Top 10 Reasons to Dislike "The Beast" Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is undeniably one of the most fierce athletes on the planet. When referred to as a beast, said reference is entirely accurate and justified and not just some kind of cute nickname. Brock Lesnar is dominance personified. Lesnar has been well-accomplished from an early age and is a former NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Wrestling Champion as well as a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Lesnar was once known as “The Next Big Thing.” This was when he first burst onto the scene in WWE back in 2002, where at the age of twenty-five he would become the youngest WWE champion in history. This was merely a prelude to all that Brock Lesnar would conquer.

When Lesnar simply had enough of WWE, he left and decided to embark on a career in professional football. His performance at the NFL Combine was impressive enough for him to make the Minnesota Vikings practice squad but he was cut from the team at the end of the 2004 pre-season.

Following his brief football stint, Lesnar would bring his wrestling talents over to Japan where he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling. While there he would of course win their Heavyweight Championship, adding another notch to his belt.

From NJPW it was off to the real world of professional fighting and the UFC where despite many naysayers Lesnar would emphatically become the UFC World Heavyweight Champion, proving that “The Next Big Thing,” was not just an over-hyped phrase.

In recent years, Lesnar has retired from UFC and returned to WWE where he works a limited schedule for big pay and is currently in the midst of his forth title reign. “The Beast Incarnate,” as he is known this time around has returned to where he first took center stage.

Lesnar is a notoriously private person who lives a quiet life in the woods with his family. He is a father of three, step-father, and even a step-grandfather. To quote the man himself: “I just don't put myself out there to the fans and prostitute my private life to everybody.”

And that's just the way it goes with Lesnar, he is a real as they come, which tends to rub people the wrong way. There are many reasons to dislike him – reasons he could care less about. However, in the following article we will take at look at some of those reason anyhow.

These are the top 10 reasons to dislike Brock Lesnar …

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10 Departure from WWE in 2004

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Brock Lesnar was once the brightest young stars in professional wrestling. He was the most gifted performer to come along in quite a while. In a short period of time, Lesnar rose through the ranks of the WWE locker and was soon a top guy in the company. It seemed as though Brock Lesnar was the future of wrestling. The guy who was going to take WWE to new heights. But that all changed when Lesnar decided to call it quits in 2004 and make a go at the NFL. His final match was a losing effort at WrestleMania XX against Goldberg, who coincidentally was also on his way out of the company. The fans at Madison Square Garden were well aware of Lesnar and Goldberg's pending departures and the two men were heckled and jeered throughout their match. The fans had invested so much into Brock Lesnar that they felt letdown by his apparent lack of appreciation. In an epic sendoff, Lesnar would flip-off the New York City crowd and then “Stone Cold' Steve Austin, who was the special referee for the match. This would lead to a Stone Cold Stunner and the last of Brock Lesnar in a WWE ring until his resurfacing eight years later.

9 Becoming "The One"

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When Lesnar finally returned to WWE on the Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania XXVIII, he received a heroes welcome as he delivered an F-5 to John Cena. It was great to see him back in a WWE ring and while we would not be seeing him every week, it was a nice sentiment to have “The Beast” back home. Over the next two years, Lesnar would feud with the likes of John Cena, Triple H, and CM Punk. Then came WrestleMania XXX and the match that had long been rumored: The Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar. In a match that will go down as the biggest upset in wrestling history, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker, effectively ending his undefeated streak and WrestleMania at twenty-one. Brock Lesnar was now “the one in twenty-one-and-one.” The result of the match was shocking, no doubt, but for many fans it was the chosen victor that was so frustrating. The general feeling being that a new up-and-coming star should have been the one to end the streak instead of an already established superstar like Brock Lesnar.

8 Brock the Barbarian

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Brock Lesnar kills animals … Lesnar is an avid hunter but in 2011 was charged with three counts of Wildlife Act violations, one of which was the wastage of edible flesh. Naturally, Lesnar denied ever wasting meat and insisted that he had done nothing wrong. While Brock and his primitive lifestyle is relatable to some people, to others it is a world they can not comprehend. Especially those of the left-wing/liberal variety. (Yes, there are plenty leftist fans of both wrestling and mixed martial arts). To these fans what Lesnar is doing may be considered outrageous behavior. Animal rights activists, vegetarians, vegans, or just consciously-aware citizens will surely dislike the images and video that exists of Brock Lesnar out in the wilderness shooting at innocent animals. While there are many who would come to Lesnar's defense on this subject, this article needs a sense of give-and take and remain as objective as possible. The fact of the matter; there are those who dislike Brock Lesnar due to his hunting activities.

7 Sable

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Any wrestling fan from the nineties will most definitely remember Sable as one of the hottest women to ever grace the WWE with her presence. She became the first WWE Diva to pose for Playboy magazine in 1999 which would spark a trend of Diva's turned Playmates for years to follow. When the WWE was breaking all the traditions of professional wrestling, Sable certainly played her part and played it well, as her magazine was sure to be hidden beneath bedroom mattress' far and wide. So, why am I discussing Sable in an article about Brock Lesnar? Because Sable is Brock's wife and the mother of two of his children. Just think, the girl who you drooled over every Monday night while you were in high school is waking up beside Brock Lesnar every morning. Isn't that irritating? Brock Lesnar is living out your adolescent dreams.

6 Sub-Zero Personality

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One of the most obvious reasons to dislike Brock Lesnar is his cold-as-ice personality. Aside from his family and a few select friends, it is pretty clear that Lesnar does not care about too many other things. This comes across on TV, whether it be scripted in the WWE or a post-match interview in UFC. Lesnar is a brash and arrogant man who follows nobody's agenda but his own. There is no filter when he speaks. If he wants to say something then he is going to say it without any regard for consequence. Who could forget the Bud Light incident following UFC 100 when Lesnar stated that he was going home to drink a Coors Light because Bud Light doesn't pay him anything. Being that Bud Light sponsors the UFC, Lesnar was forced to “apologize,” which was nothing more than a sarcastic, back-handed gab at everybody involved. I know that making a statement about beer seems trivial but it takes a lot of moxy to make such a bold statement about the sponsor of the company where you are employed.

5 Brock Would Knock You Out

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You may think otherwise but in reality Brock Lesnar would knock you out in a legitimate fist fight. Which is why we must be thankful for the internet. Here in our safe haven of criticism and deep-rooted despair, we have the freedom and the right to say whatever we want about Brock Lesnar, no matter how disparaging. Because in all actuality, which one of us would have the guts to say these things to Brock Lesnar's face? The answer is none and anyone who makes claims to the contrary is an outright liar. When Lesnar was fighting for the UFC he had to wear size 4XL gloves. Can you imagine being pummeled by a fist of that size? Now, I know that admitting defeat to someone before ever actually attempting to fight is damaging to the ego but a bruised ego is nothing compared to the pain that Brock Lesnar could inflict and you know this to be true which gives you yet another reason to dislike Brock Lesnar.

4 Pampered by Vince McMahon

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The day that Brock Lesnar re-signed with WWE was a glorious day for Vince McMahon. Knowing all the attention that a Brock Lesnar return would garner would obviously boost rating and revenue. McMahon is the ultimate opportunist. When WCW was going down, McMahon was there to purchase the company and make it his own. The same applied with ECW. Therefore, when Lesnar finished up with his UFC career, who better to scoop him up but Vince McMahon. Bring Brock back to where he came from and show Dana White that his loss is Vince McMahon's gain. With that being said, the price tag on Brock Lesnar was far from modest. Lesnar is paid a large sum of money for a certain number of dates per year. In fact, he is making more money than most of the guys on the roster who are out there every night breaking their bodies for the product. Lesnar sporadically shows up on Monday Night Raw and only wrestles on Pay-Per-View. Brock Lesnar has it made in WWE.

3 Paul Heyman

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On a personal note: I love Paul Heyman. But, I can see how people would think otherwise. The ECW mastermind has ruffled his fair share of feathers in his time and clearly people remember that. Therefore, the power of association comes into effect whereas one may dislike Brock Lesnar strictly based on his longtime association with his “advocate,” Paul Heyman. Although, the relationship between Lesnar and Heyman is compelling and far more complex than meets the eye. Heyman has been with Lesnar from the very beginning of his WWE career and played an integral role in his introduction to the world. It was only fitting to pair the two once again during Lesnar's second run with the company. The majority of the time, Heyman will serve as the mouthpiece for Lesnar and speak on his behalf. It's ironic really, how the words which Heyman speaks can make you dislike Lesnar even more. Perhaps as a subliminal disdain for Paul Heyman but it is reflected upon Brock Lesnar.

2 Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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Brock Lesnar doesn't work house-shows or Friday Night SmackDown and that's fine, the fans can live with that. But if you're going to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, at least show up once a week on Monday Night Raw. The flagship show of WWE has been going weeks at a time without any sighting of the main champion. That is absurd. The champion should be on Raw ever week, period. I am not a John Cena fan but let's give him credit where credit is due. When Cena is holding the title and “the champ is here,” he really is there at everything event. There are reports of Brock Lesnar hating the travel and grind involved with a WWE career which is part of the reason he left in the first place. Would it be too much for Lesnar to hop on a plan once a week and fly to whichever city Raw is taking place in that Monday night? He doesn't have to wrestle or speak but at least be there for the fans who have paid their hard earned money to see the wrestling show. They deserve to see the champion.

1 UFC Heavyweight Champion

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The main reason to dislike Brock Lesnar applies to fans across the board. The wrestling fans who freaked out when Lesnar decided to join the UFC. The mixed martial arts fans who loathed the idea of a “fake wrestler” entering their domain. The sports critics far and wide who wanted Lesnar to make a fool of himself when faced with a real fight. But then, Brock Lesnar stepped into the octagon and proved everybody wrong when he defeated Randy Couture at UFC 91 to become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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