Top 10 Real Life Wrestling Couples We Love And 10 We Hate

There are many couples in WWE right now, and many couples outside of WWE who have come together thanks to their joint passion for the business.

One of the good things about wrestling is the number of couples that the company have created over the past few years. Some are still together, and some were only together because it was convenient for them at the time.

Outside of WWE, there are many couples like Edge and Beth Phoenix who have come together following their stints in WWE together and only recently decided to get married. There are other couples like Maria and Mike Bennett and even Mickie James and Magnus who also met after the two women left the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

There are a lot of wrestling couples all over the circuit at this point, but the Internet Wrestling Community are not a fan of all the couples. So here are 10 that we love to follow and 10 that we don't enjoy updating pictures or statuses when it comes to their relationship.

20 Love: CM Punk And AJ Lee

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It's hard not to love CM Punk and AJ Lee. They were two very similar WWE stars, they both had incredible in-ring and mic skills, and they both left their mark on the company. CM Punk was always a bit of a rebel and it seems that AJ was attracted to that side of him. They made a cute couple when they were working together in WWE, and it seems that this continued after the storyline was over.

AJ left the company because of the heat she was receiving after her husband left, giving up her dream for him in fairness. Even though it was rumoured that this couple began long before it was announced and that Punk and AJ were cheating behind Lita's back, you can't help but admit that they are quite perfect together.

19 Hate: The Undertaker And Michelle McCool

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The Undertaker can do no wrong in the eyes of the WWE Universe. The Undertaker is a legend amongst fans of wrestling, and after getting used to The Undertaker and Sara, it seems the audience are finding it hard to adjust to The Undertaker and Michelle McCool.

The age gap is a pretty big one and the fact that Michelle McCool was a pretty convincing heel when she was last seen in WWE, could be two reasons why the WWE Universe are less accepting of this relationship. The couple now has a daughter and have been happily married now for the past seven years, which means the WWE Universe need to get used to this couple because they aren't going anywhere. Even though The Undertaker's time with WWE could well be coming to an end.

18 Love: Jimmy Uso and Naomi

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Naomi and Jimmy Uso were once part of Total Divas, where they showed that their relationship was quite a fun one. Naomi became stepmother to Jimmy's two children when the couple married and she showed that she loved spending time with them. There were even episodes where she would plan fun things for the couple to do as a family, which was really cute.

Jimmy and Naomi were one of the young and hip couples that were part of the reality show before it was decided that they no longer had storylines in the show for them. They have been seen on WWE TV together and Naomi even managed the team back at WrestleMania 31. The WWE Universe really love this couple and their cute social media updates, they seem as though they are perfect for each other.

17 Hate: Matt Hardy And Reby Sky

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Matt Hardy has changed a lot since he was in WWE and now has a persona where he is known as Broken Matt Hardy. He has become a huge star in TNA along with his wife Reby Sky and their son Maxel.

As much as this couple is loved in TNA as a team, they just don't look as though they make sense outside of wrestling. Reby and Matt seem as though they are very different people and it could be that wrestling is the only thing they have in common. As a couple, they just don't look as though they fit together very well. Of course, they have a son as well who has made various appearances in TNA, but even though they've started a family, they still seem like something of a misfit couple.

16 Love: Cody Rhodes And Brandi 

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WWE never allowed these two to be a couple on TV, but when Cody was there to announce the winners of the first annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Brandi was by his side, holding his hand. When Cody decided it was time to walk away from WWE, Brandi was by his side and decided to quit as well.

Cody and Brandi went on to debut in TNA together and have begun making Independent appearances as a couple. Recently, the WWE Universe saw Cody accidentally hit Brandi with Cross Rhodes during a match, and she took it better than most male stars. This couple has proved that they will go through anything for each other and set a great example for the younger members of the Wrestling Community as well.

15 Hate: Tyson Kidd And Natalya

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There are some cute stories about this couple and the fact that they grew up together, trained together, and Tyson is the only man that Natalya has ever dated. But at the same time, there is also the way the couple are shown on Total Divas.

In many of the early episodes of the show, the producers decided that Tyson should be more interested in wrestling that his own wife, meaning that much of the time Natalya felt neglected. Then on WWE TV it was decided that Tyson would be more interested in his friendship with Cesaro than the needs of his wife. It was hard to watch and put something of a black cloud over their relationship when it comes to the WWE Universe and how they viewed them.

14 Love: Big Cass And Carmella

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Carmella and Big Cass may have been split up on different rosters by the WWE Draft, but they still find time to hang out as a couple. They still travel together a lot of the time and they still update cute Instagram pictures.

Cass even commented on the fact that Carmella and James Ellsworth have been put together on SmackDown and stated that he didn't feel threatened by it. The couple must have a lot of trust in each other when they spend that much time apart and the fact that the WWE Universe still chant 'How You Doin' at Carmella, shows that they are well aware of her relationship. Which is why WWE are finding it so hard for the crowd to accept her and James as a couple.

13 Hate - Austin Aries And Thea Trinidad

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This is a couple that the WWE Universe are still getting used to. The couple are engaged but since Austin Aries has only just returned to action in WWE and the Universe were mostly unaware of his fiance until she was cast as AJ Lee in the upcoming WWE film about Paige's family. So, they haven't had the time to adjust.

Austin Aries and Thea Trinidad seem as though they are completely different people. Austin seems as though he is very cocky and arrogant whereas Thea is a woman who knows she is talented by she keeps it to herself. It's a strange couple, but it's one that seems to be ready to go the distance. The couple has been engaged since April 2016 and met when they were both performing for TNA.

12 Love: Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan haven't officially announced that they are dating yet, but there are many cute photos of the couple online. Enzo has done recent interviews where he has talked about how special his girlfriend is and that he's waited 28 years to meet someone like her, which just makes this couple even more loveable.

It is also reported that Enzo helped Liv to gain a tryout with WWE and is one of the reasons why she ended up signing with the company. The couple seems as though they are very similar when it comes to their in-ring style as well, and it is really cute that the couple is trying to keep their relationship private. And it seems as though the WWE Universe are backing this one all the way.

11 Hate: Dean Ambrose And Renee Young

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Someone forgot to tell Renee Young about all of the Dean Ambrose fangirls before she decided to announce that she was dating the former member of The Shield. It seems that many female members of the WWE Universe are not happy about the fact that Renee is with Dean and the WWE host has mentioned many times about the number of death threats that she receives for fans.

Dean Ambrose is also stalked a lot of the time, and the couple finds it hard to gain any piece or distance from the WWE Universe, which means that this is perhaps one couple that the fans don't like seeing together. It's a shame because the couple seems really cute on Total Divas, but the fans are really finding this one hard to accept.

10 Love: Johnny Gargano And Candice LeRae

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Johnny Gargano is a firm fan favourite down in NXT and only recently decided to marry his longtime girlfriend Candice LeRae. Candice still works on the Independent Circuit and that is where she met Gargano when they were first working their way up in the business. Gargano was then signed for WWE without LaRae and has been a huge hit on the NXT brand.

Gargano and LeRae have wrestled each other many times and it is said that the duo put on an incredible match. They have travelled around the world together performing for hundreds of thousands of fans, which makes their story a pretty incredible one. Candice will be signed to WWE someday, and the WWE Universe will then understand just how functional this couple is both inside and outside of the

9 Hate: Mike Bennett Maria Kanellis

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If the opinion of this couple was built solely on their work together on-screen, then it wouldn't be a great one. Maria Kanellis and Mike just don't seem as though they fit together at all. They met when the worked together in Ring of Honor and have since made the switch over to TNA as a couple, but this hasn't made them any more accepted by wrestling audiences.

Sometimes couples are brought together by their differences, and let's hope that Maria and Mike are the kind of couple that don't have to have a lot in common for things to work out because they don't seem like they are ever on the same page. Rumours have suggested that Maria and Mike could be heading to WWE in the near future, where they will perhaps become lost amongst all the other WWE couples of today.

8 Love: Buddy Murphy And Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss was an accepted face on the NXT roster before she decided to align herself with Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy and become a heel. Since then Alexa has been promoted to the SmackDown brand and is a two-time Women's Champion. Murphy has been left behind on NXT, but it seems that the couple is stronger than ever.

The duo recently announced that they were now engaged, which means that even though they have spent a long time apart over the past few months, they are still managing to be as strong as ever. Many of the WWE Universe were unaware that Alexa was in a relationship, but are big fans of Buddy from his time as NXT Tag Team Champion, which means that this couple is an easy one to accept.

7 Hate: Eva Marie And Jonathan Coyle

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Eva Marie introduced her boyfriend Jonathan Coyle at the beginning of the first season of Total Divas. The couple have remained together since and at one point even ran away to get married without her family's blessing.

Jonathan seems as though he is a really controlling boyfriend and the couple don't seem to work together well at all. He wanted to be a wrestler, then he wanted to be Eva's manager, and since their marriage in 2014, there's still been no reason revealed as to why these two actually work as a couple. It makes it really hard to accept them when Total Divas is the only time The WWE Universe sees Jonathan and he's been painted as a sort of villain. Eva Marie herself is still yet to be accepted by the WWE Universe, so good luck Jonathan.

6 Love: The Miz And Maryse

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The Miz and Maryse have become the latest couple to be featured on Total Divas and with Maryse's recent return to WWE, it seems that the couple is on fire. It is no coincidence that The Miz has suddenly become a huge star, having his wife by his side gives him confidence. This confidence has allowed his career to skyrocket on SmackDown thanks to Maryse and her input.

Not only that, but it seems that the couple will now be teaming together for the first time at WrestleMania in a few weeks time. Their feud with John Cena and Nikki Bella has become one of the best things on SmackDown recently, and the WWE Universe are beginning to believe that The Miz and Maryse really are the much better couple in this equation.

5 Hate: John Cena And Nikki Bella

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John Cena and Nikki Bella are the current power couple of WWE. They are one of the most worshipped couples in the company right now, but it is hard not to hate the way Cena treats Nikki. It has been shown many times on Total Bellas and Total Divas that Cena can't give Nikki what she wants, so the WWE Universe have actually questioned why they are still together.

The Miz has pointed this out in his promos recently and it has begged the question as to what this couple is really together for when all we see on TV is problems? Yes, they are cute when they team together, but the fact that Cena was going to allow Nikki to leave him to go back to her ex and has told her many times that he won't marry her. It seems as though something isn't right.

4 Love: Zack Ryder And Emma

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This couple is one that completely makes sense. And even though, like many other couples, they have been split up by the WWE Draft, they have found a way to make it work. Emma's persona in the ring when she was a face was a fun loving, slightly clumsy character that completely matched Zack and his gimmick in every possible way.

The two stars know what it's like to be stuck in a position in WWE that you can't get out of. Poor Zack will never be given the opportunities he really deserves and it seems that his girlfriend is set to suffer the same fate. But it's great that they found each other and were even injured at the same time which allowed them to spend some more time together.

3 Hate: John Laurinaitis And Kathy Colace

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John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace's relationship was brought to the attention of the WWE Universe when they were made part of Total Bellas. And their wedding ending up being one of the main parts of the entire show, given that it took place in the finale.

It seems wrong that The Bellas stepdad has pull in the company as well as the fact that Nikki is dating the face of the company. It seems as though there is an unfair advantage here for both women, which is slightly unfair to other women in the WWE. Laurinaitis is at an age now where the WWE Universe shouldn't be concerned about his relationships or that of the Bella Twins mother, so is there a way that was can just completely forget that this one even exists?

2 Love: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have the perfect story and have captured the hearts of the WWE Universe. Bryan was forced to give up wrestling, so Brie retired to be with him and to finally start a family. It seems that Bryan wanted the same thing until WWE decided to offer him the chance to return to wrestling without having to compete.

The couple married just days after Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Then, late last year, they announced that they were expecting their first child, a daughter who will be called Birdie Jo. It seems that this couple is being given everything that they deserve because they are one of the most loved couples in WWE currently and the WWE Universe is completely behind them every step of the way.

1 Hate: Alberto Del Rio and Paige

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Paige and Alberto Del Rio have to be one of the most disliked couples in WWE history. WWE tried to tell Paige that she needed to break up with Del Rio if she wanted to have a successful career, but she wouldn't listen.

Many of the WWE Universe blame Del Rio for leading Paige into whatever it was that forced her to fail two drug tests and be suspended for 90 days. Del Rio was also part of a fling with Charlotte and still actually married when the couple announced that they were together. Del Rio seems to have had a negative effect on Paige's life and the only person who can't see this is Paige herself. As of right now, it is unknown if Paige will even be returning to WWE when she's recovered from neck surgery.

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