7Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart 

As far as I'm concerned, Kurt Angle is the only true American hero in professional wrestling. As an honest to God Olympic Gold Medalist, there is no other wrestler who can match his resume and technical wrestling ability. He is the best representation of the American spirit and one of

the finest to ever lace a pair of wrestling boots. So who could match this American icon? The Canadian wrestling icon, Bret "Hitman" Hart.

If Kurt embodies the wrestling spirit of the United States, then Hart certainly does that for Canada. A fiercely proud patriot who happens to be a five time WWE Champion, Hart would be one of the few who could give Angle a run for his money as the finest technician in WWE history. A match between these two would likely be an Iron Man match, as these two have the gas tank and pride to be able to go for 60 minutes.

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