Top 10 Female Athletes Who Would Make Good WWE Divas

The WWE Divas have gained more prominence with a new television show (Total Divas) that has helped promote all the hard work that they do. They have proven that good looks and athleticism can go a long way in a male dominated sport. Thanks in large part to their success and appearance on TV, the door has started to open for more notable female athletes to give the business a serious try.

There have been guest appearances by Snooki, Maria Menounos, and most recently Ronda Rousey, who is a champion in her sport. As the WWE continues to push to become more mainstream, there will more than likely be even more female athletes entering the ring in some capacity. The money will get better as the divas achieve more and more fame, attracting more prominent names to the demanding industry. There are many female athletes whose options are somewhat limited outside of their particular sport, but the WWE can offer the opportunity to use their athletic skills, keep fit, look pretty and get some recognition for a potential career in television or on the silver screen. It takes dogged determination and a work ethic that these athletes already have, to become one of the WWE's top divas.

The following 10 female athletes have the potential to be some of the biggest female stars the WWE has ever had. They have the names and popularity to give the WWE a big lift. What makes each of them special is that they all know the effort it takes to be the best in their respective sports. This would only make the divas division a more legitimate part of the sport, helping bring even more female fans to WWE events and tuning in to see the women on WWE TV.

10 Lindsey Vonn – Skier

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Lindsey Vonn is a terrific alpine skier who has enjoyed a good measure of success on the slopes, while gaining extra popularity by being Tiger Woods's girlfriend for a couple of years. She is competitive, attractive and has the size and strength to stand up to the rigors of the WWE. Vonn is a blonde bombshell who happens to be athletic, incredibly fit and equipped with a tall and lean body. Her lower body needs very little improvement to be up to task in the ring, but her upper body strength might need to be improved to make the lifting and throws look more natural and real. Her beauty, confidence and experience with a microphone in her face, however, make her a perfect candidate for the divas ranks.

9 Alex Morgan – Soccer Player

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Alex Morgan is incredibly beautiful and fit with enough athleticism, endurance and determination to make it as a high-flyer in the WWE. She is gritty and intense as an athlete, but is also photogenic and extremely attractive with a perfectly toned slender body that would make her hard to corner in the ring. Morgan is still busy making headlines in her sport (soccer), but she would be able to unleash her personality and gain even more attention as a diva in the WWE. Morgan would have to work on her strength, but moves so well that she would have no problem coming off the ropes or using all of the ring. Her washboard abs and fat-free frame would be flawless with a few pounds of pure muscle added with some upper body work. She would be a show stopper and the John Cena of the women's ranks.

8 Lolo Jones – Track and Field

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Lolo Jones would certainly be able to fly across the ring, but she would also add much more than speed to the lineup of divas in the WWE. Jones is an exceptional athlete who just happens to have exotic movie star good looks. She has been to the Summer Olympics, competing in track and field, and the Winter Olympics, as a member of the bobsled team. Her name is recognized throughout the world and her exotic beauty has graced many magazine covers throughout her career. Being a WWE diva would only add to her portfolio of work. She is capable of adding weight and strength, going from 135 pounds as a track athlete to 160 pounds as a bobsledder. Jones has even been in front of a microphone on many occasions. She has the popularity, athleticism and beauty to be an asset to the WWE.

7 Venus and Serena Williams - Tennis Players

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Talk about the perfect tag team. The Bella twins and Usos have achieved plenty of success as sister and brother tag teams, and the Williams sisters would be able to follow suit with a terrific sister act. Both sisters are incredibly athletic, muscular and lean, while also being used to the camera and microphone. They both have the size and strength to punish opponents in the ring, as well as the competitiveness and desire that would make them a formidable tag team. They are both photogenic and add an element of beauty to their potential to be enforcers in and out of the ring. Often referred to as divas on the tennis tour, the Williams sisters could carry that moniker proudly into the WWE. Tremendous athletes, it wouldn’t take long for the Williams sisters to learn some moves on their way to being champions in the WWE.

6 Laila Ali - Retired Boxer

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Laila Ali might be retired from professional boxing, but she has the fortitude, size and athleticism to excel in the WWE. She now spends most of her time appearing on television and doing modeling gigs, but there is no denying the fact that she has the physical talent and runway beauty to be a star in the sport. Ali has the boxing bloodlines, size and strength to make an easy transition into the wrestling ring. She can certainly strike, has the upper body to make all the throws, and has the stamina to make it through any lengthy match. Undefeated in the boxing ring (24-0), Ali would be an intimidating presence in the WWE. As well as she could handle the work in the ring, she has also become accomplished with a microphone in her hand. She would be a perfect diva with the notoriety and stunning beauty to go along with the legitimate ability to help elevate the divas role in what has traditionally been a male dominated sport.

5 Brittney Griner – Basketball (WNBA)

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Brittney Griner is certainly tall at 6-foot-8, and on top of that, she has no problem getting up and down a basketball court. With her size and mobility, she would be a terror in the ring. Kharma was huge, throwing around her 270 plus pounds, but Brittney Griner would be more of an athlete like Kane. She is used to constantly being double-teamed on the basketball court and has the physicality to stand up to the wear and tear of the wrestling ring. She would be the female equivalent of Andre the Giant and be the intimidating presence the divas could use in the ring. Coming out as a gay player in the WNBA, Griner also has the anti-establishment real life experiences that would make her a perfect opponent for Stephanie McMahon or a heel who could add a David versus Golaith angle to any divas match. Griner is fit, athletic and has a presence on the court that would transition nicely to the ring.

4 Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino – MMA Fighter

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Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino is one of the most intimidating women in professional sports. She is more sculpted than John Cena and has some of the best abs in all of women’s sports. Justino’s muscular frame would even make Beth Phoenix look like she needs to hit the weights. She has only one loss in MMA, and has the strength and competitive nature to make her the perfect bully in the diva ranks. Justino would have the perfect angle with her strong background in Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian nationality and exotic looks. She could come out to the ring in a carnival costume with Samba dancers accompanying her into the ring. Once the parade ended, Justino would be fearless in the ring, equipped with enough skills to start wrestling right away. The WWE needs more of a Brazilian presence as grappling is one of the country’s primary sports. The photogenic Brazilian could open the floodgates for more talented Brazilian wrestlers to enter the WWE and bring millions of fans with them.

3 Maria Sharapova – Tennis Player

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As Rusev becomes more of a popular figure in the WWE and with Lana presumably no longer by his side, Maria Sharapova could be the perfect diva to accompany him into the ring. Sharapova is a beautiful Russian tennis star who is incredibly photogenic and has the athleticism and endurance to make the seamless transition into the ring. She has strength and a killer instinct that allows her to excel on the court, added to her beautiful appearance and long slender legs she could be a serious star in the wrestling ring.

She is a natural beauty, with an Eastern European/Russian angle that the WWE seems to love. She is also not afraid of performing in front of cameras and large crowds. She would need to add some strength and learn more than a couple of moves, but her athleticism is off the charts and her work ethic and determination has allowed her to achieve more than a fair amount of success in her current sport. Not to be confused with Anna Kournikova, Sharapova is so much more than just a pretty face.

2 Hope Solo – Soccer Player

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Hope Solo might have had her issues with beating up family members and failing to control her intake of alcohol, but she is a perfect candidate for the WWE. Solo is long slender and lean with a frame that can add more muscle along with the good looks that would make her stand out in a crowded diva field. She is a tremendous athlete and has above average upper body strength, especially for a soccer player. Solo is perfectly capable of learning the moves she would need to use in the ring. Carrying a little bit of a nasty reputation outside the ring to her character inside the ring would help her become the perfect villain in any storyline. Solo has the tenacity, size and strength to become a versatile performer. She also has the long lean body that would certainly make heads turn when she enters the ring.

1 Ronda Rousey – MMA Fighter

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This one might not come as a big surprise. Ronda Rousey already made waves at WrestleMania 31 by showing Stephanie McMahon that she is not one to be messed with. Her judo and MMA background makes her a perfect fit for the WWE, as she will have no problem with throws or tossing other divas around. Rousey is a tremendous competitor, a figure of indomitable strength in the octagon and a recognizable name to all fighting and wrestling fans. She could be the Brock Lesnar of the Divas division and yet has the stage presence and natural beauty to perhaps be even more of a star. Rousey would shake up the divas division and be an incredible champion who could add more legitimacy to the sport. She comes equipped with the attitude, athleticism, submission moves, size, strength and good looks to elevate the Divas division and make the Divas Championship a much more important title.

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