Top 10 Mind-Blowing Wresting Reunions And Their Chances Of Happening

Nobody likes when a great tag team or faction splits up, but that only makes their reunion all that sweeter. Tag teams and factions only have so much of a shelf life before it's time for everybody to

Nobody likes when a great tag team or faction splits up, but that only makes their reunion all that sweeter. Tag teams and factions only have so much of a shelf life before it's time for everybody to go their separate ways. Even the greatest teams in wrestling history like the Four Horsemen, the nWo, and D-Generation X, eventually broke up. What all three of those factions have in common is the fact they all reunited at some point. The Four Horsemen reunited for couple different runs in WCW during the 1990s, the nWo reunited in the WWE back in 2002, and D-Generation X have had a number of reunions in WWE.

There is great deal of tag teams and factions who have split in recent years, who fans would love to see reunite. While some reunions have a much better chance of happening, never say never in the world of professional wrestling.

Although it was great seeing the nWo and D-Generation X reunite at WrestleMania 31, this list will focus on teams who are still capable of having a long term impact, rather than just for one night.

Without further ado, here are some potential mind-blowing wresting reunions and their chances of happening.

20 Jeri-Show


The team of Chris Jericho and the Big Show would have never been a thing if it wasn't for an unfortunate injury to Edge. Chris Jericho and Edge originally won the Unified Tag Team Championship at The Bash in 2009. However, Edge suffered an injury and could no longer compete, so Jericho was allowed to pick a partner of his choosing. Jericho ended up choosing Big Show. This tag team probably would have failed had Big Show continued to play a comedic role, but fortunately for Jericho, Big Show was back to being a monster.

Jeri-Show proved to be an absolute dominating force of a team. They held the Unified Titles for over five months and defended the belts against quality opponents like Batista and Rey Mysterio, as well as D-Generation X.

Unfortunately their run as champions would come to an end when they lost to DX at the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Pay-Per-View. Their run as tag team wasn't all forgotten, as they would win the Slammy Award for Best Tag Team of 2009.

19 Chances of Happening: Not Likely


The team of Jeri-Show probably wasn't expected to last too long, but the two guys managed to make the most of the opportunity. Their run was rather short, but they were very entertaining together. Since disbanding as a team, Chris Jericho and the Big Show have teamed up on a couple of occasions, but it wasn't anything permanent. Both men are not currently do anything of significance in the WWE. Jericho is playing the same smug heel as he usually does and it seems the fans are starting to grow tired of his act. Big Show is rarely seen on television nowadays and when he is, it's hard to tell if you are supposed to cheer or boo him.

It seems like now would be a perfect time to reunite Jeri-Show. Both characters are in need of a change. They are in the twilight years of their careers. It would be great to see them team up in the ring again for more than just one night. We just don't expect it to happen.

18 The Brothers of Destruction


The Undertaker and Kane are perhaps the two most terrifying wrestlers to ever step in the the squared circle. Put them together and you get something truly bloodcurdling. The brothers first joined forces in 1998, but they didn't truly become The Brothers of Destruction until 2001. They won their first Tag Team Championship when they defeated Edge and Christian in a No Disqualification match. They would eventually lose their titles to Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The only way they were able to defeat the brothers was with the use of a sledgehammer.

It wasn't too long before the brothers had championship belts around their wastes again, as they defeated The Natural Born Thrillers to win the WCW Tag Team Championships. They defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon at SummerSlam in 2001 to unify both titles.

Since their initial run as a team, the brothers have reunited on many occasions. They may have not won any titles since, but they have been pretty much unstoppable every time they are in the ring together.

17 Chances of Happening: Not Likely


Both The Undertaker and Kane are on the last legs of their careers. The Undertaker has only been a part time wrestler for years now, while Kane seems to be wrestling few and far between nowadays. The brothers last fought together against The Wyatt Family at the 2015 Survivor Series, where they were victorious. There is a good chance that match will be the last time we see the two of them in the same ring.

The Undertaker most likely only has more match left in him. It would be cool to see The Brothers of Destruction in action one more time. However, if The Undertaker does indeed only have one more match in him, there is a good chance fans would rather see The Deadman go one on one with someone, rather than end his career in a tag match. If we truly have seen the last of The Brothers of Destruction, we may never see a tag team as feared as them again.

16 Paul London and Brian Kendrick


Paul London and Brian Kendrick were one of the most excting tag teams to watch in WWE history. The energy they brought each and every night was infectious. From the running to the ring during their entrance to their high flying moves in the ring, the only gear they had was full throttle.

The duo made their WWE debut back in 2003. They were mostly stuck on shows like Velocity, but their talent could only be denied for so long as they became SmackDown mainstays in 2005. They won their first Tag Team Championship at Judgement Day 2006, when they defeated MNM. They would hold those titles for nearly a year.

After two successful years on SmackDown, the team moved to RAW in 2007. Although they didn't achieve as much success as they did on SmackDown, they were still able to win the World Tag Team Championship on one occasion.

Both London and Kendrick were gone from the WWE by 2009,  but and have since reunited on the independent scene a handful of times.

15 Chances of Happening: Somewhat Unlikely


Paul London and Brian Kendrick were arguably far more successful as a team than as individual competitors. Their chemistry was almost unmatched. Both of these guys are getting up there in age, so the time is now for a reunion of the two.

Brian Kendrick has recently made a return to the WWE, working as a trainer with Eva Marie and other NXT wrestlers, as well as being an entrant in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic.P aul London continues to shine on the independent scene and it would have been great to see him in the Cruiserweight Classic as well.

There are so many potential great match ups for London and Kendrick in the WWE. Teams like The Usos and the Lucha Dragons would benefit a great deal by being in the same ring as them. With the upcoming WWE Brand Split, it is the perfect time for one of SmackDown's all-time best tag teams to make their return.

14 Beer Money


When it comes down to the best tag teams in TNA history, Beer Money would be at the top of the list. The team consisted of two veteran tag team wrestlers in James Storm and Bobby Roode. Storm had previously been a part of another legendary TNA tag team in America's Most Wanted. Roode had spent years as a part of Team Canada. The two men's personalities couldn't have been more of the opposite, but that didn't prevent them from meshing together very quickly. They first started to team up in 2008, where they were involved in a feud with LAX. This feud would end with Beer Money capturing their first of five TNA Tag Team Championships.

Beer Money would disband in 2011 after Storm and Roode both feuded over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The team would briefly reunite in 2016, but Bobby Roode signed with the WWE, thus ending the reunion.

13 Chances of Happening: Somewhat Likely


The two wrestlers are currently not with the same company, with Bobby Roode being in WWE and James Storm still in TNA. However, this doesn't mean they won't be together soon. Roode has just recently made his debut in NXT, where it looks like he is going to start out as a singles competitor. If things don't go well for Roode working on his own, the next best option for him would be to switch over to the tag team division. There would be no better partner for Roode than James Storm.  The "Cowboy" James Storm actually appeared in NXT in 2015, although it was a very brief stint. If things don't work out for Storm and TNA, you can bet the WWE would gladly take him back.

If Beer Money does eventually reunite in NXT, there definitely wouldn't be a lack of potential opponents for them. A match between Beer Money and The Revival would be as hard hitting a match as there could be. With the upcoming WWE Brand Split, there is a great chance that NXT will lose a couple tag teams to the main roster and a veteran team like Beer Money could easily pick up the slack.

12 The World's Greatest Tag Team


When the duo of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin first hit the scene with the WWE in late 2002, they were led by Kurt Angle and were known as Team Angle. They were a perfect fit behind Angle due to their amateur wrestling backgrounds. Within just the first couple months of their debut, they captured the WWE Tag Team Championship.

After being fired by Kurt Angle, they set out on their own and took on the moniker of The World's Greatest Tag Team. They would go on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship a second time in July of 2003. They successfully defended the titles against the likes of The APA, Too Cool, and Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman.

The team was forced to break up in 2004, when Benjamin was moved to the RAW brand. They would reunite on a couple of brief occasions in the WWE, before they were both let go from the company in 2010. Hass and and Benjamin would reunite in Ring of Honor where they arguably had their greatest success as a tag team. Their run in ROH would last three years where they won the the tag team titles on two different occasions.

11 Chances of Happening: Not Likely

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Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have reunited a couple of times since they both left Ring of Honor, however it was only for small independent promotions. The team is deserving of one more run in the WWE. They might not be spring chickens anymore, but they have both remained in phenomenal shape. The WWE Tag Team division is as strong as it's been in quite some time and need veteran talent to get the new younger teams over. There are so many great potential opponents for The World's Greatest Tag Team to face off with. One team in particular that stands out is American Alpha. Like Haas and Benjamin, both Chad Gable and Jason Jordan were decorated amateur wrestlers. This feud seems like it was meant to be. Throw Kurt Angle into the mix and you have the recipe for greatness.

The main factor holding this reunion back is the fact that Shelton Benjamin has become a mainstay in Japan. He probably wouldn't want to give up his spot, especially for a company like the WWE, who never really saw his true potential.

10 Aces & Eights


Aces & Eights were arguably the most successful faction in TNA history (which isn't saying much). The gimmick of the group was that of an outlaw motorcycle gang. The group was loaded with talent like Bully Ray, Devon, Mr. Anderson, D.O.C. ( Luke Gallows), just to name a few. The group only lasted a year, but they were an absolute dominant force during their run in TNA. They feuded with the likes of Sting, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy.

The group really evlavated the careers of both Bully Ray and Devon. Both guys took leadership of the group and proved they were able to play fantastic heels. Devon would win the the Television Championship, while Bully Ray would become a two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

The faction disbanded in November of 2013. Bully Ray lost a match against former Aces and Eights member Mr. Anderson, in which the stipulation was that if Ray lost, the group would be no more.

9 Chances of Happening: Not Likely


Since the group disbanded, all of the members have since left TNA. Three of the main members: Bully Ray, Devon, and D.O.C., have since joined the WWE. While D.O.C. is currently a member of another group featured on this list, The Dudley Boyz could use a refresh when it comes to their gimmick.

The WWE currently lacks strong heels and Bubba Ray and D-Von each proved they could be one. With The Authority no longer existing, the WWE could really use a heel faction. However, we doubt they'd be interested in using a similar faction to one that was used in TNA.

8 Miz 'n' Morrison


Both The Miz and John Morrison seemed like a perfect fit as a team. They were both former Tough Enough contestants and both had gigantic egos. They started out as rivals in ECW, but before they knew it they were teaming up and they never looked back.

The duo would capture the WWE Tag Team Championship in late 2007, with a win over Matt Hardy and MVP. Their popularity really started to take off when they were given their own webshow called "The Dirt Sheet." On their show they would mock fellow Superstars, which would end up starting feuds with likes of Cryme Tyme and D- Generation X. They would go on to win the 2008 Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year.

They were also able to capture the World Tag Team Championship by defeating Kofi Kingston and CM Punk. The team was disbanded in 2009, after both were drafted to separate brands.

7 Chances of Happening: Somewhat Likely


After pretty much being a lame duck on the roster for the past couple years, The Miz has rejuvenated his character since WrestleMania 32. With his wife Maryse by his side, it brings a whole new dynamic to his character. Fans will eventually get bored again with The Miz and when that happens, it'll be the perfect time to bring John Morrison back into the fold.

Since leaving the WWE, Morrison has competed in the independent scene and most recently he has wrestled for Lucha Underground. He has been very open about a possible return to the WWE.

The team of Miz 'n' Morrison were some of the first wrestlers to use the internet to get themselves over. The internet is even more prevalent today then it was back in 2007, so that would work in their favour. They may be veterans of the rings, but they would still be a perfect fit for the "New Era."

6 The Straight Edge Society


The Straight Edge Society was a group that was led by the enigmatic CM Punk. The main concept of the group was to promote a Straight Edge lifestyle, which mainly meant no smoking, drinking, or drugs. The first person Punk was able to convert was Festus, who he was able transform into a very focused man in Luke Gallows. Punk would convert two more people to his Society in Serena and Joey Mercury.

The Society was involved in major feuds with the likes of Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and Big Show. Although the group never won any titles and didn't last all that long, they were a very entertaining group to watch. CM Punk's work on the mic was arguably his best during his time leading the Straight Edge Society.

Unfortunately, the group became at odds with each other and they were finished as a group less than a year from when they were created.

5 Chances of Happening: Very Unlikely


The Straight Edge Society wasn't like most other wrestling factions. The group dealt with edgy topics such as drug and alcohol addiction. Instead of focusing on beating people up every night, they took a mental approach. It was something different from your standard WWE faction, which made the group refreshing to watch. That's why it was sad to see the Society end before it had a chance to really gain traction. It would be great to see the Society back in the WWE, but there is a very good chance that it will never happen.

There are many reasons why this faction will never reunite. First off, the topics that the Straight Edge Society touched upon might be too taboo for today's PG WWE. Secondly, Luke Gallows is too busy as a member of another group in The Club. The last and most significant reason has to do with the Society's former leader in CM Punk. He walked out of the company in 2014 and took his Straight Edge lifestyle with him.

4 The Shield


The Shield made their WWE debut at the 2012 Survivor Series, where they made an immediate impact by helping CM Punk retain the WWE Championship. This was the beginning of their two year run as the most dominant group in the entire company. The Shield consisted of three members: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. They had a look and feel to them that like no other faction in the WWE before. They dressed in all black and came through the crowd for all of their ring entrances. Their motto was if they worked together as a team, nobody could stop them.

They began their run as heels feuding with likes of The Rock, John Cena, and The Undertaker. Along the way Ambrose would capture the United States Championship, while Reigns and Rollins would capture the Tag Team Championship.

In early 2014, they became babyfaces after they were attacked by The Wyatt Family. They would then go on to have a feud with The Authority. This eventually led to a pair of matches against Evolution in which The Shield would be victorious.

The group was disbanded in June of 2014, when Rollins attacked Ambrose and Reigns from behind, and joined Triple H and The Authority.

3 Chances of Happening: Very Likely... But Not Anytime Soon


A great deal of fans were upset when The Shield was no more. Although they had a solid run, some fans wish they could have stayed together a bit longer. Since disbanding, every member has gone to have great individual success. All three members have held the WWE Championship at one point. Reigns is a three-time WWE Champion, Rollins is a two-time WWE Champion, and Ambrose is the current WWE Champion. It's evident that they are more valuable right now in the WWE as individuals than in a group. With the WWE Brand Split coming up, don't expect them to be all drafted to the same show.

Although we may not see them together in same ring as a team for a long time, they are bound to reunite eventually. The WWE is like the movie industry, as when they run out of ideas, they just rehash the same things. When the WWE is hard pressed for ideas down the road, it would be an easy and smart decision to bring back The Shield.

2 The Bullet Club


It's seems like every die hard professional wrestling fan owns a Bullet Club t-shirt, which is not surprising considering how popular it is. The Bullet Club was formed by Prince Devitt (now known as Finn Balor in WWE) in 2013 while wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The faction started out with all its members being foreigners. The four original members of the group were: Prince Devitt, Karl Anderson, Bad Luck Fale, and Tama Tonga.

The group has been compared to WCW's New World Order. It's not just for the fact that the Bullet Club uses the same "too sweet" hand symbol as the nWo, but it's also the fact they are just as dominating a team in NJPW as the nWo was in WCW. At one point or another, the faction has held every title there is in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Although The Bullet Club still exists in NJPW today, there has definitely been a great deal of turnaround when it comes to its members. They lost their original leader Prince Devitt to the WWE in 2014. A.J. Styles would take over as leader of the Bullet Club before he and both Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were signed by WWE in 2016. It's possible that none of these wrestlers would have been signed by the WWE without their success in the Bullet Club.

1 Chances of Happening: Very Likely


Since leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling, Finn Balor has become a star for the WWE, wrestling for the NXT brand. He has pretty much achieved all that he can in NXT. It's only a matter of time before he makes his debut on the main roster, where he has some old friends waiting for him. When A.J Styles first made his WWE debut, he was all alone, but it wasn't too long before Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows joined his side. The WWE decided to call the group of three "The Club," which was an obvious play on the successful Bullet Club.

When Finn Balor finally makes the transition to the main roster, he has to make a splash. There might not be a better way for them to have him debut than as a member of 'The Club'. If booked right, the faction could be as successful as The Bullet Club is in Japan.

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