Top 10 PPVs That WWE Should Bring Back

In 1985, WWE broadcast its first pay-per-view with WrestleMania. It was very successful and during the 1980’s, the WWE decided to expand its events and create the “big four” (Royal Rumble, WrestleMani

In 1985, WWE broadcast its first pay-per-view with WrestleMania. It was very successful and during the 1980’s, the WWE decided to expand its events and create the “big four” (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series). WWE expanded its pay-per-views to a monthly basis in 1990 and, at one point, reached a maximum of sixteen events in a calender year (2006) before going back to the once-a-month schedule in 2006.

As a kid, I remember being incredibly excited for a PPV and my brother and I would rush to a friend's house to watch it on his "black box" (80's and 90's kids know what I'm talking about). Each PPV had a stacked card, from the first match to the main event, and the top wrestlers were always in the ring.

Recently, WWE pay-per-views buy rates have been regressing, but the reason for this is that fans aren't willing to spend their hard earned money on below average shows. We're constantly seeing the same wrestlers in the main event produce boring matches. When you're equally excited to watch Monday Night Raw and a PPV, that's a major problem.

This list is a personal suggestion of some changes that WWE should make to their pay-per-view line-up. It consists of former WCW and ECW events, along with past WWE ones. Along with the changes, we'll give the reader reasons why we think it would be successful, along with the problems that may occur with adding a new PPV.

10 Global Warning


This PPV was exclusively for Australia and was included in the WWE line up for only one year. WWE should bring back the concept, but instead they should change the country that hosts it every year. The attendance record for this PPV would be incredibly high. However, the major issue is the time difference between the States and other continents. It would be difficult to find a perfect time where it can be shown live in North America.

9 Taboo Tuesday


The ability to give fans the power to decide what matches they want to see was a very creative idea by the WWE. Even though I doubt that the fans had all the power, it was still a lot of fun to follow. What made this PPV even more diverse was that it was held on a Tuesday night, rather than on a Sunday like all the other PPVs. The problem that could arise is that fans won’t pay money to see a PPV on a Tuesday. However, with the incorporation of the WWE Network, it will only cost viewers $9.99 and fans would probably tune in. At least WWE wouldn't be going head-to-head with Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

8 In Your House


The WWE used to name most of their PPVs In Your House, with a wrestler’s slogan or a match stipulation in the title of the PPV’s. For example, In Your House 6 was titled In Your House 6: Rage in the Cage, as the main event was a steel cage match between Bret Hart and Diesel. It would be cool to bring this idea back for one of the PPVs. We could have In Your House: Follow the Buzzards or In Your House: You Can’t See Me...I apologize about that last one, let's hope the WWE creative team can come up with something better.

7 One Night Stand


Instead of having Extreme Rules, which in my opinion isn’t very extreme at all, WWE can bring back One Night Stand and remove ECW from its title. For one night, WWE should actually go extreme and pull off matches like ECW used to. They could even go as far as bringing some of ECW's legends back. I know hardcore wrestling fans would love this idea, but the only problem would be that we now exist in the PG world of wrestling. I doubt we'd be able to have Sandman come out and do his thing...

6 Bash at the Beach


Yes, I know that WWE brought back Great American Bash and it wasn’t very successful. Many will question why they should bring back Bash at the Beach and the simple answer is that it will pay homage to a once great WCW PPV. WWE should bring back a former WCW PPV like this one because a large amount of WWE fans were also WCW fans, and Bash at the Beach gave us a lot of great moments in WCW (like the debut of the nWo).

5 November to Remember


This event was considered ECW’s WrestleMania and its card was usually stacked with awesome matches. It would be fun to see this PPV come to WWE and obviously it would have to be in November (or the title wouldn't make sense). That's where the problem would occur for the WWE, as they would have to move one of their big four events, Survivor Series, to compensate for this PPV. I don't think many people would mind seeing Survivor Series change month and break tradition. The PPV has gotten pretty stale and maybe this is the shakeup it needs. Though some fans would think otherwise and there could be some backlash (no pun intended with the former PPV).

4 King of the Ring


At one time this was once a major PPV for the WWE and fans waited eagerly to see who would be crowned King. It did lose its luster and became just another PPV, but if WWE would bring it back and do it right, fans would get back into it. To make it successful, top wrestlers and up and comers have to be put into the tournament together. This PPV could be used as a stepping stone for young wrestlers to get a big push, which the WWE desperately needs right now. After the string injuries to their top guys, they've struggled to fill in the holes with any credible wrestler. This PPV can help make a  mid-card wrestler credible. WWE can place King of the Ring in July with the winner of the tournament getting a shot to face the champion at SummerSlam.

3 Halloween Havoc


This was one of the best pay-per views from WCW. I don't know a single person who didn't absolutely love Halloween Havoc. It was a cool concept to have this run near Halloween ever year and it would be a great addition to the WWE line-up, especially since the WWE team always builds extravagant stages for their PPVs. Just imagine what they could do with the stage if they brought this back. With eerie characters like the Wyatt Family on the roster, they could easily use them to sell this PPV. To compensate for Halloween Havoc, they could move Hell in a Cell to September.

2 World War 3


I know it’s very similar to the Royal Rumble, but it would be exciting to see this concept in the WWE. I’m not suggesting to take out the Royal Rumble, as it is a huge tradition to wrestling fans. I am only suggesting to try World War 3 as its own PPV. Fans of the past and present would love this idea, and it could be the shot in the arm that the WWE needs. They could sell this innovative idea, of having three rings going at once, to casual fans who don't always tune in. This PPV would certainly be successful and putting it in September, and removing Night of Champions, would be ideal for the WWE.

1 Starrcade


Bringing Starrcade back would bring a major boost to the WWE PPV line up. This was WCW’s WrestleMania, and I know Vince’s ego will get in the way and this would likely never happen, but wrestling fans everywhere would love to see it resurrected. The only problem that would arise is which month to put Starrcade in, as it can’t interfere with WrestleMania or SummerSlam. WWE could place it in early June and incorporate a Money in the Bank match into Starrcade like WrestleMania once did.

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Top 10 PPVs That WWE Should Bring Back