Top 10 Current Wrestlers With the Best Physiques

As a a fitness enthusiast, one of the biggest reasons I got into fitness was because of wrestling. As a child, seeing superstars like Hulk Hogan and Triple H had me wanting to look like them when I grew up. It's natural to assume that many of the current wrestlers had similar aspirations as young adults. Odds are, they wanted to be as chiseled as their heroes and worked their butts off until they did.

Many give Vince McMahon a hard time for his infatuation with big men and there's merit to that argument. However, wrestling will always need guys with brute strength and a bodybuilder's look. It's just in the DNA on the sport. On top of those guys, wrestling also needs wrestlers with an aesthetic look; smaller frames that are defined and can move quickly in the ring. There has to be a balance between the two and right now WWE has it.

For this list, we didn't take into account if the wrestler had prior use of steroids. We'll judge the wrestlers by the quality of their physique, with that being their definition of muscle, proportion of each body part, and the overall build of the wrestler. All the wrestlers on this list are current WWE superstars, meaning that they have wrestled in at least one match over the last year. All that to say that The Rock is not on the list or he would have easily been number one.

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10 Sheamus

via farrellyfan.com

He may look weird with his new heel gimmick that has him sporting a mohawk and dread-locked beard, but Sheamus' physique is anything but weird. At 6'4 and 267 pounds, Sheamus truly has a great physique. which should be expected considering he was Triple H's workout buddy before getting his big break as a professional wrestler. His physique is a very natural looking one, unlike some of the wrestlers that will be mentioned on this list. The only critical thing we can say about Sheamus is that he could use a bit of color, so hit the beach or a tanning salon big fella!

9 Dolph Ziggler

via 411mania.com

He may not be the biggest wrestler on the roster, but Ziggler has a very impressive physique. At 218 pounds, he has a defined physique due to his many cardio sessions and it's evident with his quick movement in the ring. Ziggler has a very attainable physique for any average joe looking to build muscular strength in the natural way. He may not have the build of a bodybuilder, however, he has an aesthetic physique which is very popular in today's culture.

8 Seth Rollins

via galleryhip.com

WWE's World Heavyweight Champion lands at number eight on our list. Even though he has a similar build to Ziggler, Rollins gets a slight edge over him because of his great core look. Rollins sports an impressive six pack that most men can only dream of attending. Rollings attributes his physique to crossfit training. If you'd like to try and get a physique like Seth Rollins, you can check out his workouts on his social media pages, as he's frequently posting his workouts there.

7 Randy Orton

via tsminteractive.com

Orton has a very sculpted physique and it's actually quite different from the one he had when he broke into the company back in 2002. Orton has stated that his new training program is focused on injury prevention, as he had many injuries throughout his illustrious career. Whichever training program The Viper chooses, from injury prevention to muscular strength, it clearly works, as he's had one of the best physiques in WWE for a long time.

6 Triple H

via bleacherreport.com

He may only wrestle once a year, but that still makes him eligible for our list. Even though he's 45 years old, Triple H still has a great physique. To attain this physique at such an age, Triple H trains twice a day while still showing up at Raw, running NXT, and doing all the other tasks of his daily job with WWE. When you hear people complain that they don't have enough time to train, let them know about Triple H. Because of his age, Triple H has changed his training routine by focusing less on muscular development and more on injury prevention.

5 Roman Reigns

via galleryhip.com

He may not be getting over with the fans right now, but the 6'3, 265 pound Reigns has the look of a WWE champion. He has size, strength, definition and a overall great physique. He also has speed in the ring, which he attributes to his time on the football field. Though, Reigns did lose a bit of his size coming back from hernia surgery, which is understandable. If anyone is interested in seeing Reigns training routine, you can watch his pre-WrestleMania workout on YouTube. You'll be impressed.

4 Neville

via sportskeeda.com

The newcomer is near the top of the list and deservedly so. At 5'10, Neville is the shortest wrestler on this list, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in size. Neville has a very big muscular frame and is also muscularly defined. Futhermore, his agility is outstanding for a person with his muscular physique. Its rare that a wrestler has these two qualities at the same time, so if WWE creative team are smart, they will groom him to become one of the top guys for the company.

3 Ryback

via forum.wrestlingfigs.com

The nickname "The Big Guy" suites Ryback perfectly at 6'3 and 291 pounds. as he has the build of a profession bodybuilder (and unfortunately moves like one in the ring). Ryback has been training for years, as he states that he started weightlifting at the age of 12. The problem for Ryback is that many believe Ryback has taken steroids to achieve a physique like the one he has. CM Punk mentioned the words "steroid guy" when explaining Ryback on Colt Cabana's podcast. It should be noted that Ryback failed a drug test in 2006 and was suspended for 30 days. According to Ryback, it was from over the counter bodybuilding supplements that cause the failed drug test. Whether Ryback ever took steroids or not, his physiques is still impressive.

2 Brock Lesnar

via 411mania.com

Whether it's in the squared circle or octagon, Brock Lesnar is used to being the biggest guy in the ring. What's impressive about Lesnar isn't just his size, but his agility, as he has excelled at any sport he has tried. Many still doubt his ability in the ring, though most forget that Lesnar's finishing move in OVW was a shooting star press. A man that size shouldn't be able to preform such a move but Lesnar isn't any ordinary man, he is a genetic freak. Just check out some of his old training videos, as the man is running while carrying a tree trunk on his shoulder. Lesnar isn't as defined as he was when he started wrestling back in 2001, but the reason is that he has suffered from diverticulitis and changed up his training routine because of the illness.

1 John Cena

via tizona.wordpress.com

You can hate him or love him, but there's no denying the fact that John Cena has the best physique in wrestling. He's massive, ripped, and perfectly proportional. Cena has always had a passion for training and as a teen entered into bodybuilding competitions. Cena, like many others on this list, has changed his training routine, as he now trains smarter by taking more recovery time than he previously did. With such an impressive physique, there will always be skeptics and many believe Cena (at one point in his life) has taken steroids. In Cena's defense, there is no proof of him ever taking steroids, as he's passed all his drug tests and has stated many times that he's been clean his entire life.

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