Top 10 Reasons the Royal Rumble Sucked

Roman Reigns… Yes, as expected and highly predicted was the victor of the 2015 Royal Rumble match. But, do you care? I don't. The Royal Rumble turned out to be a complete dud – a bore – a predictable non-purpose event for WWE.

There was once a time when the Rumble was an exciting, unpredictable, display of athleticism and talent, where the future WWE champion was meant to be showcased. While this aspect still exists, the element of “surprise” returns and “big moments” (such as: eliminating the Big Show which has been done ever year for the past decade) have come to overshadow the concept of the match.

This year, the Rumble match was full of its usual guest entrants and surprising supplements. The norm was not questioned as the usual unusual sideshow was placed on full display for the world to take in with open arms and petrified eyes.

The crowd in Philadelphia was hostile throughout much of the night – as was expected from the Philly fanatics – faces were jeered while heels were cheered and WWE could care less about any of that. The future of the company has nothing to do with the opinion of their fanbase.

The lone bright spot to take away from the Rumble match itself was the performance of Bray Wyatt, who was finally given some proper credit and put forth the strongest Rumble effort. This being a way to make Wyatt look good for a potential 'Mania match with The Undertaker.

However, this year's Royal Rumble proved the same as last year. The voice of the fans was silenced as the WWE machine continued to shove their ideas down everybody's collective throat. Batista's victory last year meant nothing to the WWE Universe, who met his triumph with great disdain. The same can be said for Roman Reigns.

However, Roman Reigns cannot shoulder all of the blame for the lackluster Pay-Per-View. This article will break down some of the main reasons why the event fell flat. These are the top 10 reasons why the Royal Rumble sucked:

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10 Another Bad Divas Match

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I understand that nobody watches a WWE Pay-Per-View for the Divas, but the entire division has become so obsolete that it's painful to watch a Divas match. I find it amusing how four beautiful women who are wearing next to nothing still cannot capture the attention of the audience.

As I sat through the Rumble and witnessed my friends use the Divas match for a bathroom or cigarette break, I realized just how dull the Division had become. Nobody cares.

How is Charlotte still down in NXT?

9 The Ascension are Lame

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For an Attitude Era mark, any time you get to see the New Age Outlaws is a nostalgic treat. However, the Outlaws competed at the Rumble for one reason: to put over The Ascension – a young tag-team who are essentially a less intimidating ripoff of The Road Warriors.

The Outlaws did their job but The Ascension failed to deliver anything memorable. Their gimmick is lame and there is nothing particularly spectacular about the duo. If The Ascension are the future of the tag-team division, then a decline is surely eminent.

8 John Cena's Inclusion in Title Match

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When John Cena became the number one contender a few months back, the first thought was “here we go again.” Cena and Lesnar for the title seemed played out and redundant. Then of course. Seth Rollins was thrown into the mix – which gave the match a new perspective.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match was then carried by Rollins who stole the show during the bout and while the idea of Rollins defeating Brock Lesnar one-on-one seems unlikely, it's the way the match should have gone down. Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar could have been a cat and mouse style of a match with Rollins holding his own and unleashing his unique style of offense on Lesnar all while avoiding a beat down thanks to his speed.

John Cena really wasn't needed in the title match as Rollins proved that he can hang around in the main event scene.

7 The Love of Size

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The final four participants in the Royal Rumble match were Roman Reigns, Big Show, Kane, and Rusev. Once again proving that WWE prefers size over everything.

The final four was a gross example of Vince McMahon's “big guy” fetish and how WWE is completely out of sync with its audience. The size of a wrestler does no resonate with the fans as it has in years past. These days, size doesn't matter but what do the paying customers know? If WWE says it then it must be true.

6 Where the Hell was D-Von?

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Bubba Ray Dudley made a surprise appearance during the 2015 Royal Rumble – his first time ever involved in the match and his first time back in a WWE ring in ten years.

Bubba was great but where the hell was D-Von? The expectation being that the other half of The Dudley Boyz would be coming out shortly afterward but he never showed. Instead, Bubba used R-Truth as a D-Von replacement, which did not feel right at all.

5 Missed the ECW Pop

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The WWE should have known that a Philadelphia crowd was going to be hard to please. Bringing back Bubba Ray Dudley led to a massive pop and the obligatory “E-C-DUB” chant. However, WWE blew the chance to really butter up the crowd with the whole ECW aspect.

There was plenty of room in the Rumble match for more ECW originals to make an appearance. Where was RVD? The crowd would have blown the roof off of the arena for Rob Van Dam. Sure, using ECW talent may be considered a cheap pop but WWE could have used all the help possible to sell that Rumble match.

4 Dolph Ziggler: #30?

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Dolph Ziggler has grown into a fan favorite – no thanks to WWE – but thanks to an organic connection much like that of Daniel Bryan. However, WWE continues to hold him down.

Ziggler entered the Rumble match at #30 and was not given a sufficient amount of time to perform – which is what the fans wanted. Ziggler has all the talent necessary to be a top guy in WWE but was once again shut out during the Rumble match – another fan favorite who was only afforded so much time in the ring before being eliminated by the chosen few.

3 The Rock Run-In

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Even a run-in by The Rock could not gets the fans to back Roman Reigns – which seemingly surprised The Great One – as was evident by the look on his face while raising the hand of Reigns and hearing the overwhelming negative response.

Here's the thing, if The Rock was planned to run out and save Reigns anyway, why not involve him in the Rumble match? Perhaps if Ziggler was given an earlier spot and the ultimate surprise entrant could have been The Rock at #30. That would have been a shocking Rumble moment.

2 Roman Reigns Victory

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Let's clarify something, Roman Reigns is not a terrible talent. His in-ring work is decent and he looks exactly how a WWE superstar is suppose to look – which is of course, beneficiary.

However, at the moment, Reigns doesn't quite feel like “the guy.” While being groomed to replace John Cena, there seems to be something missing – as though the entire process is being rushed by WWE. The fans are not behind him and come 'Mania, Reigns will be booed while Lesnar will be cheered.

This just doesn't feel like Roman Reigns' time but we will have to get used to it as this is the direction WWE is heading.

1 Daniel Bryan Deja Vu

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Well, the biggest story coming out of the 2015 Royal Rumble is the exact same story from the 2014 Royal Rumble: Daniel Bryan was once again shafted by WWE.

Bryan entered the match at #10 and the excitement level instantly rose. This was going to provide Bryan with a lengthy stay in the Rumble match and a much needed victory – not the case. Bryan was eliminated much sooner than expected and the crowd began to erupt with WWE hatred.

Daniel Bryan not winning the Rumble once again proves how the voice of the fans is nothing more than a silent, nagging, little chirp in the back of Vince McMahon's mind.

They're right, we're wrong … learn to deal!

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