Top 10 Reasons John Cena is NOT the G.O.A.T.

Recently, a fellow writer from this site comprised an article titled: “Top 10 Reasons John Cena is the G.O.A.T.” While he made some strong points, I am here to present evidence to the contrary. John Cena is great; one of the greatest the business has ever seen – a top 5 caliber Superstar – but not the greatest of all time.

In the aforementioned article, the writer makes mention of the fact that he has hated John Cena for the past ten years but has grown to respect the leader of the Cenation. I sit in the same boat with this point as I have always blamed much of the WWE's decline on John Cena as well, but have grown to respect him for everything he has accomplished in WWE and more so as a man for his unwavering dedication to charity and the humanitarianism that consumes his heart.

Nowadays when you think WWE, you think John Cena. The fact remains that Cena is the top guy within the company – even while holding a secondary championship, Cena still draws main event reactions. John Cena has become the biggest WWE Superstar since Stone Cold Steve Austin. Denying that statement would make one seem like a bitter buffoon. The truth is the truth.

John Cena has come a long way from that debut match against Kurt Angle. Cena has headlined a number of WrestleMania events while taking on the best in the business along the way. Cena fans must keep in mind as we move along that I take nothing away from your hero.

The following article will present the other side of this argument. The side which pulls John Cena away from that “G.O.A.T.” distinction. Cena is currently the biggest star within the WWE Universe and I am well aware of the numbers and facts to support this claim of all time greatness. However, I am here to argue otherwise.

These are the top 10 reasons John Cena is NOT the greatest of all time:

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10 Wrestling Ability

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This shouldn't have to be said but when I watch professional wrestling I want to see wrestlers competing inside of that ring. Do we really get a wrestler with John Cena or just a jacked-up and jeered former body builder?

Cena has most definitely improved his in-ring ability and has done his best at honing those skills. However, the sloppiness of his style remain present - as though his ring sense has gotten stoned and he is working with the equivalent of two left feet.

9 Personality

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John Cena is a massive goofball. Long gone are the days of the Doctor of Thuganomics - at least back then Cena didn't come across with suck a rotten stench of spoiled cheese. Cena was (dare I say) cool.

I am one of those who does not believe in a John Cena heel turn. The merchandise will always sell as long as the masses continue to procreate brand news sets of little children and new additions to the Cenation.

8 Promo Ability

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Yes, John Cena is good on the mic - sometimes great - but mostly just good. In the article which I am debating, the writer states that Cena is limited by the PG Era and a "different set of rules." Which is true for anybody else behind that curtain.

This is John Cena - the star of WWE. The man who has indeed carried the company for the past decade. Do you really think Cena can't go out there and cut something controversial if he really wanted? What could Vince McMahon really say to the face of his company?

John Cena could cut edgier promos should his heart desire but he chooses to remain corny.

7 WWE Made

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For the purpose of argument, think about some of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and the roads they have traveled. Many of these men have performed all over the world; on the independent scene and for other major promotions.

Prior to WWE, Cena spent a couple of years in an independent promotion called Ultimate Pro Wrestling. All right, so he has some experience away from WWE but not much. Cena is a byproduct of WWE.

The greatest wrestler of all time is not a WWE creation.

6 Holds Back Talent

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This is a tricky entry as the horror stories of top stars holding back upstarts are seemingly endless and John Cena is no exception to this situation. In recent years alone, Cena has held down two guys who could be major players on the WWE scene.

How come Bray Wyatt lost to John Cena at WrestleMania XXX? What good did that do for Cena? Wyatt going over would have been a really big deal. How come Kevin Owens didn't win the United States Championship if Cena is heading back into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture?

Holding back talent stunts the growth of the company.

5 The Austin Effect

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When it comes to crowd reaction, nobody can illict more emotion (positive or negative) from the audience than John Cena. Honestly, that is why I truly enjoy watching a John Cena match but this is far from what I like to call The Austin Effect.

Can you remember watching a Stone Cold match and the feeling that came along with Austin? There truly was a sense of greatest - a bad ass feeling that no other wrestling could ever produce.

When it comes to John Cena, there is a hostile feeling which often takes away from the match itself. The dueling of "Let's Go Cena!" and "Cena Sucks!" chants is fun but sometimes that's all that matters.

4 Does Not Appeal to Everybody

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Women and children love John Cena. The women want to be with him and the children want to grow up and be just like their favorite Superstar. Meanwhile, the men can't stand anything about Cena.

Now, there is no such thing as a wrestling appealing to everybody but with the attention Cena draws, he can quickly be remembered simply as the pretty boy sports entertainer who Vince McMahon loved.

3 Significant Changes

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Hulk Hogan may be in hot water these days but you can't erase history. Hogan helped professional wrestling make its way into the mainstream of America and soon WWE would become a worldwide sensation.

Stone Cold Steve Austin changed the way a top Superstar was meant to act. Austin would redefine what it meant to be the "top guy" and drastically alter the image of the WWE Championship picture for future generations. (Including Cena)

Has there been any significant changes to the world of professional wrestling strictly due to the involvement of John Cena? Not really.

2 Opponents Make the Match

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John Cena truly is having an incredible 2015 and owes much of that to the men who have stepped in the ring with him these past few months. Kevin Owens made those matches. Cesaro made those matches. And soon, Seth Rollins will make the matches.

Looking back, this has often been the case with John Cena. While feuding with Edge, it was The Rated-R Superstar who really made Cena look good in the ring. The same can be said for CM Punk.

I often state that the best John Cena match ever came on an episode of Monday Night Raw when Cena and Shawn Michaels battled for the entire second half of the program. Michaels made Cena look like a star.

1 Ric Flair is the G.O.A.T.

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The #1 reason why John Cena is not the greatest of all time is simple: that distinction belongs to "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Ric Flair made wrestling seem like something cool during his time in the NWA.  There was nobody else around that could hang with Flair in the '80s (including Hulk Hogan). Flair lived like a champion.

Flair knew how to talk the talk and walk the walk while wrestling sixty minute matches and leading the greatest faction in professional wrestling history, The Four Horsemen. Flair brought style to the industry.

The influence of Ric Flair is felt to this day. The "Wooo" that echoes throughout arenas worldwide following a chop is a testament to Flair and his impact on the professional wrestling world.

When it comes to being the G.O.A.T. in terms of wrestling: Ric Flair is The Man.

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