Top 10 Hottest Wrestling WAGs And 10 Hottest Mistresses

It’s no secret that professional wrestling has attracted quite a lot of gorgeous women. From the “Divas” to the current push for real women’s wrestling, the business has showcased a remarkable ability to get some of the hottest women alive involved. It’s no surprise that many of them end up hooking up with wrestlers as relationships abound in various ways. Sometimes, they can end happily with good marriages. Sadly, too many relationships are shattered due to the wear and tear of the road and various problems. It’s hard to maintain a relationship on the road so much and it takes a lot of work for a couple to make it through the tough times. So to be the wife or girlfriend of a wrestler takes a lot of patience and it's amazing how much some can put up with.

There are also the mistresses, the ladies who cheat with wrestlers on the road. Some are famous for their sexiness and how the relationships could cause full-fledged scandals. Others aren’t quite as known but are still notable for their great looks. It’s tricky as some are more rumored than real fact but they still stand out by their reputations. There are plenty of options but some stand taller than others. Here are the 10 hottest WAGS and 10 hottest mistresses in wrestling and why this business attracts so many attractive women.

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20 WAG: Karen Jarrett

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Here’s proof of how real life and wrestling can blur the lines majorly. Karen had been married to Kurt Angle for several years as Angle became one of WWE’s biggest stars. They had two children as she followed Kurt to TNA, mostly just acting as the background lady at times. In 2007, things started getting tense with rumors of how Angle’s personal problems were taking their toll on the marriage. At the same time, Jeff Jarrett had lost his wife to cancer and Karen began supporting him. Soon, the two were having an affair that TNA would openly acknowledge with a storyline of Karen turning on Kurt to join Jeff.

The Angles divorced in 2008 and by 2009, the affair was well known. This naturally led to plenty of clashes behind the scenes and on camera as Karen and Jeff were married. The lady is a knockout in her own way no matter who she’s with but getting involved in this wild triangle puts most of TNA’s storylines to shame.

19 Mistress: Mickie James

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A fantastic worker for years on the indies, James finally got her shot in WWE in 2005 and did great. Her “nutso” persona got her over as fans cheered her winning the belt over Trish Stratus and it carried her through several more reigns and pushes. However, there was a big mess when James’ boyfriend, Kenny Dykstra went online to slam James for having a fling with John Cena. Dykstra claimed he was moved from RAW to SmackDown because of the duo and it was Cena’s influence that gave Mickie such a major push at the time. When they broke up, it seemed to be an ugly one with James reportedly crying and more than a few speculating the “Piggy James” bit was some sort of payback.

It was also brought up with Cena’s own divorce as Mickie was among those named by his soon to be ex with him cheating on her. James is now married to Magnus and back in WWE and one has to wonder how she and Cena get along today given this rough past.

18 WAG: Michelle McCool

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A former high school teacher of all things, McCool took part in the 2004 Diva Search, getting attention for her great build and blond hair. Pushed into the ring, she took part in the usual Diva antics of costume contests, mud matches, etc. She got a major push becoming the first ever Divas champion and then she and Layla forming a fantastic pair that fans loved to hate. A devout Christian, McCool had married her high school sweetheart but they divorced in 2006. McCool son began dating the Undertaker, a bizarre pairing to some given their much different personalities. However, it seems opposites attract as the duo were married in 2010 and are still together today. She retired from in-ring competition in 2011 but McCool still shows her hot body off and makes you realize the Dead Man got a real winner this time around.

17 Mistress: Zahra Schreiber

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Screwing over your fiancée is never a good idea. It’s even worse when said fiancée has access to your private phone and your social media profiles. Seth Rollins found that out the hard way when girlfriend Leighla Schultz discovered Rollins was cheating on her with NXT talent Zahra Schreiber, known for her lush black hair and tattooed body. Schultz hit back by posting pics taken from Rollins’ phone of Schreiber nude as well as Rollins’ crotch.

It caused a major fuss, given Rollins was being pushed as WWE Champion at the time and he had to publicly apologize for it. His engagement was off and he and Schreiber also split up. Schreiber was then fired from WWE after posts containing Nazi imagery were found on her account, making this a very ugly affair on multiple levels.

16 WAG: Maryse

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The French-Canadian model was a standout early in WWE with her blond hair and perfect with her snobby attitude. Her hot outfits helped so while fans may not have liked her, they sure enjoyed watching her. One went a bit too far with Maryse needing a restraining order against a potential stalker. She and the Miz just clicked well, coming out as an on-screen couple as his arrogance and her ego seemed the perfect match. There were rumors of Maryse and Ted DiBiase but she and the Miz just seemed a much better pairing. They were married in 2013 and Maryse spending time away but recently made her grand return. Together, the duo are fantastic as a heel couple and pushed well as the Miz has won more respect this year with his ring work. Say what you will about the guy but his nabbing Maryse is truly awesome.

15 Mistress: Victoria

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Lisa Marie Varon already had a good career as a bodybuilder when she joined WWE in 2002. Soon, Victoria was rising high as Women’s Champion, known for her wild style in the ring and great clashing with others. She and Lee Varon had been married since 1994 but reports are that Victoria had multiple affairs on the road with others. An urban legend for years was she and Chris Benoit had one together although she denies it. She was targeted as being the “road wife” of John Cena in 2008 by a former boyfriend.

Varon has stated she and Cena did date for a time but it was in 2002 when he was single. In TNA, it was rumored Victoria really was with Jessie during their on screen “romance” although it’s hard to tell for sure. Now on the indie circuit, Victoria got divorced in 2015 and is now far freer to have fun in her own style.

14 WAG: AJ Lee

via celebmafia.com

From the start, Lee won fans over with her lovely mix of humor, skill and a “geek girl” vibe that made her seem relatable. While she described herself as a tomboy, she was quite sexy in her torn t-shirts and shorts and made herself a hit with fans. By 2013, she and CM Punk were together, not as much on screen but were hanging out backstage and made a great couple. Both were outspoken and not above trashing WWE even as each had long reigns as champions. Lee decided to hang it up in 2015 roughly a year after Punk had his epic walkout on the company.

Their wedding was famous for how WWE sent Punk his termination papers hours before the ceremony and both make it clear they hate the company today. Lee and Punk make a great couple and showcase one of the best marriages in the business today.

13 Mistress: Brooke Tessmacher

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A former model, Brooke was hired for TNA just to be a side figure. But a little training soon turned her into one of the best female workers on the roster, a multiple time Knockouts Champion and she was a great on-screen character. In 2013, she began a relationship with Robbie E, who was engaged at the time. The two were public about it with various social media pics although it sounds like it went downhill fast. Ironically, just as it was fading out, the duo were contacted by “The Amazing Race” who thought a wrestling couple would be a great idea. They went along with it, making it pretty far before being eliminated.

They would split up with Robbie E getting engaged to his former girlfriend after all and they both bad-mouth each other a lot. It just shows how TNA has as much rough relationships as WWE does.

12 WAG: Sable

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Marc Mero was a good worker as Johnny B. Badd in WCW and got a decent push as IC champion in WWE. But his biggest contribution was introducing his wife Rena, better known as Sable. With her stunning body and good looks, Sable was a hit that helped usher in the modern “Divas” mentality big time. She even won the reactivated Women’s title and did a great job with “Playboy” and more. She and Mero divorced with Sable admitting she let her ego get the best of her and becoame a true diva, leading to her being fired. She returned in 2003, more humble and during this run, hooked up with Brock Lesnar. They were engaged in 2005 and married in 2006 with Rena giving birth to two sons.

Surprisingly, she prefers to stay out of the limelight and not make any WWE appearances but still looks incredibly hot today. She was the blonde bombshell who helped pave the way for so many others and proving herself to be a lady who tamed “the Beast.”

11 Mistress: Paige

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The British wrestler has found success as Divas Champion and was doing great with her mentality of being the "Anti-Diva". Her love of short shorts, her smoky eye makeup and black hair made her a major standout winning the title. But she also has issues with her personality and some substance problems that have gotten her suspended. Not helping is her attitude which “Total Divas” pushes as Paige has admitted in the past about affairs with women and some other juicy stuff. In 2015, she started an affair with Alberto Del Rio, which caused problems given how Del Rio was technically still seeing Charlotte Flair at the time. It caused real life heat between Paige and Charlotte that came out in the ring and led to some backstage fighting. Currently, she and Del Rio are engaged as Paige remains on suspension and it's a shame a lady so lovely shows the British can lack class too.

10 WAG: Stacy Keibler

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A bright spot to the dying days of WCW, Keibler got major attention for her blonde hair, charming personality and a killer smile. But what got folks staring were those stunning 42-inch legs that she showed off in various skirts. That brought her to WWE and she was pushed well as an on-screen diva. She was not wrestling much but was always open to showing off in bikinis, costumes and other skimpy outfits. She and Shawn Stasiak had a thing going for a bit and most feel Stasiak was only brought to WWE to bring her along. She also had an affair with (believe it or not) with David Flair. She also dated Test for a period in the early 2000s. Since leaving WWE, Keibler has competed on “Dancing With the Stars” but is best known for dating George Clooney.

Eventually, Keibler began dating FutureAds CEO Jared Probe and they were married in 2014, having a daughter. She still possesses those great gams to make Keibler a winner whoever she is with.

9 Mistress: Charlotte

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This isn’t too surprising given her family history. Everyone knows of Ric Flair’s womanizing ways, even claiming to have once slept with Halle Berry (Berry denies it). So maybe it’s not a shock that his daughter would end up with her own affair. In 2015, Charlotte was on the downside of her second marriage when she and Alberto Del Rio began an affair. It was a big thing as Del Rio already had heat on him backstage and hooking up with Charlotte while he was married with three kids added to it. Naturally, his wife did not take it well when it got out it ended up in a very nasty divorce. Rumor is that Ric stepped in to protect Charlotte from any backstage fallout and she has gone on to have a good career since, while Del Rio’s romantic exploits just add to his problems.

8 WAG: The Bella Twins

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From their debut, Nikki and Brie Bella wowed fans. The idea of two stunningly sexy women who were identical was something and WWE ran with, pushing them nicely in hot outfits, bikini shoots and starring in “Total Divas.” They’ve also had shots in the ring with Nikki impressing by turning into a good worker with a long reign as champion. It’s no surprise they would each find a major star to hook up with and did well in their choices. Nikki had dated Dolph Ziggler but is now with John Cena. Meanwhile, Brie married Daniel Bryan in 2014 and the couple is expecting their first child. They are amazingly gorgeous and fans can still have trouble telling which is which but there’s no denying Cena and Bryan are lucky men to each hook up with one half of a pair of truly sexy sisters.

7 Mistress: Melina

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Melina Perez was sure the hot looker when she debuted in WWE in 2005. A spicy Latina, she got attention as manager for MNM with the fantastic split-leg ring entrance making her a winner with fans. As she transitioned to wrestling, Melina got further attention as a terrific worker who had multiple reigns as Divas and Women’s champion. However, she also got some bad press given her attitude and ego, including a “Wrestler’s Court” that reduced her to tears. She and Batista had an affair with him writing in his book on how he assumed Melina and John Morrison were on a break. Morrison felt they weren’t and that just caused more trouble between workers.

Melina also got into a real-life feud with Candice Michelle over boyfriends that spilled on screen and in the ring. Given her ego and propensity for sleeping around, few backstage shed tears when Melina was cut from the company as her in-ring skills are overshadowed by the backstage attitude that made her hated by peers.

6 WAG: Stephanie McMahon

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There are still doubters in the relationship between Triple and Stephanie. There are those who claim Hunter just married the boss’s daughter to get ahead and keep his spot. But the fact the two have remained together for so long shows there is love in the marriage. Stephanie had been shown as just an innocent woman in various feuds but the moment she and Hunter came together on air, she transformed into a vixen fans loved to hate. It was astounding how well they came together, Stephanie loved the boos but also showed her smarts behind the scenes.

She and Hunter have handled it well, playing off the relationship at times (the epic Randy Orton feud) and Stephanie is still doing well as an on-air authority figure. With three children, Stephanie still looks amazingly hot and she and Hunter clearly an equal partnership to remind folks the McMahon family is more than just Vince.

5 Mistress: Sunny

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Tammy Sytch’s story is one of success and stunning heartbreak. Coming to prominence in the mid-1990s in Smokey Mountain, she and boyfriend Chris Candido came to WWE as Skip and Sunny. In no time, Sunny was a hit with her gorgeous body and bright smile, taking off as a manager for various tag team champions as well as being the first lady of the modern “Diva” era. The sight of her in bikinis was a hit with viewers and she loved to flaunt her stuff. Behind the scenes, however, she was a mess in drug addictions and mental problems.

She and Shawn Michaels had an infamous affair in 1996 that lasted almost a year. Tammy also had a fling with the British Bulldog and Michaels implied on air that she was hooking up with Bret Hart too. Since leaving WWE, Sytch has become infamous for arrests and drug use and was never the same after losing Candido. It’s a shame a talent so bright is more famous for her sleeping around.

4 WAG: Jennifer Hudson

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Say what you will about David Otunga but in one regard, the man is a genius. A member of The Nexus who had runs as tag team champion, he’s currently settled into a role as commentator. However, Otunga does get major attention for landing one hell of a main squeeze. Jennifer Hudson became famous for being cut in the third season of “American Idol” but became one of the show’s greatest success stories. Winning an Oscar for her debut role in “Dreamgirls,” Hudson has embarked on a fantastic singing career and an acclaimed star on Broadway and TV.

She and Otunga began dating in 2007, right after Hudson hit the big time and have been together ever since. They finally got engaged in 2008 and had a son, David Jr. The two seem to be taking their time for an actual wedding with Hudson saying she likes how they don’t rush it. Again, Otunga may not have been a huge star in WWE but he sure hit the jackpot in his love life.

3 Mistress: Kelly Kelly

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A former Hawaiian Tropic model, Kelly was soon pushed to ECW on the idea of her coming out as an exhibitionist. Her stripteases made the early WWE ECW a bit more watchable as she was pushed on the regular roster. Kelly eventually had a run as Divas champion and the sight of her long legs on display won fans over in various costumes and sexy matches. Kelly had been known as dating Andrew “Test” Martin when they were in ECW together, hanging on a lot but they broke it off just a few months before Martin’s death.

In 2009, Kelly was spotted and photographed kissing a then-married Chris Jericho, which caused a bit of a fuss. Rumors abound the relationship was tighter but neither likes to talk about it today. Kelly is currently married to former hockey player Sheldon Souray and seems to be doing well but the Jericho bit hangs over her reputation today.

2 WAG: Beth Phoenix

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“The Glamazon” had been romantically linked to various wrestlers, including a relationship with CM Punk that Punk bad-mouths constantly. A fantastic worker in OVW and WWE, she reigned as champion various times before finally leaving WWE in 2012. While she was gorgeous, well stacked and lush blond hair, Phoenix preferred to be known more for her wrestling despite her amazing looks. She had been married to Joey Knight but they divorced with Phoenix single. She and Edge began seeing each other, keeping it mostly quiet (no surprise given Edge’s past) but finally opened up after Phoenix left the WWE. The two have since welcomed two children and were finally married in 2016. Happily retired now, Phoenix seems to be doing great with Copeland and nice to see the Glamazon turned mother and proving she still has her great looks through it all.

1 Mistress: Lita

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It’s the affair that blew up the WWE in 2005. For years, Lita had been one of the most popular ladies on the roster, a fantastic worker known for her red hair, tattoos and great skill in the ring. She and Matt Hardy had been a great couple both on and off screen. But when Matt was injured, Lita started spending more time with his good friend, Adam “Edge” Copeland. Before long, they were going at it and when Matt found out, the crap hit the fan big time. Matt went on social media to reveal the affair and trash both of them every chance he could get.

Embracing the new hate, Lita and Edge became an on-screen couple and relished in the boos as Edge finally hit the main event. He and Lita eventually broke up but it showcases how Lita drove a major event that changed WWE big time.

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