Top 10 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Should Not Have Won Superstar of the Year

This past week on Monday Night Raw the WWE presented its “annual” Slammy Awards. The award show that was first introduced in 1986 and was sporadically presented throughout the '90s has since been given a yearly episode of Raw devoted to its ceremony which began in 2008. The Slammy Awards themselves are virtually meaningless. Nobody really cares about these things. They have no virtue or prestige. And how can they with categories like “Animal of the Year” won by the Mini Gator or “Hashtag of the Year” won by #RKOOuttaNowhere.

The lone Slammy that does hold some merit is the award for “Superstar of the Year.” This year's recipient was Roman Reigns. The ex-Shield member was on hand this past Monday to accept his award and thank the fans but did he really deserve the honor?

Reigns is a big, bad, bulldozing superstar who has proven in the past that he can take out anything or anyone that gets in his way. In the eyes of many, Reigns is the next top guy in WWE. The man who will finally replace John Cena as the WWE poster boy.

However, that time has yet to come and, for now, the king of the castle remains John Cena. Reigns still has a lot to prove in WWE before he can be considered 'the guy.' Having only been a member of the main roster for a few short years, there is still a long road ahead of the 29 year-old superstar.

This road Roman is heading down is surely paved with gold and glory assuming he can remain healthy and on top of his game. The future is calling and Roman Reigns is the man it seeks. The 2014 Superstar of the Year.

Although, this honor may have come a little too early for Reigns. In this article will examine why the Slammy Award should have been awarded to a different superstar.

These are the top 10 reasons why Roman Reigns should not have won Superstar of the Year:

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10 Fan Voted?

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The Slammy Awards are now fan voted – or so we are told. The winners of each award this past Monday were supposedly selected by the WWE Universe but I have my suspicions.

The WWE love pimping out there app but how accurate it is and do they really take into account what the fans have chosen? I can't help but feel as though the winners (much like everything else in WWE) were already determined.

Should this be the case; then those who really chose the winners should not have awarded Roman Reigns with Superstar of the Year considering the other nominations.

9 No Distinct Connection to John Cena

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Like it or not, John Cena is the man in WWE. The battle cries of the haters have been heard for years yet Cena remains as popular and unpopular as ever. Even the hate comes from a place of love, as fans love to hate Jon Cena.

Therefore, anybody who is going to be dubbed “Superstar of the Year,” should have had some kind of distinct connection to John Cena at some point over the past twelve months – it only seems fitting. In 2014, Roman Reigns and John Cena have had no major issues or angles with each other.

Back in July, at the Battleground Pay-Per-View, both men were involved in a fatal four-way match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship along with Kane and Randy Orton but nothing else came of Cena/Reigns.

Personally, I feel that Superstar of the Year should have had a least a minor feud with the top WWE superstar.

8 No Major Feuds

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Speaking of feuds; something that always stands out about a superstar's past year are the feuds in which he has been involved. Sometimes these feuds will lead to a series of heart-pounding matches – leaving the audience craving more from both men.

Roman Reigns had his biggest feud of 2014 with Randy Orton – not the most exciting rivalry of the year and not a major payoff either. The two competed at SummerSlam in what was meant to be a high-profile match but the bout seemed to fall flat and was overshadowed by the Brock Lesnar and John Cena match.

7 Not Enough Time as a Singles Competitor

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The Shield were one of the most powerful factions to enter the WWE in quite some time. The combination of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns was seemingly unstoppable until one of its own brought the group to a screeching halt when Seth Rollins turned his back on his Shield brothers and joined forces with The Authority.

This left all three men to embark on their own as singles competitors. Roman Reigns proved to the defector Seth Rollins that he would fair just fine on his own but would eventually succumb to injury, thus sidelining him from competition.

All told; Reigns spent the summer of 2014 as a singles superstar and all of his time prior as a member of a faction. The amount of time one spends as a solo performer should factor into Superstar of the Year voting and Reigns just didn't spend enough time on his own this past year.

6 No Solo Main Events

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During his short time as a singles competitor Reigns did manage to get involved in the title picture but was not there in a one-on-one encounter.

The star power of a superstar is truly shown when he goes into a main event Pay-Per-View match on his own as the champion or challenging the champion. Reigns has yet to experience this moment as there are many other qualified superstars who have participated in solo main events and seem much more worthy of the Slammy Award.

5 Hasn't Said Very Much

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Roman Reigns was never known as the mouthpiece of The Shield. Instead, he was the powerhouse, the enforcer, the overbearing behemoth. With Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose by his side to speak on behalf on the group, Reigns could usually fly under the radar as it pertained to his mic skills.

Now that he stands alone sans group or manager; he has no choice but to speak for himself which is not exactly the most compelling speech one can hear. Superstar of the Year should have said something over the past year that really stood out and left fans saying “right on” or “I can't believe he just said that.”

Daniel Bryan who won Superstar of the Year last year has also had some struggles on the mic but if you can recall his “I'm a wrestler promo” with John Cena, it helps to justify his victory.

4 Lack of Memorable Moments

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Roman Reigns speared just about everybody this past year – in some cases through barricades and tables, but let's be honest; we have seen all that before. Edge was the master of the spear.

Aside from that, what else has Reigns done? Fought off countless beat-downs even when he was heavily outnumbered. Sounds a lot like something we have seen from John Cena, does it not? There just isn't anything that memorable about Roman Reigns' year and as Superstar of the Year, something about what you have done should be completely unforgettable.

I know that Reigns eliminated twelve men in the Royal Rumble match this past January but if you think back to this past Rumble, the most memorable moments involve the exclusion of Daniel Bryan and the seething fans when Batista emerged the victor.

3 No Championships

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This past year proved to be a year without gold for Roman Reigns – as Superstar of the Year, one would think the man chosen would have captured a championship along the way.

Well, the big man did not capture any championships in 2014 which should be some sort of qualification for the award. While gold is definitely in his future; this was not his year and not his time – perhaps next year, Roman.

2 Did Not Compete the Entire Year

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This past September, Roman Reigns underwent emergency surgery on an incarcerated hernia and while recovery time was stated to be six weeks, Reigns remains on the shelf.

This means that Roman Reigns has missed one-fourth of the calender year – a large portion to be absent from and still manage to take home Superstar of the Year. In all fairness, the superstars nominated for the award should have been present for the majority of the past twelve months.

1 Seth Rollins

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The man who should have won Superstar of the Year is Seth Rollins. Now, allow me to justify and avoid contradiction.

Rollins much like Reigns did not spend the entire year as a singles competitor but he has remained healthy and has been seen on WWE TV more than anybody (Even Ambrose was away from television for a while to film a movie).

Rollins much like Reigns did not win a championship this past year but did capture the Money in the Bank briefcase – which is as good as gold and Rollins becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion is pretty much inevitable.

Rollins has also provided fans with a number of memorable moments this past year, has said a lot on the microphone, and has even been in the main event of a Pay-Per-View.

Seth Rollins, the real Superstar of the Year.

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