Top 10 Hottest Potential Feuds For Kevin Owens

To say Kevin Owens is having a major impact all over WWE television would be a massive understatement.

The current NXT Champion won the title two months after making his debut, destroying real -life best friend Sami Zayn to earn his first belt in WWE. The Canadian also appeared on Raw and SmackDown before shocking the world by defeating WWE mega star John Cena at Elimination Chamber in his debut match for the main roster.

But hardcore fans know exactly what Owens is capable of, honing his craft in Ring of Honor (ROH) and Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG), where he won world titles and made a major statement in the business with the latter by aligning with tag team specialists The Young Bucks and Adam Cole as Mount Rushmore.

Despite Owens’ ability to make observers rethink about traditions in pro wrestling when it comes to physique and in-ring psychology, as well as wowing crowds with his spectacular mic skills, pundits will argue WWE is a whole different beast. Surely, the quality of wrestling may be superior in places like Japan or Mexico, not to mention the amazing matches on the thriving indie scene as of late, yet WWE has its own style, and there’s no denying it’s the place almost every wrestler in the world desires to be.

With that said, Owens is adapting well to the different setting, which isn’t easy when feuding with the face of the company. Not only is Owens feuding with Cena, he’s got his hands full with Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, and Finn Balor, who all have their eyes set on the champion for different reasons.

While a handful of these proposed feuds are ongoing, it would be interesting to look at the possible wrestlers Owens can lock up with for the duration of the year. Here are 10 feuds that would make sense for the brawler, should WWE continue promoting Owens in multiple programs:

10 John Cena


There’s a nice little story going on between Owens and Cena, as the latter suggested on this past week’s episode of Raw that while Owens is a good wrestler who tore up the indies and beat the biggest name in the game, he still hasn’t accomplished the great feats that make one a household name.

9 Sami Zayn


Climbing the ranks together after getting their first break with Montreal-based International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS), Owens and Zayn were partners and even bitter enemies for the majority of their careers as Steen and El Generico, having stellar matches either with or against each other wherever they were booked.

8 Hideo Itami


Before Hideo Itami was pulled out of the triple threat match at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, he took a shot at Owens in his pre-match promo. When he was found injured in the parking lot, Owens was suggested as the culprit, seeing how he walked by at the same exact time.

7 Finn Balor


After beating Tyler Breeze at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable to become the No. 1 contender for the NXT title, for the NXT Championship, Balor earned a second shot against Owens after coming up short in their first encounter. All signs point to Owens dropping the title to Balor if he moves to the main roster for good, but it isn’t a certainty.

6 Samoa Joe


The inclusion of Samoa Joe in all of this is making WWE’s programming as fresh as it’s been in months.

5 Dean Ambrose


4 Daniel Bryan


One of the most beloved stars in WWE finds himself on the sidelines yet again, relinquishing his second title in just a year’s time.

3 Bray Wyatt


Something’s got to give for Bray Wyatt, who hasn’t had the impact his followers were hopeful for after being over for so long, which you can read about here. Although the “Eater of Worlds” desperately needs a singles title sometime soon, there’s been talk of a possible face turn for Wyatt, which would give his career the boost it needs. If Owens and Wyatt find themselves in each other’s way, imagine how powerful and entertaining the promos would be.

2 Seth Rollins


The future of WWE is no stranger to Owens, having stood across from him in plenty of rings during their time on the independent circuit.

Owens seems like one of Triple H’s chosen few to lead the company in what he feels is the right direction, and that could set off the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion should Seth Rollins be jealous of Owens. It’s a lot to ask for right now, considering Rollins will be feuding with his former Shield partners and Brock Lesnar for the foreseeable future.

1 Brock Lesnar


It may feel like a far stretch for Owens to lock up against someone like Lesnar any time soon. This would be a work and progress, and it’s not like the “Beast Incarnate” is one of the more active superstars in the promotion.

But when it comes to Owens’ move set, he and Lesnar have something in common. Not only was Owens known for the pop-up powerbomb and the package piledriver during his indie days, he also performed the “F-Cinq,” which is identical to the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s “F-5.”

Having both heavyweights duke it out and engage in a war of finishers could be a massive opportunity for WWE to capitalize on, whether it be in the lead up to a potential match, or have the two size each other up while competing in the squared circle.

Plus, with the mainstream attention and praise Owens is currently receiving for his WWE efforts, it won’t be long before he stands across all of WWE’s major players, with possible title implications thrown into the mix.

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Top 10 Hottest Potential Feuds For Kevin Owens