Top 10 Reasons to Be Excited About the New Tough Enough Series

Rumors began to swirl about late in 2014 that World Wrestling Entertainment was on the verge of rebooting the old Tough Enough television series, and those rumors were confirmed by the company and by USA Network in January. The show has gone through several evolutions since it first aired on television over decade ago. What was once an inside look at what it takes to become a professional wrestler turned into a competition that included weekly eliminations, and what exactly Tough Enough will be in June 2015 is largely unknown to those of us on the outside.

The WWE has promised some changes to the program from other incarnations of Tough Enough that have been featured on programs such as SmackDown and on the USA Network. One change is that the new version of the show will feature live elements that have, in the past, not been a part of the program. There will also be portions of “fan participation,” although what is meant by that claim remains a question mark. The belief had by some pro wrestling insiders is that the WWE will utilize fan votes posted on social media websites such as Twitter to somehow affect what occurs during episodes of Tough Enough.

Tough Enough does not have a long history of creating future WWE superstars. Only three alumni from the show currently work for the company. One of those individuals was the WWE Champion for a significant amount of time, while another has become a key player on the WWE Divas show. Josh Matthews, a former Tough Enough cast member, served as a WWE announcer from 2002 through 2014. While success stories from the show have been limited to a handful of examples, the WWE will be hoping to pluck at least one champion from the lot of applicants.

10 Something Different


9 Fan Interaction


8 Training Montages


7 Screw Ups

6 Surprise Appearances


5 Competitions

4 Drama

3 Trainer Promos

2 Application Videos

1 Future Talent


The biggest reason anybody should be excited about the rebirth of Tough Enough is that viewers could potentially see the rise of an up-and-coming performer who ultimately turns into a legitimate star in the company. That type of success has been rare for Tough Enough cast members in the past, but the WWE has done well over the past couple of years to scout and locate talented performers who have made their way through the NXT brand all the way up to the company's main roster. All it takes is one wrestler who becomes a main event player to make the Tough Enough experiment worth it.

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Top 10 Reasons to Be Excited About the New Tough Enough Series