PPV events in both WCW and WWE, too, and it would be a no-brainer for the promotion to welcome back a prestigious title and build another home for those dedicated to fast-paced and action-packed contests.

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Top 10 Championships WWE Should Consider Bringing Back