Top 10 Dream Matches We'll Never See

It's that time of year gang, WrestleMania season is here! The card for the 31st edition of the annual spectacle is taking shape and while the card has its bright spots, there is a certain buzz lacking. Some are anxious to see how The Undertaker will fare without his streak anymore, we're curious to see how Sting's first WWE match will turn out and it'll also be interesting to see how the fans treat the Lesnar/Reigns main event.

As much as we champion the WWE for looking at the future in terms of talent, there is always a part that dreams of the possible matches we would be able to watch if we had a time machine. Generations colliding, the past meets the present, whatever tag line you want to use it doesn't change the fact that fans would love the greatest performers in wrestling history going at it .

Unfortunately for us, there is absolutely zero chance of many of those matches ever seeing the light of day. Whether it be injury, burnt bridges with the WWE or even death, there is some factor or another which prevents these classics from ever happening.

But we're not here to talk about the soul-crushing situation in the real world. Instead we'll be taking a trip to fantasy land, where anything is possible and everyone is in their physical prime. With these gifts at our disposal, I will present the 10 greatest dream matches that we will never see. It is not just the matches themselves that we're taking into account here. The potential storylines and chemistry between the opposing performers and the potential drawing power of the match plays an equal if not more important role in the list. In addition to this, I will not use a wrestler more than once on the list to keep things interesting. It's almost as if we're constructing the ultimate dream card for a WrestleMania.

This list doesn't include matches that are still possible, such as an Undertaker/Sting clash, which we could very well see next year. No, these are matches where the ship has sailed and will forever remain, dream matches.

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10 Daniel Bryan vs. Owen Hart

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We open the list with a match that would be an absolute master class in all aspects of professional wrestling. Stolen from the world way before his time was up, Owen Hart may have never won the World Championship but his in ring style has influenced several performers in the wrestling business today. None more so than the leader of the Yes Movement, Daniel Bryan.

When watching Daniel Bryan compete, it's almost like watching the King of Harts reincarnated. The advanced technical reversals, various kicks, diving headbutt and missile dropkick are all shared by Bryan and Hart. A match from these two would have a little bit of everything from brawling to amazing reversals and everything in between. Both men have good but not excellent promo skills so that will drop them out of the higher spots, but this would still be an incredible in ring spectacle.

9 Chyna vs. Trish Stratus

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Technically we got this match on a 2001 episode of RAW, but that was well before Trish Stratus had grown as a wrestler and as the WWE was phasing out Chyna. Remember, we're talking two in their primes here. Surely not the stage this match would deserve.

Historically, women's wrestling is a difficult sell to the audience. Due in large part to the WWE not giving their female wrestlers much exposure in their early days or signing models with zero wrestling knowledge, much damage has been dealt to the reputation of women's wrestling. There are some though who broke through and became massive stars in spite of this. The two most prominent would be Chyna and Trish Stratus.

These two women are polar opposites with how they got over. Chyna got over by wrecking performers of both sexes and being the strong silent type while Stratus used her gorgeous looks and superb athleticism to become the greatest Diva in WWE history. It would be a the ultimate female battle of power versus finesse if these two ladies ever locked up. Due to the severely strained relationship between WWE and Chyna though, coupled with Trish's retirement, there is zero chance of this match ever happening.

8 Bruiser Brody vs. Mick Foley

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The name Bruiser Brody may not mean much to casual fans, but his influence certainly changed the wrestling landscape forever. Brody was a global grappling menace, carving out a path of destruction across the globe with his innovative hardcore style. As one of the first wrestlers to brawl in the crowd and hit his opponents with anything and everything, Brody is a prototype of the hardcore legend everyone loves; Mick Foley.

Mick Foley has been on the record as saying that Bruiser Brody is one of his biggest influences, and the similarities are easy to see. While they could both be wild, there was an understated strategy to their madness and if Brody were alive to participate in a hardcore match with The Hardcore Legend, there's no telling what madness could unfold.

7 Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart 

As far as I'm concerned, Kurt Angle is the only true American hero in professional wrestling. As an honest to God Olympic Gold Medalist, there is no other wrestler who can match his resume and technical wrestling ability. He is the best representation of the American spirit and one of the finest to ever lace a pair of wrestling boots. So who could match this American icon? The Canadian wrestling icon, Bret "Hitman" Hart.

If Kurt embodies the wrestling spirit of the United States, then Hart certainly does that for Canada. A fiercely proud patriot who happens to be a five time WWE Champion, Hart would be one of the few who could give Angle a run for his money as the finest technician in WWE history. A match between these two would likely be an Iron Man match, as these two have the gas tank and pride to be able to go for 60 minutes.

6 Brock Lesnar vs. Andre The Giant

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There's giants and then there's THE Giant. There have been men who have been taller and bigger than him, but nobody has matched the aura possessed by Andre Roussimoff. There was certainly something special about a man who could turn from a bullying monster into a gentle giant with snap of a finger. There is nobody better at slaying giants though than the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

Guided by the hand of Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar has defeated nearly every opponent he's come across no matter how big or small. As impressive as body slamming Andre The Giant is, could you imagine if Lesnar F-5d him?

There's a storyline element at play here too. This is what will make you salivate. The two greatest managers in wrestling history, Paul Heyman and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, would have a chance to duel each other on promos. If I couldn't sell you on this match, I guarantee those two men would.

5 Dudley Boyz vs. Road Warriors

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You didn't think I was going to forget about tag teams would I? Do I look like WWE creative to you? There are no other tag teams in wrestling history with more accomplished careers than the duos of Bubba Ray and D'Von Dudley and Road Warrior Hawk and Animal. Combined, both teams have won several championships in New Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW, TNA, ECW and WWE.

The chemistry between these two teams would be unmatched by any other teams. They have the two best tag finishers in wrestling history in the 3D and the Doomsday Device. The appeal of this match is one of the simpler ones on the list. Just the two best tag teams ever dueling for the title of the best.

4 Randy Savage vs. Triple H

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This is the match that would feed off one of the longest standing rumours in wrestling history. Many hardcore fans are aware of the rumour that Macho Man Randy Savage slept with a 17-year-old Stephanie McMahon in the early 90s and that was the reason why Savage was seemingly banished from WWE for many years. Whether the rumour is true or not is still a mystery, but the WWE could totally have used it as a storyline. After all, McMahon wasn't opposed to an incest storyline. Also, who better to defend Stephanie's honour than her husband, Triple H?

There are few performers who are better at channeling their rage into promos than Triple H, and The Game would have a ton of fire to feed off when the Macho Man is laughing in his face that he deflowered the Billion Dollar Princess. Not only would the promos be fantastic, but the match would deliver an emotional brawl that could be contained in no holds barred rules. Can the Madness be contained under the eye of the Cerebral Assassin? Find out at WrestleMania two thousand and never!

3 Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

The Rock has seemingly feuded with and defeated every member of D-Generation X... except for the original leader, Shawn Michaels. This match runs deeper than that though. You'd be hard pressed to find two performers with bigger (kayfabe) egos than Shawn Michaels and The Rock. The Most Electrifying Man in sports entertainment steals the show with just a microphone and his wits while the Heartbreak Kid stops the show fully with dazzling in-ring performances.

In edition to this, there is hearsay that Shawn Michaels tried to effectively kill off The Rock's rise throughout the late 90s. Like the McMahon/Savage rumour, this could be used in storyline with The Rock showing Michaels why he should be afraid of The Brahma Bull. As far as the match goes, it's a match between the most charismatic superstar of all time and the greatest in-ring performer of all time. The probability of the match sucking is lower than Eva Marie winning the Divas championship.

2 Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena

Notice how the title of this article is matches we'll never see. Despite Hogan's will to have one more match, I honestly cannot see the Hulkster passing the WWE physical health test and making this match a reality. With that out of the way, let's talk about this clash of icons.

Simply put, Hulk Hogan put the WWE on the map. While he had a hell of a supporting cast, Hogan was the de facto face of the WWE during the 80s Rock N' Wrestling boom and propelled the WWE to a global superpower. John Cena's legacy will be much of the same. Since winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21, Cena hasn't looked back and won the same title 11 more times.

Both men are the Supermen of their eras and it's only natural to book a fantasy match between the two. Cena's idolization of Hogan would play a role in the match and Cena would have to find the will to tear down the man who inspired the child inside of him to chase his dreams. While this could be a face versus face situation, I believe it would be interesting to see what a slimy, manipulative Hollywood Hogan would do with the morally upstanding John Cena.

1 CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

This would have been the match to bring The Rattlesnake out of retirement. While it's been teased several times by the WWE itself, a match between Austin and Punk is nigh impossible due to the crippled relationship between CM Punk and the WWE. But you already knew that. Let me tell you why this match would be godly.

They may both be the quintessential rebels of their era, but there are some key differences between these two. Austin was a beer swilling, finger gesturing ass-kicking babyface who would face his problems head-on and run right through them. At Punk's best, he was a detestable heel who projected his straight-edge lifestyle on everyone and used every advantage he could to reach the top and stay there. Punk combined technical striking and his Anaconda Vise which made for a calculated style while Austin was a formless, wild brawler who succeeded in the ring on pure aggression better than anyone else.

The promo range of these two men also makes for a cool dynamic. Punk and Austin have shown in various promos that they're able to mix subtle comedy with their trash talking to generate some seriously entertaining verbal clashes. This clash of styles and unparalleled determination between these two legends would generate some classic promos.

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