Top 10 Reasons Why Billy Corgan Will NOT Help TNA

The recent news of Billy Corgan joining the TNA creative team has the wrestling world buzzing … sort of … not really; after all, this is only TNA, where being a second-rate version of WCW doesn't even pass anymore.

If you're unfamiliar with Billy Corgan, look up The Smashing Pumpkins – a seminal alternative-rock group who rose to fame in the 1990s and have sold millions of albums all over the world. If Kurt Cobain was the screeching voice of his generation; Billy Corgan was the weeping whisper.

Corgan is no stranger to wrestling; a lifelong fan who has often expressed his appreciation for the business. During the original days of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Corgan would make an appearance for the promotion – adding to the “cool” factor of what was the underground/alternative wrestling promotion.

In 2011, Corgan, along with two other men, founded Resistance Pro Wrestling: a small, privately owned promotion based out of Illinois. While the promotion holds monthly events, it does not attract a crowd of more than five or six hundred people. In late 2014, Corgan left the promotion.

And now, as his days at Total Nonstop Action approach, we must wonder what Billy Corgan will truly bring to the sugar-packet-under-the-leg TNA table. The truth about Billy Corgan is that he is a talented and creative person – a musician, songwriter, and poet – but a member of a wrestling creative team?

While this is not the “big time” wrestling world, Corgan seems amped and ready to take his vision to TNA but what are his intentions? Does Billy Corgan really believe that he can turn around this lackluster product? Or even compete with WWE?

Chances are: this is not going to work out the way Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter are hoping. TNA posses no threat to WWE, which is actually a shame as it keeps WWE from revolutionizing its product the way WCW forced it to back during the Monday Night War.

Now then, let's take a look at the top 10 reasons why Billy Corgan will NOT help TNA:

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10 No Competitive Edge

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To give TNA some credit: they have certainly tried to compete with WWE but have failed time and time again. Bringing in Hulk Hogan was supposed to generate some new interest in the product, right? But what did it do other than give his daughter a place to play on television?

Billy Corgan seems to be more of an independent wrestling fan than a fan of sports entertainment. How will he intake this concept and turn it outward? Competition is the biggest thing lacking in professional wrestling at the moment; it is desperately needed but will not come back any time soon and certainly not because of Billy Corgan.

9 Storyline Ideas?

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Melon Collie and the Infinite Sorrow: an ultra-eclectic album that was full of great ideas and themes. In a sense, making the entire album one great storyline. However, that's music … this is wrestling, Billy Corgan.

What kind of ideas will Corgan have? For that matter, what has been the top storyline to come out of TNA in recent years? The Sons of Anarchy rip-off angle. Billy Corgan is a progressive thinker but how well will his ideas play out on television?

8 Who Will Speak Out?

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Should the storylines proposed by Billy Corgan turn out to be duds, who will speak out against his vision? There is a definitive reason why TNA brought in Corgan and that is the fact that his ideas are supposed to be the new direction of the company.

Billy Corgan has been known to be a difficult man who does not always play well with others. Therefore, what will happen when somebody is going to have to step in and tell Corgan that an angle he pitched sucks?

7 Faded Star Power

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There is no question that as the front man of The Smashing Pumpkins during the 1990s, Billy Corgan was one of the biggest and most recognizable rock stars in the world but that was then and this is now. Rock and roll is essential dead and most people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four have probably never heard of Billy Corgan.

Now, you have to know that banking on his star power played a role in bringing him into the company but TNA has a major problem with relevance. They thought Hogan and Flair would work when they were stuck in 1989 and now they think that 1995 is going to help revive this life-supported product.

6 Understanding the Business

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Operating a wrestling promotion that draws under one thousand fans per show does not mean you understand the business. Hell, none of us do; we love to complain but we really have no idea how to run things behind the curtain.

Billy Corgan will not understand this aspect of his new gig. Loving something and understanding it are two completely different levels. The corporate side of things will not favor Corgan. Billy is anti-establishment, man.

5 Fan vs. Booker

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At some point during your wrestling watching lifetime, you have probably re-imagined a certain storyline in your head in the specific way you would run the angle. If you watch long enough, this become a second nature.

However, that doesn't mean your version would work. Billy Corgan is a huge wrestling fan and he doesn't shy away from that fact but the scenario remains the same with Corgan. Booking is clearly not as easy as perceived and Billy the fan will find that out soon enough.

4 No Breakout Stars

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TNA has no breakout stars. The best wrestlers not performing on the main WWE roster are currently in NXT. The top names in TNA are guys who were top names in WWE before they decided to split from the big city and move out to the country.

There really is nowhere to go unless you have the right superstar(s) to carry the weight of the company. Billy Corgan is not going to find a diamond in the rough over there – only rough-looking has-beens wishing they were the diamond in WWE.

3 Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter is essentially clueless when it come to operating a wrestling promotion and that is not going to change in the near future. The signing of Billy Corgan has all the stink of a publicity stunt surrounding the entire circumstance.

Either way. Carter will place a blind faith in Corgan; hoping that the rock star will become the TNA Jesus – save the miserable masses who are employed by this company, oh, TNA Jesus! Save all of their wretched souls.

2 Too Late

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TNA is well past its expiration date and in many ways; so is Billy Corgan. But people still love The Smashing Pumpkins. Nostalgia can keep people hanging around – at least for a little while. Which is the case for TNA.

When you're seeing guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Sting, Kurt Angle, and The Hardy Boyz,c all those fuzzy nostalgic feeling come rushing back but it really doesn't last; it is merely a hit from the past – a quick wrestling fix – and then on to other avenues.

1 TNA Sucks

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Shall we end this article with a piece of brutal honesty? … TNA sucks! Yes, there are believers in the product; those who will hang around until the very end when Total Nonstop Action has taken its final gasp of air and the action has officially ceased.

Prediction: Billy Corgan will quit TNA within a year. Perhaps his experience with the company will inspire some new music down the road; a introspective collection of songs describing his hopes and heartaches at TNA wrestling.

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