Top 10 Reasons We Love To Hate Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon Levesque, better known to the wrestling world as simply Stephanie McMahon, is a part-time wrestler, as well as the Chief Brand Officer, and a minority owner of World Wrestling Entertainment. She is married to fellow part-time wrestler and WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative, Paul Levesque otherwise known as Triple H. She is also the daughter of the WWE CEO, Chairman, and, majority owner Vince McMahon.

From her current role as a member of The Authority, to playing the love interest of Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, and the late Test (Andrew Martin), to becoming the WWE Women's Champion, to being involved in on-screen feuds with her father, mother, and her brother, Stephanie, has played a part in numerous WWE storylines since she first made her television debut for her father's company in 1999. She has even been named the General Manager of both of the company's signature television shows Monday Night Raw and Smackdown on separate occasions.

The mother of three, and former Boston University Communications graduate is also extremely accomplished behind the scenes of the WWE as well. Besides her aforementioned job title, she has forged various partnerships with many companies including the social media company Tout, General Mills, and Yahoo amongst others. She has also been the driving force behind the WWE's popular Anti-Bullying Campaign, which continues to see her, her husband, and many of wrestling organization's Superstars and Divas spread the message to numerous children about the dangers of bullying.

Despite of all the positive things I just mentioned, Stephanie McMahon will still go down in wrestling history as a heel. While it's a testament to her ability as a performer to get people to hate her so much, she has on more than one occasion, definitely played her part to get all of the negative attention. All of that aforementioned negativity is what this article is all about. I am giving you the Top 10 reasons why we love to the hate Stephanie McMahon.

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10 Rich

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For most people this is the easiest one to choose from. Due to the success of their wrestling empire, and other business-related ventures, the McMahon family as a whole are extremely wealthy. Stephanie who according to Forbes.com  signed a three-year contract that paid her $325,000 in base salary over its entirety as an in-ring performer, also generates income from her role as the company's Chief Brand Officer, as well as her recently released fitness DVD called WWE Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon.

9 Her Looks

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This one is for our female readers. As I mentioned earlier, Stephanie McMahon is a mother and a part-time wrestler. She is also a business women and a WWE stockholder. Stephanie is also 38 years old. The fact that she looks as great as she does as she is knocking on 40's door is impressive. The fact that she is able to pull it off after having three children is incredible. I guess 40 is the new 30. Oh yeah ladies, don't forget about the aforementioned fitness DVD.

8 Handed Everything

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As I mentioned earlier, Stephanie did attend university. She earned a degree in Communications from Boston University. After starting off as a model for her father's company, she moved on to various roles like Receptionist, Account Executive for Sales, Senior Vice President and then Executive Vice President of Creative Writing, and finally her current position as Chief Brand Officer. Although she has officially moved up the ladder, it would not be crazy to assume the fact that her family is in control of the empire with her father at the forefront, had more than a little something to do with her rise up the proverbial mountain.

7 More of the Same

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Whether in her role as a member of the hated Authortiy, the Women's champ, the Billion Dollar Princess, or just as herself, Stephanie's role as an on-screen character hasn't really changed much over the years. Simply put, she has usually played a villain. Even on the rare occasion when she crosses over and plays the role of a face as she did when she took on her dad in the first ever father-daughter "I Quit" match at the 2003 No Mercy pay-per-view.

6 The Women's Champ

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A little forgotten fact about the Billion Dollar Princess is that she was the Women's Champion. In March of 2000, Stephanie was able to capture the now-retired championship after she beat former WWE wrestler Jacquline on an episode of Smackdown. Many female wrestling legends have had the title throughout its storied history. A title win by a non-wrestler like Stephanie could be seen as a slap in the face to wrestling pureist. The fact that she defeated a veteran of the business for the title only adds insult to injury. She ended up losing the belt five months later to future WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

5 Triple H

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On screen and in real life, Stephanie McMahon Levesque is married to Paul Leveesque, better known to wrestling fans everywhere as Triple H. The self proclaimed "Kings of Kings" who has been with the organization since debuting in 1995, teamed up with his wife in the summer of 2013 to form "The Authority". They are a heel group that uses their power as decision-makers in the WWE to make life easy for their friends like Kane and Seth Rollins, while stacking the odds against their foes like Daniel Bryan and John Cena. They're still currently the WWE's biggest heel stable.

Triple H over his career has been accused of legitimately trying bury wrestlers who he has issues with, or he didn't think were big enough stars. Although there has never been any real solid proof of it, the fact that big name wrestlers like Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, and Bill Goldberg haven't stepped foot in the WWE in years, or the fact legends like Booker T, RVD, and Sting amongst others have lost big matchups against the man called "The Game" speaks volumes. Although it could seem like guilt by association, Stephanie did marry the guy...

There's also the manner in which the two got together, as Levesque was dating Chyna at the time they got together, and Chyna was soon released from the WWE after Triple H and Stephanie got together, and Chyna seems to be blacklisted from the WWE Hall of Fame.

4 Head of Creative Horror Stories

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While Shane McMahon made his rise through the WWE on the business side of things, Stephanie's run began through the creative path. Stephanie was made the head of creative at a relatively young age and many who worked under her were not fans of working for her. She would lash out at writers whenever they used wrestling terms like 'mark' or 'getting color'. One former writer Dan Madigan recalls a story where he took time off to go to a funeral, only to get an angry phone call from Stephanie demanding him to get back to work.

Word is that Stephanie has toned down in recent years, so perhaps it was a case of her trying to establish authority early and going too far. Either way, does that sound like someone you'd want to work for? She seems to have a lot of Vince in her. She stepped down as head of creative in 2013, handing the reigns back to Vince and is now the Chief Brand Officer of WWE.

3 Diva's Division/Hypocrisy?

@StephMcMahon Your female wrestlers have record selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the show several times,

— A.J. (@WWEAJLee) February 25, 2015

For a woman with so much power in the company, it would be logical to assume that the company's division which consists of many extremely talented and beautiful wrestlers, would be featured more not just on WWE television, but on their pay-per-views as well. Although we have seen a slight improvement here and there over the last 12 months, there still lacks a lot of consistency as it relates to how the women are used.

A perfect example of this was the shot on Twitter delivered by recent former WWE wrestler and 3-time Diva's Champion AJ Lee (April Jeanette Brooks) directed at Stephanie after the latter thanked actress Patricia Arquette on the social media website for her impassioned pro women's rights speech after Arquette won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Lee replied to McMahon's tweet by pointing out that women in the sports entertainment company were paid less than their male counterparts, and were given less time on screen. This of course pales in comparison to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling were their female performers who are referred to as Knockouts, have main-evented numerous TNA broadcasts.


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As you can tell just by looking at her name, Stephanie is well, a McMahon. In the world of professional wrestling, no name carries more power. Unfortunately for the Chief Brand Officer, her family name also generates some real life heat. Whether it be traditional fans of the sport who hated the antics of the Attitude Era, current fans who can't stand the PG-themed product of today that looks to advertise at every possible second (WWE Network anybody?), or the diehard fans of WCW and the original ECW who blame the McMahons and Vince in particular for bringing both companies down, the name will live in infamy.

1 The Takeover

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Despite his impressive physique, and mind for the business, the fact remains that Vincent Kennedy McMahon will be turning 70 years old this summer. While he hasn't shown any real signs of slowing down, there will eventually come a day where Vince won't be the person in charge of the WWE. While many thought his son, and Stephanie's brother Shane would ultimately take over, that idea was dashed after Shane left the company for good in 2010 to pursue other interests.

While some people might assume that Triple H will be Vince's successor due his lengthy career in the ring along with the considerable amount of power he possesses in the company, the logical person to take the crown has to be Stephanie. Not only has she been in the organization longer than almost everyone else there, she is as we discussed earlier - a McMahon. Whether or not she has the talent to not only drive the company to succeed for as long as it has like her father, but to also learn from his mistakes remains to be seen. Will we see the sports entertainment giant flourish whenever the Stephanie Era starts, or will we see it crumble like their competition from yesteryear? Only time will tell.

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