Top 10 Reasons the Future of Professional Wrestling is Doomed

The future is coming, there is no delaying its arrival. However, it is not the future you were promised. It is a disastrous and demoralizing dystopia in which only the smart and strong will survive. If you're stupid and weak, prepare for mass amounts of trouble and pain.

Deaths will eventually come creeping at everybody's door but it will first rid the planet of its gross incompetent morons. Those who live their lives in vain are more prone to to victimization. The Bible says: “blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth.” Well, when the time comes, rest assured, that the Meek will not save the Meatheads.

The future will bring about the crumbling of society as a whole. To the next generation, hear this warning: DO NOT PROCREAT!!! Allow yourselves to be the final breed of these Alien lifeforms which we call “humans.” There will be nothing left for your children as there will be hardly anything left for yourselves – you are destined to become savages.

Everything we love will perish, professional sports included. The ice of hockey rinks will melt away and the grass of football and baseball fields will rot as the only thing left that resembles any kind of sport will be the hunt in which we must embark upon each and every day as we strive to find solace in the decay. Suburbia is gone and the cities have all disintegrated down to rumble.

Even our beloved professional wrestling is not safe from the impending horror of the future. The power of Hulkamania and the Cenation combined cannot fight the force of Mother Nature as she decides to destroy all who have forsaken her and her humble greenery. The only wrestling that will remain will consist of two vulture-like-rabid-humans fighting over the carcass of roadside roadkill raccoon – starving for nourishment; no matter how foul.

Yes, much like everything else; the future of professional wrestling is doomed and here are the top 10 reasons to support that claim:

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10 Poor Image

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The image of professional wrestling has evolved from a circus-act-sideshow into a worldwide sensation as professional wrestling has made its way across the world. The performers themselves were once viewed as national heroes – homegrown boys out to fight the good fight.

Of course, as the years passed the wholesomeness of professional wrestling began to fade as backstage allegations and scandals were brought forth: steroid abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. Suddenly, the wrestlers were in more danger backstage than inside of the ring.

Much like any scandal involving any major company; cover-ups are are made and “repercussions” are enforced but the fact remains that the image of professional wrestling will get much worse before getting any better.

9 Cultural Impact

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During the Golden Age of professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan was one of the biggest names in popular culture. The Hulkster helped turn a generation onto “honorable” living (funny concept since there is not much honorable about Hulk Hogan).

When the Attitude Era came along, the popularity of professional wrestling peaked – becoming one of the most popular things of the '90s. Wrestling was considered cool as the new direction of the industry had fans enamored with these Monday Night Characters.

However, that was then and this is now – a time where professional wrestling has become passe. The cool factor has disappeared, lost and never to be found again.

8 Who Will Teach?

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The recent passing of Verne Gagne and Dusty Rhodes have left a gaping whole in the professional wrestling industry. Gagne and Rhodes were both astute teachers of the game – with wrestling knowledge that is hard to come across nowadays.

Obviously those who learned their craft from Gagne or Rhodes will maintain their lessons but in the New World of professional wrestling; you can only be taught a certain way (take a look at the Bill DeMott situation).

Now then, what is to become of professional wrestling? Who will teach the future? Have we reached the End Times of professional wrestling? Perhaps the process of expiration has already begun.

7 War is Over

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The only time war becomes a good thing is when it pertains to professional wrestling. The Monday Night War sparked interest in the industry like nothing had before. The competition between WWE and WCW made everything more exciting – wrestling had become must see TV.

However, as we all know, WWE won that war and has not been challenged since and in all likelihood, will never be challenged again. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, Ring of Honor; none of these promotions can go to war with the Ruler of Wrestling and its ruthless leader/dictator, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

6 Non-Violent Youth

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The modern child is being raised soft, padded and protected from every little bump and bruise that may come about from some youthful roughhousing. WWE is fake violence that perpetrates the act of real violence. The irony found within the WWE and their anti-bullying campaign is that much of its storylines had centered around that very issue.

Sure, violence is not the answer but sometimes, it's the only choice. The next generation will be raised to believe they can do anything but will face a hard reality check when the real world kicks them in the ass and stomps them while their down. Professional wrestling is not for the sheltered and suffering suburbanite who attempts to make a living as a YouTube personality.

Soon enough, the youth will no longer aspire to be professional wrestlers.

5 Everything Else Has Been Done

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Billy Corgan has suggested that TNA introduce the concept of a transgender character. The idea of being progressive in the real world is great but this is professional wrestling. Transgender issues do not fit the mold of wrestling angles (File Complaint Here).

Everything has been done that can be done with wrestling. There is really only so far and so many topics that can be touched within the wrestling industry. What happens when the crowd hates the transgender character? All the left-wing sadsacks will be out in full force.

Keep in mind that professional wrestling is a traveling act. Perhaps a transgender character would be accepted in New York City or Los Angeles but what will happen when the show takes place somewhere in Tennessee or Texas?

4 Money

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While there are cases of big money makers within professional wrestling; monetary stability is a major problem within the industry. Wrestling is a non-traditional lifestyle – a rebellion against the nine-to-five people but at the end of the day, these wrestlers need to eat.

When numbers begin to drop, people tend to drop-out. The love of professional wrestling is one thing but starving for that chance to compete in the ring is another. The grim outlook suggests that numbers will continue to plummet which leads to the reevaluation of professional wrestling as a chosen career.

3 The Stars Have Faded

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Over the course of the past decade there has been only one breakout wrestling star: John Cena. That is certainly not a good thing. When Hulk Hogan was running wild, Ric Flair was stylin' and profilin' with The Four Horsemen. When Stone Cold Steve Austin was beating up the boss, The Rock was electrifying millions.

Who does John Cena have as a counterpart? Nobody. When John Cena is not involved in the WWE Championship picture, he remains the main event. Why? John Cena has massive star power which is desperately missing from the current WWE locker room.

What will happen when John Cena retires? Who will carry the torch of professional wrestling? Somebody better find an answer … and soon.

2 Viewership

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The fan support of professional wrestling is way down. There was a time when 10,000,000 people across America would tune in on a weekly basis to catch their favorite characters catch a punch in the face. The number now is nowhere near that figure.

The interest level is simply not there. People are no longer as fascinated with the squared-circle and with the current state of the industry, it is highly unlikely that anything drastic is about to change their minds. The product is poor and people have simply grown tired of professional wrestling.

1 The WWE Universe

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Within the WWE Universe, the term “professional wrestling” has become taboo. The WWE Superstars are not “wrestlers,” they are “entertainers.”

NXT is currently the hottest independent promotion around without technically being an independent promotion. Once all the main talent from ROH is absorbed by WWE and brought into NXT, the independent scene will falter.

Nothing outside of the WWE Universe really matters and for that the future of professional wrestling is doomed.

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