Top 10 Divas Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 10 Who Are Sweethearts

The Divas in wrestling were mainly used in the past as eye-candy or as a means of attracting more viewers. Although that has somewhat changed now that the women's division has reached the center stage, female wrestlers are still marketed for their looks, but these Divas are in fact quite different when it comes to their personal lives.

While some Divas are sweethearts in their personal lives, the same cannot be said for others, who aren't nearly as friendly as you'd hope, whether it be towards fans or co-workers.

Most of the female wrestlers might be nice people in real life who love to interact with fans, but some of them aren't all that likeable outside the squared circle. Here are some examples of both, as we look at 10 WWE Divas who are jerks in real life and 10 who are sweethearts.

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20 JERK: Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool was mostly a heel during her WWE career, as the former Divas and Women's Champion had quite the strong figure for a female wrestler and made sure to use the most of it to dominate over her opponents. Even though she might have been a bad girl in the WWE, it seems like she wasn't quite the role model in real life either as there are various reports of her not wanting to interact with fans or take photos with them. For instance, during WWE's tour of Manila a couple of years back, McCool apparently denied fans to take pictures with her and didn't want to stay within their sight. She was also part of the infamous "Piggie James" storyline as many believe that she had a hand in it as well. It just goes to show how much of a jerk she is in real life and was full of herself during her WWE days. Good luck Taker!

19 SWEETHEART: Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella might not be the most technically gifted Diva in the WWE, but she's definitely got the glamour and ability to gel with the fans which has forced the company to make her a role model for the fans. Nikki is great when it comes to interacting with the audience, as she's quite the sweetheart who loves to greet fans and is especially good when it comes to the younger fans. Her kind-hearted nature and her ability to connect so well with the fans outside the WWE is probably what has convinced the WWE to advertise her so much (dating John Cena helps too). The glamorous Bella twin is quite the sweet soul in real life which has taken her a long way in the company.

18 JERK: Mickie James

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Mickie James might be on the verge of a return to WWE TV with her signing a contract earlier this month, but she had a lot of personal controversy during her initial run in the company. James was the girlfriend of Kenny from the Spirit Squad when she started to have an affair with John Cena, and when Kenny found out about this and tried to make his voice be heard, he got transferred to Smackdown and was soon fired. Karma would come back to strike James when Cena dumped her. She was also a controversial figure in TNA and the other promotions she worked for, as many colleagues didn't like her; it doesn't seem like James is that good of a person to hang out with in real life.

17 SWEETHEART: Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus was probably the main reason why women's wrestling reached the height it did during the Ruthless Aggression era as her amazing wrestling skills, brilliant character and sexy looks made her the perfect woman to revolve around the rise of women's wrestling. Stratus was always great with the fans, whom she greeted with much warmth and she was very popular because of that. Even after retiring, Stratus still loves to welcome fans unlike other retired divas who are huddled up in their homes. Stratus has had meet and greet tours even after a decade of her retirement, and is a major reason why she's still very popular with the fans today. She's always had a warm relationship with fans and co-workers alike (except maybe John Morrison...) because she's an absolute sweetheart who can relate and interact with people amazingly.

16 JERK: Brooke Adams

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Brooke Adams (aka TNA's Miss Tessmacher) has a long history of attitude problems stemming from her WWE days; she reportedly had a lot of heat with the Divas in the locker room because of her horrible attitude and persistently talking behind people's backs. It all escalated when she wore the same furry boots WWE Diva Melina used to wear at the time. All these points against her meant the end of Adams in WWE.

She'd later go to TNA where she didn't have the best reputation either, as constant problems with the women in the promotion made her a real problem for management to deal with. It just goes to show how the seemingly "nicest" of Divas onscreen can be horrible backstage.

15 SWEETHEART: Natalya

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Natalya might be a directionless character right now in the WWE, as the underrated wrestling technician is being held back by the company but is hanging in there as a veteran in the women's roster. Natalya might be a convincing heel on WWE TV, but she's quite the wonderful woman outside it as she loves to interact with fans. Her love and appreciation for the fanbase has been covered by the WWE on Total Divas. She's also heavily involved with WWE's "More Than Pink" breast cancer initiative and is an avid supporter of the cause, as Natalya is actually quite the sweetheart in real life as her interactions with the fans and kindhearted nature has helped the WWE a lot.

14 JERK: Lita

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One of the most entertaining women to ever grace the WWE, Lita could do some things inside the ring which no other women wrestlers were doing at the time, as she was definitely one of the figures who escalated the level of women's wrestling during her WWE days. But even though she was amazing in the ring, she was quite the rotten character in her personal life which can be seen through her affair with Edge when she was dating Matt Hardy, who was injured at the time. This sparked a very controversial feud between Edge and Hardy which was actually promoted by the WWE, as Lita had quite the bad reputation of hooking up with random guys in her personal life and was quite the jerk to many people at the time. Her treatment of Hardy goes onto show how much of a jerk she was backstage during her WWE run, as cheating on people is hardly the reputation a role model would want to have.

13 SWEETHEART: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon might be the evil power-lady in the WWE right now, but she's quite the opposite when it comes to real life where she has been an amazing ambassador for the company. Stephanie is just the sweetest person in real life who loves to connect with the fans, especially with the little kids as her love for the deceased Connor has been displayed by the WWE a lot of times. Stephanie is also an ambassador for WWE's "More Than Pink" breast cancer initiative among other things. She might be an evil authority figure in the WWE, but outside it she's a sweetheart who is very warm when it comes to interacting with fans and even though she's one of the most powerful figures in the WWE, she is very humble in real life and loves to reach out to the fans.

12 JERK: Sasha Banks

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks might be pushed by the WWE right now as the face of their revamped Women's Division, but she doesn't seem to be the nicest of figures in her personal life. There have been numerous instances where Banks has been rude to fans and hasn't allowed them to take pictures with her. The most notable one comes through an airport incident, where a WWE fan took a selfie with Banks and posted it on twitter, thanking her for taking the picture but Banks went onto call the man a "creep" for doing that. Banks might be a sweetheart in the ring, but she seems to be quite the jerk outside it as these instances of her being downright rude to fans goes onto show how arrogant she is in real life.

11 SWEETHEART: Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch is currently the fire which has ignited the women's division on Smackdown, as the Irish Lass Kicker is a big fan-favorite because of her fighting, good nature in the WWE but is also quite the delightful person outside the company as well. Lynch loves to take pictures with the fans and connects with them after shows or in meet and greets, as her struggle to the top has kept her humble throughout her career, wanting to share her moments with the fans whom she loves as much as they love her. The Irish Lass Kicker might be a powerful athlete in the ring, but she's a soft, kind-hearted person outside who lives for entertaining the fans and loves to share her moments with them as well.

10 JERK: Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler was quite the woman to look at during her WWE days, as the beautiful blonde was used by the WWE as eye candy and was a big fan-favorite because of her sensual manner. Even though she might have been quite revealing for the fans in the WWE, she wasn't the nicest person to meet outside it as she rarely wanted to interact or be seen by the fans and always kept ignoring them outside the WWE. She was actually also quite rude to the fans outside the company and didn't want to take pictures or sign autographs. She also had some heat on her for being a little too flirtatious with employees in the back. The beautiful woman might have been a stunner in the WWE but is actually quite arrogant for her own good in her personal life and is too full of herself to interact or greet fans.


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AJ Lee's shocking retirement from wrestling upset quite a lot of fans because an amazing athlete retired so early in her career when she had so much left in the tank. But considering that she was a heel during most of her WWE run, how did she get these many fans? Well, Lee might have been this eccentric woman in a WWE ring, but she was amazing when having to interact with the fans in her personal life as she won over a lot of fans with her geeky personality and down-to-earth attitude, which shows how awesome of a person she is. Lee was part of loads of meet and greets and interacted with fans all the time, mostly because she herself was a fan at one time and they could relate with her.

8 JERK: Melina

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Melina will be remembered by most as this arrogant, egotistical Diva who was quite the detestable character in the WWE, but that wasn't all of it. Melina was actually full of herself in real life as well, as she'd often have problems with many of the other Divas, who didn't really like her. In one instance, she actually got kicked out of the locker room by Lita for misbehaving and acting horribly. It wasn't only in the locker room that she was difficult to seal with, however; she never made time for her fans and her horrible ego made almost everyone dislike her. This is an example of one Diva actually being very similar in her real life as well as her in-ring character (when she was a heel).

7 SWEETHEART: Charlotte

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Charlotte Flair is following her daddy's footsteps to greatness with each passing day, as she's also got the dirty tricks up her sleeve and has built herself as the best heel woman on the roster right now and got a lot of fans hating her because of her gimmick. Despite being quite evil in the ring, she's actually a very kind-hearted woman outside it as she often goes to many meet and greets for the WWE and poses with fans as well as giving them autographs. She's also very good with the little kids of the WWE universe as she often posts pictures with them; let's not forget her support for the Troops! She might be an arrogant person in the WWE, but she's actually quite the sweetheart in real life and loves to connect with fans whenever possible.

6 JERK: Sunny

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Sunny is probably the reason on why the "Attitude Era" in the WWE came to be because of her being a big part of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels' rivalry, also making for the Montreal Screwjob. While Sunny might have been everyone's favorite and hottest diva in the WWE during her time managing many people, she wasn't exactly liked by many in the backstage area as she'd always stay with the "influential" people and was hated by many because of her attitude and tendency of being a massive liar. Apparently somebody actually pooped on her food once during a WWE tour in Europe, forcing the company to send her home. She wasn't the best when dealing with fans either, as she'd often stay in the shadows and barely interact with many as her arrogance and lying nature made her quite the disliked figure in the WWE.

5 SWEETHEART: Molly Holly

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Not many might actually remember Molly Holly, but she was one of the prominent women during WWE's "Golden Era" for Women's Wrestling as she gave some stiff competition to the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita with her hard-hitting style in the ring. Although she was mostly a heel in the WWE, she is a very good human being outside it as she loved to greet and chill with the fans during her time in the WWE. After retiring from wrestling, Holly started to work for the Minnesota Teen Challenge to help recovering addicts and for special needs children. She also took part of The Polar Bear Plunge in 2009 to submerge herself in freezing water to help raise money for the Special Olympics Minnesota. Molly Holly is quite the remarkable human being outside the WWE and one of the sweethearts who kept ego aside to help out her society.

4 JERK: Sable

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Sable might have been the reason for the WWE earning some big bucks during the Attitude Era due to her sensual nature, but she was actually full of herself in the backstage area and had conflicts with many people due to that. Her ego was really over the top during her time at the company, as she'd want all the spotlight to herself and acted like a jerk to everyone else. It was because of her horrible attitude that she had a legal battle with the WWE after initially leaving the company in 1999. She wouldn't want to interact with the fans either at the time, and is barely seen in public nowadays as she and her husband Brock Lesnar both don't want to greet fans and are actually made for each other as both are less than fan-friendly in real life.


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Ivory was quite the sexy diva during the Attitude era and beyond in the WWE, as she was flying in her earlier stages in the company but then fell down the peck due to creative's lack of story-lines for her character. The Former Women's Champion started to work towards the protection of animals after leaving the WWE, as she helped pet abandoned animals after Hurricane Katrina hit and helped with many animal shelters afterwards. She also opened up her own animal daycare called "Downtown Dog" as she's helping to take care of animals but is also very warm when having to deal with fans. Ivory has been part of many meet and greets with the fans ever since her WWE days, as she was also part of WrestleMania Axxess in 2015 and interacted with the fans very nicely at the event. She's quite the sweetheart in her real life who's trying to help animals and loves to interact with wrestling fans whenever possible.

2 JERK: The Fabulous Moolah

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The Fabulous Moolah is probably one of the reason for the rise of Women's Wrestling as she inspired many and took it to another level with her in-ring career, but she was quite the rotten woman in her personal life. Moolah was the main reason for the original Screwjob where she screwed Wendi Richter to win the WWE Woman's title, as she'd only become more rotten as the years went by. Moolah would train female wrestlers and get them addicted to the wrong kind of drugs, later pimping them out as well.


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Bayley is by far the most over Diva in the WWE right now, and she has deserved her popularity because of how amazing of a face she has been, not only in the WWE but in her real life as well. The Doctor of Huganomics is known for her relationship with the fans, as she loves to greet fans whenever possible and has some of the most dedicated fans as well, as her relationship with her young fan Izzy was covered by the WWE quite a lot. Bayley is just about the sweetest woman in the WWE right now as her personal self is exactly like the bubbly girl she is in WWE TV as she's an absolute sweet-heart in real life and deserves all the love she is getting from the fans right now.

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