Top 10 Electrifying WWE NXT Matches

WWE NXT has made us all happy in the last year and this year we hope the same will come about. The WWE NXT hype began around WrestleMania 30 last year. WWE Network tried their first live show out through NXT, called NXT Arrival. It was intriguing to fans, because it allowed us to see the young talent that WWE had in developmental. It seemed that the NXT roster wanted to show that they could put on a show at the same level of the main roster.

To most, they succeeded that night. While WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution was potentially the best show of the 2014 year, it was not the only NXT show that had matches worthy of praise. In fact, many would claim that since it's design, NXT has put on some amazing matches in every single show they have done. The live shows were awesome, but the weekly shows brought it too. It seems that the NXT stars do not want to have even one bad show.

The number one goal of any company is to give out great content and WWE has done that with NXT. When looking at NXT, it's hard to pick out one thing that makes it great, as there is a ton of talent and brilliant work going on.  While it was difficult to narrow down only ten matches that were the best, we devised a list of the best ten that were available to us. We were also nice enough to give you video of the matches just so you can experience how great they were yourself, enjoy.

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10 Adrian Neville vs Corey Graves

Corey Graves and Adrian Neville were once WWE NXT Tag-Team Champions. The two were spectacular in their run as champions until The Ascension came calling. When Graves and Neville lost the gold, they went after The Ascension in a rematch and lost once more. This led to Neville and Graves parting ways and wanting to face each other in the ring.

The two battled for quite a while, and in knowing Neville, Graves was able to put together a superior gameplan that allowed Graves to take advantage of Neville and ground him, putting him in his Lucky 13 finisher. This was one of the best matches in NXT history simply because it allowed us to see two different wrestlers battle it out. While Adrian Neville will be heading to the main roster soon, Graves had to retire as a result of various concussions. Thankfully Graves was able to give us a great match before he had to end his career early.

Check the match out for yourself and be taken for a pretty good ride throughout.

9 Paige vs Summer Rae

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of a great Divas match. We don't see them as often in WWE as we'd like, so it's good when one comes along that can raise the bar. In 2011, Summer Rae arrived in the WWE and was not the most beloved character, as fans hated her before she arrived due to her being "another model" WWE hired. Summer wanted to kill off detractors when she made her in-ring debut in NXT. Meanwhile, Paige came in around 2012 and was beloved from day one as she was the "wrestler" WWE had been missing/ This led to the perfect confrontation.

Additionally, Summer was a bright and vibrant performer who turned catty in the ring. She could also take people to school with her in-ring ability that surprised many. Paige meanwhile was a dark character that would destroy people in the ring. The two had to eventually clash, and they did in a big way, resulting in a match that was considered by many to be one of the best Diva matches in some time. Summer was the heel and Paige the face, yet many would cheer back and forth between the two because the story was pretty good.

Summer's first match in NXT was against Paige, and that is what started all the tension. It led to the match you're about to witness and allows for us to be taken into a match that many call one of the best in NXT history.

8 Kassius Ohno vs William Regal

Some may not remember much about Kassius Ohno in WWE. However, the man many know from the Indy scene as Chris Hero was quite a performer for NXT. The problem WWE had with him was his weight and the fact that he continued to stay out of shape. When he was listening to WWE, Ohno was putting on clinics like the match he had with William Regal.

William Regal is a legend and one who has been a key part of WWE since he left active competition. At this point, however, Regal was very much into helping talent like Ohno get over. A bit of disagreement between the two led to this match. This is one of the main reasons arguments are a good thing.

7 Charlotte vs Natalya, NXT Women's Championship Match

In a match that was destined to be great, we had Charlotte vs Natalya for the NXT Women's Championship at NXT Takeover. Admittedly, I watched this match thinking it would be average, but not fantastic. Of course Ric Flair accompanied his daughter Charlotte, and Bret Hart came with his niece Natalya. Most figured the match would be focused on the Hall of Famers outside the ring instead of the ladies inside, but we were wrong. The match was fantastic between the two women and well worth a watch. As the NXT special claimed, NXT took over WWE that night and Charlotte along with it, as she beat the former WWE Diva's Champion Natalya.

6 Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville, Number One Contender's Match

Before either were NXT Champion, both competed to see who would get an opportunity to face Bo Dallas for the gold. Zayn had been putting on matches that were considered classics with just about everyone, and this match in November of 2013 was no different. Both men put on a terrific performances well worthy of an opportunity at a title. As we know by now, Neville ended up winning the match and a shot to face Bo Dallas for the NXT title.

5 Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze vs Tyson Kidd vs Adrian Neville, NXT World Title

At NXT Fatal Four Way, the main match on the card was the fatal four way match naturally. The way the match was set up was interesting. Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze both thought they deserved a shot at Adrian Neville's NXT Title. Meanwhile, Sami Zayn had chased the gold for so long and felt he was ready to win it all. The match had more highs than it did lows. It kept us on the edge of our seats the entire time.

This was when WWE NXT really got going for fans. Many point to this event as the show that really made them take notice of NXT. Zayn instantly became a man the fans got behind after the match, while Neville became the man that the people hated for screwing him. Neville walked out champion, but it was so controversial that it led to a bigger story down the line.

4 Adrian Neville vs Bo Dallas, Ladder match for NXT Championship

If there is one thing we can rely on with Adrian Neville, it's that he is a highflyer that can do a lot more than go to the top rope. His martial arts skill is impressive and in this match, he showed us he could get a bit hardcore. Bo Dallas was the NXT Champion who fans loved to hate. He was heading to the main roster, so he needed to drop the gold. The perfect man to drop it to was Neville. However, WWE did not want to give fans a normal match. Instead, we saw the first ever ladder match in NXT history.

Bo would have to beat Neville in a match seemingly designed for him. Neville ended up winning in a very big way. This match was fun from beginning to end and was the start of a nearly year-long run as NXT Champion for Adrian Neville.

3 Charlotte vs Sasha Banks, NXT Women's Title

NXT has been full of great female matches. In 2014 alone we saw a variety of great matches, but the best of the best was Charlotte vs Sasha Banks. Like Summer Rae before her, Banks was cited as another pretty face for hire. Meanwhile, Charlotte is the daughter of Ric Flair and is expected to be great. The pressure has been on Charlotte since day one and she has delivered each time. At NXT Takeover: R Evolution, these two went to battle.

The match was fantastic and quite the back and forth. Banks proved that she was far more than a model and was a very talented ring worker that could match someone as talented as Charlotte. She made us believe after  that she could be a major part of the future after watching this match. While we all knew Charlotte was impressive, it was Banks that had people talking after. Take a look why.

2 Cesaro vs Sami Zayn, Two out of Three Falls Match

This is the match that got the world talking about NXT. Sami Zayn vs Cesaro had been a match a couple of times and they both scored a victory over each other. This led to the two fighting it out to see who the best really was in a two out of three falls match. The match is literally a five-star classic. Zayn and Cesaro held nothing back, and we saw a lot of new moves that we had never seen before. It seemed that this reviatalized Cesaro's career, as shortly after he was given a big push by WWE.

Sami was on everyone's map after this as well. Many didn't know if he could really deliver after he departed from his El Generico character. The two had wrestled in the past, but this was the best they had looked together. Both men wanted to leave something we'd remember. They surely did. Check out the video to experience it for yourself.

1 Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville, NXT Championship

One of the matches on our list involved Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn, so what made this one so great? Most believe it to be the story. We all wanted Zayn to win and it was something we just couldn't go without seeing.  Neville had beaten or screwed Zayn out of the NXT Title in the past. Fans didn't want to see it again.

We all watched with bated breath to see if Zayn could accomplish his goal. A condition going in was that if Zayn didn't win, he would be done with NXT all-together. While Neville tried to take him out of his game, Zayn was persistent. The fans were behind him during this classic that left us on edge the entire time. Zayn ended up coming through and the entire NXT locker room came out to celebrate with him.

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