Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas You Need To Follow On Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular apps in the smart phone age. Face it – we all love to get a peek at what others are doing, and it’s often a lot more fun to scroll through photos than read a bunch of boring status updates. While it sometimes gets a bad rap as a social media platform filled with selfies and uninspired shots of meals you’re about to eat, good Instagram accounts are so much more than that.

Many celebrities on Instagram have hundreds of thousands of followers, as individuals around the world love getting some insight into their everyday lives. From a quick shot in the make-up chair as they’re preparing for a show or a performance, an artful arrangement of flowers they’ve purchased for their home, or a peek at the outfit they’re wearing that day, the best Instagram accounts are diverse and fascinating to follow.

In the WWE, while the men certainly get their share of glory, the women are in a status all their own – and their social media accounts are filled with fun shots of their daily lives. With the moniker ‘Divas,’ it probably comes as no surprise that these ladies of the WWE have Instagram accounts that are often full of glamorous selfies, world travel, cute outfits and more. Their hundreds of thousands – or, in some case, even millions – of followers prove that the content they’re putting out there on their social media is definitely well received. We want to know what these ladies are up to all the time.

Whether it’s because you covet their wardrobe or just think they’re plain gorgeous, these ladies have followers eagerly clicking day after day to find out what their favorite Diva is up to.

Here are 10 WWE Divas that you need to follow on Instagram.

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10 Alicia Fox

Home?? ♥️♥️@wwe @eonline

A post shared by thefoxxyone (@thefoxxyone) on

Alicia Fox secured her spot in WWE history by being the first African-American WWE Diva’s Champion. Her Instagram – thefoxxyone – is filled with photos of her travels, trips to fashion shows and more. She’s also a huge fan of selfies – on her own, with friends, at home, on a girls’ night out, she’s always snapping shots of herself. Who can blame her, when you look like that? Her 201,000 followers prove that, though she’s not currently at top of the Divas division, her place in Diva history is secured and her fans will stick with her.

9 Rosa Mendes

Mendes, originally from Vancouver, has a mix of Czech and Costa Rican heritage to thank for her unique and stunning look, and hard work to thank for a successful wrestling career. With 236,000 followers, many are interested in what she’s doing on a day to day basis outside the ring. Her feed consists largely of selfies, selfies, and more selfies – and who would blame her, with how she looks? Either glammed up or rocking sweatpants in style, her followers love her shots of herself. Howeve,r she’s also a bit of a foodie, posting many shots of her meals.

8 Summer Rae

#TBT to 2 wks ago in Playa Del Carmen! Take me back...this snowy weather is killing me! #nofilter

A photo posted by summerraewwe (@summerraewwe) on

Summer Rae is basically the definition of an all-American blonde bombshell, with bronzed skin and legs for days. She got her start in the Lingerie Football League before channeling her physicality into the WWE ring. With 422,000 followers and a catchy hashtag of her own - #ItsSummertime – this Diva definitely deserves a follow. Her feed is diverse and filled with everything from shots of herself with friends or at the beach, documenting a tour she did to visit the troops, putting in her hours at the gym, or making a trusty high protein PBJ sandwich.

7 Cameron

Ariane Nicole Andrew – known in the WWE by her stage name, Cameron – is one of the main cast of Total Divas and a huge hit in the wrestling world. She has 525,000 followers on Instagram and keeps them entertained with her feed of selfies, fun nights out on the town, fitness routine and more. If you want tips on how to look incredible in both yoga pants and a full length gown, look no further than Cameron’s account.

6 Naomi

Naomi – real name Trinity Fatu – got her start as a cheerleader and back-up dancer before finally entering the world of wrestling – and wrestling has been very, very happy to have her. She has over 628,000 followers on Instagram, and she’s very active, following over 1,200 people herself. She’s married to fellow WWE star Jimmy Uso, who is part of the Anoa’i family wrestling dynasty, and also a frequent star on her Instagram account. Naomi posts many selfies, as most Instagram users do, but her account also contains inspirational quotes, shots of her in the ring, and – recently – a cheeky bowl of lucky charms with the marshmallows separated. She’s just like the rest of us.

5 Paige

Hard to get ready for work with this guy around.

A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

Unlike most of the typical WWE Divas, wrestler Paige doesn’t come from the United States or Canada – she hails from Norwich, England. Her entrance into the wrestling world isn’t too surprising, however, as she was born into a wrestling family – her father and mother both wrestled for a living, her two brothers are also wrestlers, and she made her debut at the young age of 13. Since then she’s been dedicated to her wrestling career. Her raven hair and pale skin make her stand out in the Diva crowd, and her 810,000 Instagram followers agree that there’s just something about Paige. Her feed has everything from selfies to shots of her promo merchandise, friends, living space, pets and more.

4  4. Natalya

Torito asked for it... #Smackdown

A post shared by natbynature (@natbynature) on

Natalie, Nattie, Natalya… whatever you want to call this wrestling superstar, one thing is for sure – her 836,000 Instagram followers definitely want to be kept in the loop about her life. The Canadian bombshell is a third-generation wrestler and a member of the Hart wrestling family, so a life in the ring was basically in her blood from the start. She posts her workouts, her incredibly fluffy (and usually grumpy looking) cat, her sexy wrestling outfits, her fun down-time activities and more.

3 Brie Bella

Brie Bella is one half of the Bella Twins, and there may be some sibling rivalry going on regarding their Instagram accounts – both have over a million followers, with Brie trailing Nikki at 1.5 million. Sister Nikki and hubby Daniel Bryan, also a WWE wrestler, are frequent guest stars on her Instagram account. She features everything from her stage outfits to her ultra-stylish outfits outside of the ring, as well as quirky details like a fan crocheted Brie Mode coffee sleeve and festive Easter decorations she’s put up in her home.

2 Nikki Bella

Twins are always going to cause a ruckus, and the world of WWE certainly isn’t any different. The Bella Twins are icons in the Diva world, and Nikki Bella – one half of the aforementioned twins – is an absolute superstar on her own as well. The reigning two-time WWE Diva’s Champion has a whopping 1.7 million Instagram followers, and is very active on her feed. She posts everything from #cheatday drinks to shots of her working out and showing how she gets that amazing physique. Nearly anything she posts will get at least 50,000 likes within a few days – she’s a must follow.

1 Eva Maria

  Don't neglect your workouts! Gettin in a night #SweatSesh! - WOD: *3 Min of alternating lunges (Light Weight) *Then 5 rounds of 20 sec on 10sec off flutter kicks *Then for time 150 Burpees - Tank by @shredz #AllRedEverything #DoWorkSon   A photo posted by Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

With her flaming red hair, Eva Marie is one of the most recognizable Divas and she definitely stands out in a crowd. She’s everyone’s favorite bad girl and her massive amount of followers confirms the love she gets from her fans – 1.6 million followers to date. She’s incredibly active on her Instagram with nearly 2,000 posts for eager audiences to peruse. Many of her posts relate to her physique and fitness, from the BCAAs she uses to the healthy meals she’s whipping up in the kitchen. And of course, don’t be surprised to see a lot of a certain color sprinkled throughout her photos - #AllRedEverything.

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