Top 10 Reasons Why CM Punk May Never Wrestle Again

Chicago born, raised, and made Philip Jack Brooks, better known as CM Punk, is a former professional wrestler whose abrupt departure from WWE back in January of this year caused a massive commotion am

Chicago born, raised, and made Philip Jack Brooks, better known as CM Punk, is a former professional wrestler whose abrupt departure from WWE back in January of this year caused a massive commotion among the wrestling community as fans of the straight-edge superstar where left searching for an reason for his sudden split from the company.

Punk made his final WWE appearance at the Royal Rumble where he was the first entrant into the Rumble match and lasted all the way to the final four before he was eliminated by Kane who had been eliminated by Punk earlier in the match. The elimination of Punk was followed by a chokeslam through the announce table. The next night on Raw the WWE Universe awaited Punk's response to the situation but he never appeared. Punk had reportedly left stating to Vince McMahon that he was “going home.”

While the exact reasons for Punk's actions were left to speculation, there had been previous reports citing that Punk had been growing increasingly frustrated with the direction in which the company was heading, especially pertaining to himself and future feuds that were planned for the Second City Savior. Vince McMahon's only response to Punk's departure was during a conference call to investors in which he claimed that Punk was “taking a sabbatical.”

Throughout most of the year hopes of a CM Punk return were high but time and time again rumors were dispelled and Punk was nowhere to be found. These days – while Punk is still very present in the minds of wrestling fans – the hope of his return is ever fading and seemingly nonexistent. His current relationship with WWE is said to be a bit hostile and he has kept in contact with few people form the company – mostly his close circle of friends.

While the future remains unclear when it comes to CM Punk and wrestling, one thing remains true: the support from his fans will not fade away. While it would be great to see Punk back in action some day, the possibility is beginning to look bleak. Should he never wrestle again, it would be entirely understandable. The following are the top 10 reasons why CM Punk may never wrestle again.

10 Rebellious Spirit


CM Punk is a stubborn and outspoken rebel of a wrestler who does not fear whose ears his opinions fall upon (take a look at any interview he has done for full proof). Punk is clearly a different breed of professional wrestler. The kind of guy who wants to be known as such; a wrestler and not a “sports entertainer.” It is odd how the word “wrestling” has become so taboo in a company that was rooted in the sport but it is certainly a word that was never far from Punk's vocabulary. “The Best Wrestler in the World,” as he once dubbed himself, may never have another match but if you watch any of his past performances, one would be hard-pressed to argue with his self-proclamation.

9 Smarts


Punk certainly has a smart head on his shoulders. He knows how the wrestling business works and nobody else but him can truly know what is best for CM Punk. If his days are done, then who are we to question his own personal choice? Quite often the intelligence of a wrestler does not match their physical stature but Punk is an independent thinker who can't be manipulated into anything. This could prove to be very frustrating to those in charge as Punk has been known to be difficult to deal with backstage. But hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a person thinking for themselves, right?

8 Other Ventures


While wrestling may be his first love, Punk might want to explore other avenues at this point in his life. The acting bug is something that many WWE superstars past or present seem to catch and, although Punk doesn't exactly fit the mold of what a leading man should look like, there are sure to be roles out there suitable to his tastes. Punk is an avid comic book fan so perhaps something in that realm would be of interest. There are possibilities beyond the ring that are there for exploration. Then again, he just might not want to do anything at the moment.

7 Financially Fine


Unlike many of the top WWE performers, CM Punk is a man of humble means and does not live the most extravagant life. Which means the money he made while with WWE is probably well secured in his bank account. There is nothing particularly fancy about Punk and his straight-edge lifestyle that would indicate that money is being blown on lavish partying. Sometimes, a past performer is left with no other alternative but to return to the ring due to financial troubles. However, Punk should be relatively comfortable when it comes to finance. He was after all a top talent over the past few years and his merchandise was always a hot commodity.

6 Right Reasons


In order to see a CM Punk comeback, one of the biggest factors would have to be the reasoning. Punk will not return just for the sake of returning. The stars would need to align in his favor – something like a dream match or feud may suffice, but still may not be enough to entice him to once again walk down that WWE ramp. Punk demands to be regarded on the same level as guys like John Cena and Randy Orton. If WWE feel there is no room for him at the top of the card, then there would certainly be no good reason from a comeback should he be considering one.

5 A.J. Lee


The inevitable mistreatment of CM Punk's wife is bound to happen eventually and may have already begun. AJ Lee is the current Divas Champion but truth be told, the backstage heads don't really care about that title. The most important thing about the Divas division these days is the success of their reality show. When the “CM Punk” chants break out during an AJ match, the people in charge do not enjoy that. Therefore, if Punk is not around, who else can they take it out on? Look back to last month's Monday Night Raw from Chicago… was there any justified reason for AJ to lose a match to Alicia Fox in that particular city? Don't be surprised if AJ walks away from WWE sooner than later.

4 Health


CM Punk is only thirty-six-years old and has stated in the past that he has never desired to be a “wrestling-lifer.” While early retirement may suck for fans, it could prove to be extremely beneficiary to Punk who is now away from the road and its hectic schedule. Punk is a chronic insomniac, so maybe he found time to catch up on lost sleep. There is also the long-term to look at here, as no more bumps and bruises on a nightly basis will lead to a longer and less pain-enduring life, which is something many past wrestler often struggle with (take a look at Mick Foley, poor guy can't even put on his own socks).

3 Proved His Worth


CM Punk was the longest reining WWE Champion of the modern era and sixth longest in WWE history – holding the championship for an impressive four-hundred-and-thirty-four days. Punk's ring work on any given night was impeccable regardless of the event or opponent. Punk is a complete natural inside the ring and knows exactly where to be at all times. To find yourself bored with a CM Punk match is nearly impossible. He was great as a face and ever greater as a heel. Punk has more than proved to the world what he is capable of inside the squared circle and at this point may have nothing left to prove.

2 Unappreciated


During CM Punk's historic title reign, there was a strong sense of an unappreciative nature coming from the very company he was representing as champion. Punk was given proper TV time but was overlooked at pay-per-views on a number of occasions. Instead of booking their champion in the main event, which is how it is supposed to work in the wrestling industry, WWE would opt to place Punk lower on the card in light of John Cena or Randy Orton. Even though Punk would steal the spotlight anyway, that light should have been afforded to him all along.

1 Because He Said So ...


The main reason CM Punk may never wrestle again is simple; because he said that he would never wrestle again. During an interview at the AP Music Awards a few months ago, Punk claimed that he would “never, ever, ever” comeback. The tone of his voice was sarcastic but such is the usual tone of CM Punk, so it was hard to decipher the level of sincerity in his statement and as I mentioned earlier, Punk has claimed to not want to wrestle his entire life. Therefore, fans are left wondering if they will ever seen him in the ring again. However, there is a strong possibility that his wrestling days are over.

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Top 10 Reasons Why CM Punk May Never Wrestle Again