Top 10 Grossing Films From WWE Studios

Some of you may be wondering, what exactly WWE Studios is? Let's get that one out of the way before we proceed. WWE Studios is a movie production company mainly used to produce films featuring its WWE talent. But unbeknownst to many, sometimes WWE Studios will work in conjunction with other production companies and team up to ultimately make it cheaper for both parties.

Movies from WWE Studios do have a negative stigma at times when movies like The Chaperone, Knucklehead and Inside Out come to mind. Movies that have cheesy storylines where the wrestler is the focal point, but has no chance to succeed regardless of how good their acting is. But in reality, not all movies from WWE Studios are like that. There are instances where they team up with other distributions and the featured wrestler plays a very minor role, and they let actual actors do the acting. The movie Oculus didn't even feature a wrestler at all. It was an extremely low budget film that did quite well.

When people think of wrestlers that have made it in Hollywood, the first name that comes to mind is The Rock. His name is synonymous with wrestling and major box office draws. Some of his movies will obviously be at the top of this list, but it tends to fly under the radar that the movies that kick tarted his acting career were the one's involved with WWE Studios.

Let's take a look at the top 10 grossing films from WWE Studios.

10 10. The Condemned ($8,642,858)


The Condemned came out in 2007 and starred Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE promoted the heck out of this movie. They would take every opportunity on Raw to give it a shameless plug, even more so than the current WWE Network *$9.99* campaign. They even had a hilarious promo with Santino Marella where he interrupted Lilian Garcia and sang his rendition of Amy Winehouse's Rehab song: "They tried to make me watch The Condemned, I say NO NO NO!"

Unlike the WWE Network, The Condemned wasn't a total flop. But considering the amount of time and energy WWE put into promoting it, the numbers were certainly disappointing.

9 9. 12 Rounds ($17,280,326)


It's a shame that WWE didn't spend half as much time promoting this movie as they did for The Condemned because it was actually an enjoyable flick. In a nutshell, Cena plays an officer named Danny Fisher who helps the FBI capture an arms dealer named Miles Jackson. Jackson's girlfriend Erica ends up getting killed during a showdown and he gets taken away to prison. Jackson escapes from prison (obviously) and swears revenge on Fisher. Abiding by the "eye for an eye" motto, Jackson kidnaps Fisher's girlfriend Molly. He offers a 12 round challenge to Fisher, and if he can manage to complete all 12 rounds, he promises to release her.

8 8. Dead Man Down ($18,074,539)


There's not much to say about this dreadful two hour affair. The pace was incredibly and the twists in the plot just seemed to leave everyone confused. The film received mostly bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (38%) and Metacritic (39/100). The solid cast (featuring Colin Farrell) is what kept it somewhat watchable.

7 7. See No Evil ($18,564,467)


In theory, it made sense for Kane to play a sick, sadistic freak that didn't utter a single word, because his character had similar qualities in the WWE for the majority of his career (this corporate Kane shtick just isn't doing it for me).

The plot was very simple, as it should have been. When horror movies have a storyline that's more complicated than Inception, it tends to rub people the wrong way. People want to satisfy their guilty pleasures when they go see a horror flick, not think too much. Officer Frank Williams led a group of delinquents to an abandoned hotel. Their job is to clean and revamp it as part of their community service, and more importantly, it was a chance for them to reduce their prison sentence. Little do they know, Kane is hiding out in the broken down hotel and ready to pick them off, one by one.

6 6. The Marine ($22,165,608)


At the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame Inductions, The Rock made a joke that Iraqi soldiers were actually being tortured by being tied up and forced to watch copies of The Marine (ZING!). It would appear that the critics agree with The Great One, as they loathed The Marine. But you can probably see a pattern so far. Almost all of the movies by WWE Studios get rotten reviews. The movies aren't masterpieces, but the critics aren't being entirely objective either as a lot of the criticism is not merited. The Marine wasn't great, but it wasn't as horrendous as they made it seem.

Cena plays John Triton, a marine that got discharged for disobeying commands so he could save his friends (sounds like good ol' Cena so far). When he gets home, his wife (Kate) decides that they're in need of a vacation. There's then a showdown at a gas station between a group of diamond thieves and police officers, as well as John and Kate. The officers end up getting shot, Kate ends up getting kidnapped, and then it's on!

5 5. Oculus ($44,030,246)


Oculus was arguably the most successful film from WWE Studios for a variety of reasons. For one, it was met with mostly positive reviews, which is a rare feat for their movies. It was also highly profitable as the budget was a measly $5 million! It was also a rare movie from WWE Studios that didn't feature a single WWE talent.

4 4. Walking Tall ($57,223,890)

Now this is the definition of a "feel good" movie. The Rock plays Chris Vaughn, a Special Forces sergeant. Vaughn surprises his family by returning home and suddenly realizes his small town has become crooked, as Jay Hamilton and his group of drug pushing thugs have taken over. Hamilton owns a corrupt casino where nobody wins, but accounts for most of the town's revenue. After getting savagely beat up at the casino while sticking up for his friends, Vaughn takes on the entire police force, Hamilton's thugs (with a 2x4 to boot), and Hamilton himself, and proceeds to run the entire town with Johnny Knoxville. Highly unfeasible? Yes, but also highly enjoyable. He even drops a "Rock Bottom" in the casino.

3 3. The Call ($68,572,378)


Does anyone else feel that whenever Halle Berry stars in a film, there's pressure that to like it? Don't get me wrong, she's a magnificent actress and her performance is what kept this atrocity somewhat watchable, but the movie really wasn't enjoyable. There's only so much drama that can be taken from scenes that are happening over the phone, which is precisely what happened in this flick.

Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) plays a veteran 9-1-1 operator and gets a call from a girl that is about to be killed. Turner offers her poor advice, the phone gets disconnected and when she calls the girl back, and pleads with the murderer, he responds with: "it's already done." Jordan decides that this is just way too much for her and she cannot work the phone anymore. A second killing transpires and it happens to be the same guy that committed the first murder, and again he utters the words "it's already done." Oh the humanity...

2 2. The Rundown ($80,916,492)


The Rundown just may have been the movie that transitioned The Rock from a wrestler to a legitimate movie star. Finally, movie critics and wrestling fans were on the same page, as the movie was unanimously well received by the public.

1 1. The Scorpion King ($165,333,180)


The Scorpion King was also the King of the box office for WWE Studios. If The Rundown was the flick that officially transitioned The Rock from wrestler to actor, The Scorpion King is what got the ball rolling, and it certainly helped WWE Studios gain some notoriety.

The concept of the movie was decently cool as it was basically a prequel to The Mummy series. The Rock plays the role of Mathayus and was hired by King Pheron to kill Memnon's sorcerer, and he would be rewarded with twenty blood rubies. The Rock's most recent film Hercules had a very similar plotline in a sense that he had to complete an insanely dangerous mission for a really useless reward...but I digress. Mathayus first attempt at killing Memnon was thwarted as he ended up getting captured and buried up to his neck, with the hope that he'd be eaten by ants. Obviously, Mathayus escapes and you can fill in the rest of the blanks. It's a tad predictable, but still fun to watch. The movie is extremely well produced and has some tremendous battle scenes. When a movie costs $60 million to produce, it's a safe bet that it will at least be visually pleasing.

The critics weren't exactly enamored with the movie, as the reviews were average at best. But one thing that can't be disputed is how much money it made.

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Top 10 Grossing Films From WWE Studios