9Chyna vs. Trish Stratus

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Technically we got this match on a 2001 episode of RAW, but that was well before Trish Stratus had grown as a wrestler and as the WWE was phasing out Chyna. Remember, we're talking two in their primes here. Surely not the stage this match would deserve.

Historically, women's wrestling is

a difficult sell to the audience. Due in large part to the WWE not giving their female wrestlers much exposure in their early days or signing models with zero wrestling knowledge, much damage has been dealt to the reputation of women's wrestling. There are some though who broke through and became massive stars in spite of this. The two most prominent would be Chyna and Trish Stratus.

These two women are polar opposites with how they got over. Chyna got over by wrecking performers of both sexes and being the strong silent type while Stratus used her gorgeous looks and superb athleticism to become the greatest Diva in WWE history. It would be a the ultimate female battle of power versus finesse if these two ladies ever locked up. Due to the severely strained relationship between WWE and Chyna though, coupled with Trish's retirement, there is zero chance of this match ever happening.

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