Top 10 Reasons to Hate on CM Punk

The dark shadow cast upon the WWE Universe thanks to CM Punk still looms today, over a year after his unexpected and unceremonious departure from the company where Punk once called home. Punk is still discussed and written about as is evident in this current piece. You see, CM Punk is still a hot topic and not just around the wrestling community. The outspoken former wrestler is now trying his hand at mixed martial arts; signing a deal with the UFC and planning to fight some time this year.

Punk not only left the WWE but left with a sour taste in his mouth – airing much dirty laundry and backstage secrets in regards to the company – most notably, their treatment or mistreatment of ailing talent. This of course has tossed Punk into the middle of a lawsuit with the WWE Doctor who worked on Punk while he was injured.

In more recent CM Punk-related news, his wife and former WWE Diva, AJ Lee has officially retired from WWE. There has been speculation that the reason for this decision is a direct result of the aforementioned lawsuit.

Either way, CM Punk and AJ Lee are out there – away from the WWE landscape – and back into the real world. These circumstances suck for wrestling fans as two phenomenal talents are now absent from a roster that could use a lot more substance.

CM Punk is probably going to get his ass kicked in the octagon. That's fine. In fact, many people are looking forward to that scene. People hate CM Punk – always have and always will – no matter where he is or what he is doing.

On a personal note: I still like CM Punk and admire his ability to not just walk away but walk away hard and with a ferocious stomp. Staying true to conviction is a difficult thing. Something that is perhaps misunderstood by many; much like the man of whom we speak.

This is not an article in praise of CM Punk but an article to look at some of the main reasons that people love to hate the Second City Savior.

These are the top 10 reasons to hate on CM Punk:

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10 Chicago Roots

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There is always reason to hate on somebody strictly based on their native city. The folks from Montreal hate on those from Toronto. The New York faithful hate on those from Boston … and Chicago is no exception.

CM Punk is proud of his Chicago roots and is an avid Blackhawks fans, so Punk will surely be rooting for the hockey club during these upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs. He's also an avid Cubs fan– but who gives the Cubs a chance at winning the World Series?

Chicago is sweet home for CM Punk. Hate on him for his hometown. Hate on that Windy City man.

9 Appearance

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CM Punk is as disheveled as they come, often looking as though he just rolled out from underneath a bridge somewhere – a rock and roll type troll – some kind of strange vagabond who may be a wealthy man but dresses as the great American hobo.

Hating on CM Punk for his appearance is an easy one – take one look and you can pick apart many aspects of his physical being. From the tattoos to the hairdos to the beards he once wore. The bagged eyes and tattered attire.

There is nothing wrong with looking like a dirt-bag … own the look.

8 Lack of Interest in Your Opinion

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We all have an opinion – positive or negative – as it pertains to CM Punk. However, at the end of our dark and demented days, none of these opinion pieces mean a damn thing to CM Punk. That's just how it goes.

Your opinion doesn't matter; my opinion doesn't matter; their opinion doesn't matter. CM Punk seems to welcome his common hatred – a twisted way of enjoying one's life is by finding joy in the hatred which one can attain for simply being who they choose to be in this world.

Keep on hating, CM Punk will keep on ignoring.

7 Straight Edge Lifestyle

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While I mentioned in the introduction how I like CM Punk, that is in regards to his professional choices. Personally, I could never hang out with a guy like Punk. Straight Edge people are boring and usually the most lifeless of the party.

Life is a grand circus act, a carnival of characters that seek thrills and full-throttle excitement. Oh, I know, you can achieve these things while remaining Straight Edge, right? That's just what they tell themselves. They're own delusions of existence.

The drunkard and drug-addled lunatic at the local bar are far more entertaining.

6 Personality

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CM Punk walks around with a certain amount of arrogance that tends to rub people the wrong way. Punk can be brash and even a little obnoxious. His personality is certainly one for an acquired taste and not mass consumption.

Some may find this attitude rather charming. Others may find CM Punk to be a smug S.O.B. Personality weighs heavy on all of us and we cannot control our natural state of mind. This can cause a lot of hatred and hostility among other planet dwellers.

Then again, who really likes Mr. Nice Guy?

5 Women

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During his professional wrestling career, CM Punk was quite the ladies man as he dated a number of high-profile female talents over the years – from Daffney (best known for her work in WCW) to Maria Kanellis, to Beth Phoenix, to Lita. Punk has made his rounds.

These beautiful woman have all been romantically linked to the former WWE superstar. However, he is currently married to one AJ Lee; a young, vibrant, eclectic beauty. Punk has found the love of his life which miserable people hate, because what's worse than the happiness of another?

The teenage boy inside of me is envious of the Lita connection.

4 Religious Views

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Religion: a subject of great controversy and varying philosophies. If you are a non-believer, there is no real way to win over a religious freak. Justifying the end of every argument with “God's Will” is no way to encourage intelligent dialogue.

CM Punk has made reference to his religious views in the past in that he does not have any religious views. Punk is an atheist and while atheism is becoming more common place, especially among younger generations, there are still those who cannot get over non-belief.

Hating on a man for not believing in your Man is probably not the best way to get to Heaven.

3 Quit Wrestling

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The 2014 Royal Rumble will long be remembered as the final match in the wrestling career of CM Punk – a sad day for fans and followers of the Straight Edge Superstar. Without warning, their favorite wrestler was suddenly gone.

The hope remained that CM Punk was simply burnt out and following some much needed rest and relaxation, would soon return to the ring; if not in WWE, then at least somewhere … anywhere. However, that hope was soon laid to rest.

CM Punk has retired from professional wrestling.

2 Degrades Wrestling

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CM Punk, in the eyes of many, will always be a professional wrestler – having left his mark on the business in what was a memorable career. CM Punk once referred to himself as the “best wrestler in the world” and for a while he was just that.

However, since his departure, his attitude towards wrestling is rather negative. It is one thing to bash Vince McMahon, Triple H, and the WWE but Punk shouldn't forget the places he has been and the people who (in vain) helped make him a household name.

You don't need to embrace it anymore, but there is no need to disgrace it either.


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest and most common reason to hate on CM Punk right now at this very moment is because of his involvement with the UFC and his attempt to become a successful mixed martial artist. The challenge ahead of Punk is huge.

There are many, many naysayers who feel as though Punk will fall flat on his face. There were many who felt the same about Brock Lesnar but Lesnar is a much different case – a head case with an amateur wrestling background who seemed natural in the cage. Does Punk really have that same desire to destroy?

This is real world fighting.

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