Top 10 Possible Outcomes from Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns

This week on Monday Night Raw; The Authority manipulated Roman Reigns into placing his WrestleMania title match against Brock Lesnar on the line at the newest and upcoming WWE Pay-Per-View, Fastlane.

This week on Monday Night Raw; The Authority manipulated Roman Reigns into placing his WrestleMania title match against Brock Lesnar on the line at the newest and upcoming WWE Pay-Per-View, Fastlane.

In the night's main event, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins had a match to determine who would face Roman Reigns at Fastlane with the winner of said match going on to headline WrestleMania and challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The plan was to have Rollins emerge victorious, thus sending The Authority's golden boy off to the big event in March. However, despite the presence of Big Show and attempted interference from J and J Security, Daniel Bryan would pick up the win – following a Superman punch from Roman Reigns on Rollins.

Now, the stage prior to the grand stage is set, Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns at Fastlane – February 22, 2015 live from the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee. The winner to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXXI for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Who will be the better man? Will Daniel Bryan once again find a way to headline WrestleMania despite not winning the Royal Rumble? Will Roman Reigns defend his turf and prove to all the naysayers that his time has come?

The clear choice for the fans will be Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns can expect a chorus of boos to ring out through the arena when he steps into the ring a few short week from now. The Daniel Bryan love will be oozing from the hearts of the WWE Universe. Roman Reigns must be prepared for such a circumstance.

The only question that remains: how will the match play out? In this article we will take a look at some possible scenarios that could take place at the finish of this big match. These are the top 10 possible outcomes from Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns:

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10 Daniel Bryan Wins Clean


Heading into this match, Daniel Bryan is largely outsized by Roman Reigns. When it comes to physical strength; Reigns once again has the upper-hand on Bryan. However, Bryan has been the underdog his entire career and thrives in moments of adversity.

Bryan has more experience than Reigns and is a more well-equipped mat technician. This is another case of wrestler vs. sports entertainer – much like Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena – a match in which Bryan came out with a clean victory.

If the skill of the wrestler can outmatch the strength of the sports entertainer then Daniel Bryan could pick up another clean victory.

9 The Authority Screw Daniel Bryan


The Authority have long been opposed to having Daniel Bryan as the face of WWE and have already taken much away from the beloved superstar. Therefore, what would make this match any different?

The possibility of Triple H and Stephanie taking away WrestleMania from Daniel Bryan is strong and could very well turn into a reality. The Authority view Bryan as a B+ player trying to survive in an A+ world.

Come Fastlane, the fix could be in for Daniel Bryan.

8 The Authority Screw Roman Reigns


Although screwing Daniel Bryan out of a title shot would prove to be right up The Authority's alley, it is also redundant.

Triple H and Stephanie aiding Daniel Bryan by screwing over Roman Reigns would be completely unexpected. Reigns has had his own issues with Triple H and costing him his main event spot could be a way for The Game to get one over on the big man.

This would also prove as a sinister was of keeping the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off of Daniel Bryan as The Authority could view Brock Lesnar as an impossible obstacle for Daniel Bryan to overcome.

7 Double Counts


The classic double pin scenario could play out with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns – where the shoulders of both men are on the mat while the ref makes the three count.

Another possibility could be the double count out – where both men are unable to make it back into the ring before the ref reaches the count of ten. This is usually caused by a big spot taking place outside of the ring – incapacitating both competitors.

Either way, a double count of any kind will result in no distinct winner and perhaps set up a triple-threat match between Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns.

6 Foot on the Rope


This scenario could also result in a triple-threat match at WrestleMania: the foot on the rope routine. No matter who is screwed in this case, the match will be tarnished.

Of course, this does not have to be a pinning predicament as the same result may occur should Daniel Bryan put Roman Reigns in the Yes Lock with Reigns eventually tapping out, all the while with his foot on the bottom rope.

However, having Roman Reigns tap out would not favor his development, so should this situation occur at Fastlane, odds are it would be Reigns pinning Bryan with Bryan's foot left hanging on the rope.

5 The Rock Screws Daniel Bryan


During the Royal Rumble match, The Rock made a run-in to save Roman Reigns from the wrath of Big Show and Kane – and fans still refused to cheer for Reigns.

This can be transferred into a storyline if WWE are willing to use The Rock as a heel heading into WrestleMania. The Rock could easily interfere in the match and cost Daniel Bryan his second shot at the main event. Thus, setting up a match between The Rock and Daniel Bryan.

The Rock doesn't always have to return as a face. In fact, he has in the past played a great heel character and can do so again. With Daniel Bryan facing The Rock at WrestleMania, perhaps some of the fan pressure on Roman Reigns can be alleviated.

This outcome is a long shot but you never know what could happen in WWE.

4 Seth Rollins Goes Rogue Scenario #1


Seth Rollins is the wild care amid all of the chaos and controversy surrounding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture.

Come Fastlane, Seth Rollins may take it upon himself to decide the fate of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. One scenario which could play out could see Rollins costing Reigns the match. The former Shield brethren have never really settled their score and Reigns is the reason why Rollins is not involved in the #1 contender match at the Pay-Per-View.

Revenge could be served on Reigns at Fastlane.

3 Seth Rollins Goes Rogue Scenario #2


If Seth Rollins should decide to cost Roman Reigns the match against Daniel Bryan, he will unwilling allow Daniel Bryan to have a second chance at his dream – this may not sit well with Rollins.

The alternative: cost both Bryan and Reigns the match by attacking both men and causing a double disqualification. Hence, there will be no winner and Rollins may still find a way into the WrestleMania main event.

The solution: a fatal-fourway match between Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Seth Rollins.

2 Roman Reigns Wins Clean


Should the match at Fastlane be left alone and no outside interference occurs, Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns has all the makings of a David vs. Goliath encounter.

That being said, if one of these men does come out with a clean victory, Roman Reigns would definitely be considered the heavy favorite. Seeing as how Reigns has already won the Royal Rumble and that he is meant to be the next top guy in WWE, a clean win for Roman is a viable direction.

This would still anger fans of Daniel Bryan but if Roman Reigns can defeat him fair and square, they should simply accept the situation.

1 Dolph Ziggler Screws Daniel Bryan


The WWE Universe loves Dolph Ziggler but they love Daniel Bryan even more. Bryan is their unwashed hero – a reminder of the every man who everybody knows from back home.

The recent rumors regarding the WrestleMania XXXI card have had Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler as a potential match. To add to the speculation, both Bryan and Ziggler have exchanged words on Twitter indicating that both would be on board for said match.

The best way to go about this: turn Dolph Ziggler heel at Fastlane. The Show Off has been working as a face for quite some time now and is certainly a crowd favorite, but some times changing the scene results in a better story being told.

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Top 10 Possible Outcomes from Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns