Top 10 Reasons Triple H Should Retire From In-Ring Action

Every King shall someday be dethroned. Kingdoms crumble and lives are left in ruin as the old sun sets and the new light shines upon the valley; providing hope to the people who were once ruled by the man who sat atop the hill.

In WWE, the King of the current Universe is none other than the King of Kings himself, Triple H. The man to whom the WWE Superstars and Divas must bow, for Triple H is the ruler of the land and all must learn to appreciate and love their state of affairs.

Looking ahead, it would appear as though Triple H will be making decisions in WWE for a very long time with no end in sight for The Game as the future of the company will rest upon his shoulders. Will Triple H buckle under the pressure or prove to be a visionary? Time will tell, as this epic tale unfolds before the eyes of WWE fans far and wide.

However, with all the responsibility that lies ahead for Triple H, one must wonder about the focus of a man who was built to be a wrestler and transformed into an executive. Triple H is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time but some may question how far The Game would have gone had he not married into the McMahon family? Yet, the truth remains that Triple H is a natural ring General ... whose time between the ropes as a competitor should be drawing to a close.

This article will take a look at our beloved or hated (depending where you stand) King and why it is time to hang up the wrestling boots sooner rather than later. The time has come for Triple H to assume his role in the suit and leave the wrestling behind. Triple H had a great run as a competitor but everything must end.

These are the top 10 reasons Triple H should retire from in-ring action:

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10 Best for Business

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Triple H will one day take hold of the WWE reigns and guide the company in his chosen direction. With this business burden inevitable, it is time for Triple H to stop looking at himself as a wrestler (as hard as that may be) and start realizing what the future holds.

One of the biggest challenges Triple H will face will involve investors - those who know and trust Vince McMahon as a businessman. The same investors who may not trust Triple H to run a global company.

The ring was fun but it's time to focus more on the boardroom.

9 Quit While Ahead

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Often times in professional wrestling, a performer will not know when his/her better days have come and gone. The need to hang on to past glory consumes these past-their-prime wrestlers. This results in terrible wrestling from those who were once on top of the profession.

Triple H can still go but if you watch carefully, The Game has lost a step or two. Hanging around between those ropes for too long will only turn a man into a shell of his former self.

Shawn Michaels knew when to get out. Perhaps Triple H should follow in the path of his best friend.

8 Doesn't Need to Wrestle

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Triple H doesn't need to wrestle anymore - having done his time, paid his dues, and bled enough blood over the years; he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the best around.

The call of the crowd can be intoxicating but Triple H will often show up at the wrong time or interject into the wrong storyline; places he doesn't need to be but chooses to show up anyway.

If it is no longer needed, than why take it away from others?

7 Overstayed Welcome

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If you can recall the whole CM Punk/Kevin Nash/Triple H angle that WWE ran a few years back, you will remember that Triple H ended up in a match against CM Punk that was really a last minute throw-it-together quickly contest.

This was a case of Triple H overstaying his welcome in an angle, which has been the case on other occasions. Triple H will remain relevant by acting as the C.O.O. of WWE but he should not overstay his welcome as it pertains to competition.

Triple H is good on the mic and that is good enough for fans.

6 Nothing Left to Prove

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Triple H has done all one man can do in the WWE. His is a storied career that includes becoming King of the Ring, winning the Royal Rumble, taking part in two of the greatest stables of all time, and winning thirteen World Championships.

What is left for Triple H inside of the squared-circle? Nothing. Therefore, what is the point in dragging along this wrestling career? The impact has been made and felt and will never be forgotten.

Triple H has truly been "that damn good."

5 Nobody Left to Face

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Throughout the course of his career Triple H has taken on the greatest that the wrestling industry has to offer: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, The Rock. Who remains?

This past year at WrestleMania, Triple H even competed against the legendary Sting. The final WCW solider would face The Game in his very first WWE match; which says a lot given that Sting had stayed away from the company for so long.

There is really no one left - legend wise- for Triple H to wrestle.

4 The Demand

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The demands of wrestling fans can be brutal, nothing is ever good enough or can truly capture the spirit of their desires. However, without these fans the wrestling industry has nothing.

There has been great demand for one more Stone Cold match in recent years. Whenever Brock Lesnar comes around, people get excited. The Rock can still captivate and make the people pay to watch him perform.

However, the demand for Triple H inside of the ring is not as high. While respected by the fans, his stock is down. This shouldn't be taken as an insult to The Game, it's just fans have seen plenty of him over the last few years, so the allure just isn't the same.

3 Taking a Spot

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The position of a wrestler on the scheduled card will determine where they stand in terms of status. Obviously, the main event talent will claim the final spot of the evening and close out the show.

Triple H performing against the likes of Sting or The Rock (rumoured for 'Mania) only takes away a spot for an up-and-coming Superstar. While the same can be said about Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and The Rock; they are not linked on a corporate level to WWE.

Triple H should know better.

2 Make Someone a Star

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Putting someone "over" is an important part of the wrestling business. Over the years, Triple H has developed a reputation for holding down or "burying" talent and refusing to put anybody over.

One last feud with the right Superstar could right all those wrongs if Triple H is willing to put over someone who truly deserves the push. One name that comes to mind instantly is Kevin Owens, but it could be done with other upstart talents.

End your wrestling career by helping push someone else's to the next level.

1 Place the Exclamation Point

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When Triple H decides to call it a day inside of the ring, it will undoubtedly turn into a grand spectacle; a triumphant send-off for the King of Kings. Triple H has accomplished so much in WWE and he certainly deserves the recognition.

Some people love him, some people hate him but facts are facts. Triple H ranks among the best of all time and with just reason. The Game has played hard for the past twenty years and it may be time to shut it down.

Triple H; take a bow.

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