Top 10 Most Shameful Wrestler Tattoos Of All-Time (And 5 Of The Best)

In truth, we could have done an article solely based off the current WWE roster and those with tattoos. Tats are common ground in the pro wrestling business as certain Superstars love to use their body as a canvas to showcase who they truly are putting the gimmicks aside. Take A.J. Styles for example, yes, he’s one of the best in the game but he’s also a family man and his body art represents that with the names of his children located on his rib area. The same goes for Charlotte who used her body as a canvas in paying homage to her late brother.

That’s the good side but in this article, we’ll also examine the bad side, and by bad, we mean really bad. Most of these tattoos really have no meaning and are likely pieces of art these ten wrestlers regret. From ‘Taker inking the name of his ex-wife on his neck to Perry Saturn inking his face, these tats are simply shameful!

From the good, to the bad, to the downright ugly, all avenues will be explored in this article. Like usual, be sure share the article via social media. Without further ado, here are ten of the most shameful pro wrestler tattoos of all-time and five of the best. Let’s get started folks!

15 Shameful – James Ellsworth

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Poor James Ellsworth just can’t catch a break from us here on The Sportster. We’ve poked some fun at the indie veteran in the past and in this article, we once again take the not so glamorous side of things for his awful tattoo.

As if he hasn’t been ribbed enough based off his look, his tattoo just adds to that dynamic is at it looks like it was drawn by sixth grader. We’re not really sure what the tattoo represents, but it kind of looks like a smoking skull, one ways away from Austin’s monumental skull from back in the day.

Despite the look and lackluster tattoo, the veteran continues under a WWE contract nowadays. At the age of 32, it remains to be seen how much longer he’ll have under the WWE umbrella.

14 Shameful – Matt Morgan

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Before we dive into Morgan’s atrocious back tattoo, let’s get a bit of a recap on his career. Signing with OVW in 2002, Morgan was part of a monumental class of wrestlers at the time. Given his size and look, many thought he’d prosper with the company but as you know, that wasn’t the case as he lacked the certain “it” intangible needed to succeed. To his credit, he’s done decently well for himself outside of the WWE as an on and off character with TNA.

Okay now for the bad, this tattoo is simply inexplicable and one of the very worst on the list. Now, most of these shameful tattoos are at least smaller in stature, Morgan’s takes up his entire back and let’s just say he doesn’t have a small back as a dude that’s near seven feet. As for what the face represents, we don’t even know nor do we care due to how awful it truly is.

13 Best – Enzo Amore (Microphone Tattoo)

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Give credit where credit is due, the Certified G has made a name for himself despite the fact that he’s a nuisance behind the scenes, not to mention that his in-ring skills are also quite choppy. Despite that, he’s got the gift of gab and we must say, he knows how to run his mouth and keep us invested. For that reason, he’s been called a savior to the 205 Live brand. It remains to be see what kind of long-term effect he’ll have but without a doubt, he’s doing well in his part.

As for his tattoos, he’s got a unique bunch. He even has kiss marks from his grandmother inked, not to mention a heart paying homage to the great Shawn Michaels, his hero growing up. His best ink however, is the microphone tattoo located on his hand, which resembles Enzo pretty much always holding up a mic. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying the impressive tattoo.

12 Shameful – Tyson Tomko

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Most fans vaguely remember Tyson Tomko. The only think you might recall from his WWE career were those awful tattoos that were very visible cause like, they went all around his body. The tribal lines were awfully constructed and the color of the tats were even worse. To be quite frank, they looked fake and something you can purchase at a Halloween shop, sorry Tomko.

His wrestling career didn’t fair all that better either. He was another big man the company got excited about but didn’t pan out to anything significant, in large part due to his lack of charisma as a bland character. To his credit, he enjoyed a decent run with TNA joining the likes of Kurt Angle and even A.J. Styles as a type of enforcer. Though aside from that, he dwindled into irrelevancy once he left TNA in 2010.

11 Shameful – The Bellas

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Some of you out there might be scratching your noodles on this one, but yes, the Bellas both did in fact get inked at one point during their younger teen days. At the age of 15, both Brie and Nikki decided to get inked below the belt, on their booties. Brie got a fairy tattoo, however, on an episode of Total Divas, she got the that lasered off as she didn’t deem it as something appropriate for a mother.

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As for Nikki, she kept the tattoo which is also inked on her bum. The tat is pretty bad, although thankfully it isn’t the most noticeable. The design is a small fiery heart. According to Nikki, she kept the tat because Cena liked it. We can all agree, Cena likely loves the overall view of the tattoo location, instead of the actual tat....

10 Best – Seth Rollins

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Seth has a couple of cool tattoos, one of them is located on his wrist and it reads the term “forever”. The word pays homage to where Seth came from before his WWE roots, Rollins claimed he loved to write and express himself, the tattoo is a reminder of his upbringing and passions before he hit fame with the WWE.

His back tattoo however is the most impressive as letters scroll downward along his back. The writing is written in a Samurai code and it translates into, “The way of the Warrior”. Looking at Seth’s rise starting off as a backyard wrestler, the tattoo is certainly fitting and it also helps that it's pretty darn cool design alone. It isn’t everyday someone gets a Samurai code on his back.

9 Shameful – Batista

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You know someone has a shameful tattoo when even the guy that got the tat pokes fun at himself for getting such a design in a peculiar area. Batista laughed at the tattoo during an interview questioning what he was thinking getting the fiery sun tattoo along his belly button. In truth, it’s basically a belly ring, something we wouldn’t expect from such a mammoth of a man.

Nonetheless, he still had the shameful tattoo and we assume he doesn’t make direct eye contract with it, cause like, it’s on fire and it’ll burn his eyes..... Cheap pop. His other ink is barely passable but the belly tat is definitely in the shameful zone. It remains to be seen if he’ll ever have it removed or at the very least, touched up.

8 Shameful – Michael Cole

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Due to the fact that Cole rarely ever wrestles, nobody even knew he had tattoos till his WrestleMania appearance years ago. Just hearing the name Michael Cole and tattoos, you know the mix won’t be the greatest.

We really don’t know exactly what the tats are or the meaning behind them as he’s remained discreet when it comes to his body art. We’re not sure if discreet is the proper word or embarrassed. Nonetheless, he’s got some weird faces on his top back along with a heart and a name in between. He’s also got an amateur looking tat located near his calf. All the tats are a complete fail and he’s even got others, which are so bad that we can’t even identify what they are.

7 Best – Roman Reigns

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Please hold the boos (or applause if you like “the guy”) for after this entry, although you might not like the guy, he’s got a wicked set of tattoos. After the birth of his daughter, Reigns completed the designs which are quite reminiscent to The Rock’s in terms of location. The sleeve is meant to show his power as a human but more importantly, as a provider and a father to his daughter. As Roman stated during Superstar Ink, the birth of his daughter gave him the role as a protector.

Located in the midst of his tattoos is also a turtle, which represents longevity, peace, family and wellness. One can argue that the meaning behind the tats is ever better than designs themselves.

6 Shameful – Perry Saturn

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When you get a tattoo on your face, the chances of landing in the winning side of this article are quite slim. The wacky Perry Saturn did in fact decide to get his face inked, a tattoo which isn’t fake and quite real. In fact, he still sports the tattoo nowadays at the age of 51. We can all agree, he’d be better off with a mop tattoo located on one of his side burns instead of the monstrosity of a face tattoo.

Despite the tattoo, we’re glad Saturn is back on his feet nowadays recovering from addiction problems. As you’ve heard here on The Sportster and through various other wrestling podcasts or dirt sheets, Saturn was missing for quite some time living in poverty. We wish him well in his ongoing progress.

5 Shameful – Kurt Angle

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Okay, so Kurt doesn’t have the worst tattoo on the list, but that simply because it’s hardly noticeable. Throughout his WWE journey, fans have spotted the tattoo on only a few occasions due to the fact that his ring attire is usually blocking it. So what does that tat mean you’re wondering? The ink pays respect to Kurt’s amateur days back in high school with Clarion. The design is of the school’s amateur wrestling mascot, Clarion Golden Eagle.

Kurt was just getting started in high school, he’d later turn into an Olympic gold medalist, of course, winning a gold medal with a “broken freakin’ neck”. After much back and forth, Angle took the leap of faith and joined the WWE, a decision nobody regrets given his legacy as a sports entertainer.

4 Best – The Rock

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If we didn’t put Dwayne Johnson on such a list, we’d get Rock Bottomed on a table. Putting Rock on such a list is no brainer as many would argue he’s got the best ink in all of pro wrestling and arguably, the entertainment industry as well.

His sleeve tribal tattoo that goes until his peck is certainly something - in fact numerous fans of Rock have duplicated the same ink. The Great One recently took things a step further by creating an “Evolution of the Bull” tattoo, replacing his iconic Bull and upgrading it with a fantastic sleeve design. The tat was not the easiest as it took the People’s Champ over 20 hours. Looking at how great it came out, it was most certainly worth it.

3 Shameful – Hulk Hogan

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A little known fact about the great Hulk Hogan is that the icon of pro wrestling also has a bunch of tattoos. Some, like the one on his forearm for example is decent, however, his back tattoo made him a laughing stock with the masses for inking the word “Immortal” in block letters on his back. We rarely see the tat nowadays cause like, Hulk rarely takes off his shirt and just shows us his pipes, which are still rather impressive. That tattoo however..... Sorry Hulk, not so much.

Still gone from the WWE for his racial remarks a couple of years back, there’s still no timetable for a possible return. Maybe during his time off, he can get that awful tat taken care of.

2 Best – Charlotte Flair

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A little known fact about Charlotte is that she’s one cool chick outside of the ring. She’s shown that side of hers during various podcast interviews. Another little know fact, she’s also got some deep and meaningful tattoos which are more than worthy of a spot on this side of the list.

Starting with her forearm tattoo which reads, “a little patience”, the tat serves as a reminder to Charlotte. She also has the quote, “Guard your heart above all else, for it will determine the course of your life”, located on her rib area.

Her best tattoo in terms of sentimental value is a cross with her late brother Reid’s name in it. The family decided to get the tat as a way to pay homage to their late family member.

1 Shameful – The Undertaker

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It’s truly shocking to hear the words shameful and The Undertaker used in the same sentence. The dude has maintained a squeaky clean reputation behind the scenes, though, he does have on shameful moment he’ll likely want us to forget about.

While married to his second wife Sara, ‘Taker inked her name on his neck which is never a good idea, especially in such a notable spot. Following their divorce, ‘Taker remarried to former WWE Divas Michelle McCool. As you might expect, so to went the shameful tattoo once he remarried. Instead of taking out the tattoo, which must be painful as hell, ‘Taker got it covered up with a tribal type design. Sorry ‘Taker, but it doesn’t get more shameful thank a tat of your ex-wife!

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