Top 10 Potential Final Opponents for The Undertaker at WM32

Next year, WrestleMania XXXII will be presented live from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The massive stadium which is home to the Dallas Cowboys – the great American team – holds a maximum capa

Next year, WrestleMania XXXII will be presented live from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The massive stadium which is home to the Dallas Cowboys – the great American team – holds a maximum capacity of eighty-thousand people. When adding the extra floor seating; WrestleMania XXXII is going to be the biggest of all time. Which is said every year about every WrestleMania but this time being the “biggest” will be quite literal.

One early rumor surrounding the big event concerns the career of The Undertaker. With 'Taker being a native Texan and his body facing the harsh realities and aliments of age; such a spectacle in such a venue would make for the ideal place and time for The Undertaker's final match. The sendoff would be an epic and emotional ride; a ceremonious last ride for 'Taker and WWE.

The Undertaker has made WrestleMania his personal stomping ground, having competed on the grand stage a total of twenty-three times; tasting the agony of defeat but once at the hands of some sort of vicious hybrid of primitive man and modern animal. The Undertaker need not compete anymore and should he decide to hang his boots some time between now and next April; nobody would hold it against The Deadman.

However, the luster of WrestleMania in Texas, in front of what will be the biggest WWE crowd ever assembled, seems far too hard to ignore. In all likelihood, barring some unfortunate health issue, The Undertaker will perform next year in the home of the Cowboys. Will it be his final match? Perhaps. Should it be his final match? Probably. There are those who believe that The Undertaker should have called it a day as soon as the undefeated streak was conquered but alas, the dead did rise once again.

Should next year at WrestleMania XXXII bring forth the finality of The Undertaker character, all that will remain is Mark Calaway; not a perceived dead man but simply a man – living and breathing.

These are the top 10 potential final opponents for The Undertaker:

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10 Rusev


Since the loss of his United States Championship to John Cena at WrestleMania, it feels as though Rusev has lost some steam. With his undefeated streak coming to an end, much interest will be lost on his charterer development.

However, this can be salvaged. if Rusev should lose to nobody else except John Cena from now until next WrestleMania, it will still make him look like the overbearing superstar that he has been perceived to be from day one.

Maintain the dominance and Rusev may save character. Providing a worthy final opponent to The Undertaker as Rusev would receive and insurmountable amount of heat taking on The Deadman and waving that Russian flag deep in the heart of Texas.

9 Sheamus


Sheamus is back with a vengeance. The Celtic Warrior made his long-awaited return to WWE the night after WrestleMania, with a new look, new attitude, and a much needed heel turn. The “real man” gimmick is decent at the moment and, given the proper time to evolve, could become a huge angle.

The rest of the year for Sheamus will be tricky – as often in the past, the push of Sheamus would eventually flicker out and the Irishman would be placed back into a dark corner. The main aspect here is to keep Sheamus heel, keep him kicking ass, and keep him looking strong.

Should all these factors play out through the duration of 2015, Sheamus could certainly step up as a final opponent to The Undertaker as the two big brawlers could duke it out on the grand stage at WrestleMania XXXII.

8 Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose appears to be slipping father and farther down the hill, away from the top and the main event picture. Following the break-up of The Shield, Ambrose was red hot. While not the top babyface, Ambrose was close.

Somewhere along the way, the push of Dean Ambrose was halted and Ambrose has yet to regain his footing on that proverbial hill. Of course, all is not lost. Dean Ambrose is a fantastic talent who could simply use an overhaul.

Dean Ambrose has the ability to be a fantastic heel and a turn somewhere between now and the end of the year could provide that rejuvenation that is sorely needed. Not only that but a more intense heel version of Dean Ambrose could pose as a suitable opponent for The Undertaker.

7 Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns: has he turned out to be a complete bust? Perhaps. The man who was supposed to be the standout star of The Shield has taken a back seat to Seth Rollins. From his hated Royal Rumble victory to his loved WrestleMania defeat, the fans are not behind Roman Reigns.

The natural solution to this is rather simple: a heel turn. The WWE have tried as hard as they could to get the people on his side but they just aren’t buying what the big man is selling – so stop trying to sell them something and instead force them to pay more attention.

Provide a mouthpiece. One of the biggest problems with Roman Reigns is his poor mic skills – his inability to capture the audience. Get a great talker on his side and things could look up again for Roman Reigns; making him a prime opponent for The Undertaker.

6 Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler continues to receive a huge pop from the WWE audience whenever he comes out to the ring. The connection continues to grow but Ziggler hasn't been afforded much time in the main event scene – which the people are craving.

The rest of 2015 will be crucial for Dolph Ziggler; can he attain the next step or have the WWE simply designated him as a mid-card talent? Hopefully, the former will prevail as Ziggler is a hard and consistent worker in the ring; never a dull match.

The Show Off could become a great opponent opposite of The Undertaker. What better way to “steal the show” than at WrestleMania with The Deadman? Dolph Ziggler has never had that high-profile 'Mania match. Perhaps it's time.

5 Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan is rumored to be in bad shape. The injuries sustained last year which kept him out of action for a lengthy amount of time continue to pose a nagging problem for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Over the months that follow, hopefully Daniel Bryan will recuperate from his current health issues as the man remains a massive crowd favorite and his loyal following are not ready to give up on the “Yes Movement.”

Should both men be in the proper shape to compete, The Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan would make for quite a spectacle as it would be interesting to see which way the live crowd will cheer; for the beloved underdog or the homegrown legend?

4 Seth Rollins


There is no telling who will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion by WrestleMania XXXII. Hell, it could still be Seth Rollins … but probably not. However, the “architect” of The Shield has definitely established a name for himself.

Seth Rollins could very-well be the leader of the next generation of WWE superstars, the man chosen to grab hold of the reigns and steer the company along down whichever modern world path it may lead. Seth Rollins is on top for a reason.

Therefore, the future of WWE taking on the past of WWE will always make for an entertaining storyline and match. The Undertaker vs. Seth Rollins could completely rock AT&T Stadium into the ground.

3 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho has been away from WWE programming for a while but with Jericho, anything can happen at anytime. Jericho loves the element of surprise and therefore could appear on any given day at a WWE event.

Throughout his WWE career, Chris Jericho has participated in many high-profile WrestleMania matches against the likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Edge. Jericho deserves one more “big feel' match before he calls it a day in WWE.

The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho would get over big time with Jericho working either way, face or heel. Obviously, as he has proved in the past, Chris Jericho can work both sides of the spectrum with ease and excellence.

2 Sting


Late last year at the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View, Sting would make his official WWE debut; costing The Authority their respective match and planting the seed for what would lead to his first – and so far only – WWE match with Triple H at WrestleMania.

Sting was interviewed the following night and asked what the future held for the WCW icon. The response and impression provided was that Sting would indeed be seen once again in a WWE ring. The only question that remains is when will Sting compete next?

Whether or not Sting participates in a match before WrestleMania XXXII; a match against The Undertaker has long been speculated and desired by the WWE Universe. Having the two old dogs battle it out in the massive yard would make for a memorable moment.

1 John Cena


The past two WrestleMania events have seen John Cena compete against two up-and-coming superstars in Bray Wyatt and Rusev. Aside from these men, Cena has taken on the greatest the WWE has to offer on “the grandest stage of them.”

The current United States Champion has set forth down a much different path than his roads of recent years, which is refreshing but at the end of the day: John Cena is not only a main event player but the main event superstar in WWE.

The Undertaker vs. John Cena at WrestleMania has never gone down and what would add to the interest of this match would be the outcome. Should this be the final match for 'Taker; would WWE have Cena defeat The Deadman or allow him to go out by going over their top guy?

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