Top 10 Reasons Why Sting Would Never Wrestle in WWE

The WWE and Sting have recently come to terms on some sort of contract which will see the iconic wrestler appear as a character in the latest installment of the popular video game series, WWE2K15. Sting merchandise is now for sale at the WWE Shop and there is set to bet a blu-ray released by WWE Home Video based upon his career.

While we like the idea of video game Sting, that's where it ends, in the fantasy world. We're sure hardcore gamers and fans of the WWE video game in general are excited about being about to control the face-painted legend. But, that should be enough. Sting in the flesh in a ring in front of a live WWE crowd just doesn't make much sense anymore.

Obviously, it is just a matter of time before Sting is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which is a little odd considering he has never wrestled for the promotion but that's another argument. Either way, the recognition is justified considering all he has done and given to the wrestling business throughout his illustrious career.

The bottom line is that Sting should not and will not take a run as an active WWE performer. It's not in his, or his fans, best interest. And, I would highly oppose seeing Sting as some kind of “General Manager” or authority figure. That really doesn't work. If he is not wrestling, then he shouldn't be out there at all.

I think that compilations of his career are a good idea. WWE always manages to produce high-quality content when it comes to their home videos. Sting is going to make money and the company in turn will get their dollar's worth from his image. Both sides are happy with their monetary gain. Both sides are happy. No match required.

Now, let's take a look at the top ten reason why Sting would never wrestle in WWE ...

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10 The Ending of "The Streak"

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The Undertaker versus Sting at WrestleMania has long been discussed, speculated, and dreamed of among internet wrestling fans. But, every year when 'Mania season rolls around and the rumor-mill opens up, Sting never shows. There are reports floating around that claim Sting would still be interested in working a high-profile match with 'Taker at Wrestlemania 31 but really, what's the point? When Brock Lesnar became the “one in twenty-one-and-one,” all hope of a Sting/'Taker match should have been lost. At this point, there is nothing on the line. No streak to defend. No bad blood between the two men. Nothing worth watching. It was a nice pipe dream but its time to wake up and move past this potential match.

9 No Viable Opponent

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With The Undertaker off the table, who else could step in as a viable opponent to face Sting? John Cena? Randy Orton? Nobody wants to see Sting subjugated to the “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect,” or become another victim of the “Legend Killer.” And while the thought of a Bray Wyatt/Sting feud has crossed my mind, if not for anything but simply the psychological thriller of a story the two could tell, at the end of the day, Wyatt is almost thirty-years Sting's junior. I know the man is resilient but with the style Wyatt works, Sting could not keep pace which would lead to a match of lesser quality and potentially hurt Wyatt in the long-run.

8 Doing the "Job"

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The fact of the matter is that Sting shouldn't have to come into WWE just to “job” for people – which is exactly what would happen. Somewhere along the way, the whole idea of Sting and what he stands for would get lost in the cluster of WWE creative and he would soon become a watered-down version of what he is and what he has been. He would never be afforded a victory at this point in his career. A wrestler of his caliber won't come back just to leave.

7 Money for a Match

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With the WWE Network not drawing the numbers that were hoped for and the company cutting back on a number of employees recently, one has to wonder about its true financial state. Surely Sting would be paid handsomely for his services but nothing compared to the contracts of The Rock and Brock Lesnar, who work minimal-multimillion-dollar schedules. Vince McMahon is not going to give Sting a contract as such. So, with nothing left to prove to anybody in the wrestling business, is there really a point in going out there and working for a lowball number?

6 Age

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The Stinger is fifty-five-years-old and as alluded to earlier with Bray Wyatt, the young performers in today's WWE will leave him in the dust. Say what you want about the product as a whole but there is no denying the captivating athleticism of today's performers. They are well-conditioned and rearing to go at all times. Can you imagine Sting trying to keep pace with the likes of Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins? Guys who work at 100mph. Guys who wrestling like lighting bolts. Despite all the nostalgia, it would suck to see Sting embarrassed in the ring.

5 Lack of Relevance

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All right, its time to be honest. Who under the age of thirty will even remember Sting? The regular millennial wrestling fan is not going to know or research anything about Sting. In fact, they won't even care at all. This is the sad nature of our apathetic generation. In the minds of many, Sting would simply be another old guy from the past trying to hold on to his youth. Take a look at Hogan … he just looks out of place nowadays. Take a look at Bret Hart … every time he shows up he is a bumbling mess. Take a look at Ric Flair … well, he's still cool … the coolest old man in the business. And, with all due respect to Sting, he is no Ric Flair.

4 Protecting a Legacy

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Back in his WCW days, Sting became known as “The Franchise.” The loyal and seemingly lifelong face of World Championship Wrestling. And, that's how we remember Sting. We like to overlook the TNA years because TNA is really just a cheap imitation of WCW. Perhaps we can chalk up Sting's time in TNA as his mid-life-wrestling-crisis? Stings fans will forgive the TNA run but let's not make WWE the retirement home. His legacy as the face of WCW needs to remain in tact. It needs to be protected and by avoiding the WWE, he will protect it. WWE will not provide this protection should Sting decide to become an active part of the roster.

3 Being the Odd Man Out

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Many like the fact that Sting has been able to avoid the lure of WWE. Even going as far as stating in an interview that he would never work for the company. It always that showed the true depth of his character. Not his wrestling character but his character in life as a man, as Steve Borden. It seems as though every big star of the industry has at one point or another walked the rocky road of a WWE locker room. The temptation of the WWE spotlight sure has its drawing power. Meeting Vince McMahon at the crossroads and selling your soul to the Devil in exchange for sports entertainment super-stardom. Odds are, he'll stick to this ideal.

2 Not a WWE Guy

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Sting being the “WCW guy” for so many years surely doesn't sit well with those in power. The WWE has a way of taking something or someone who has found success elsewhere and turning them into Connecticut-clad-puppets. Especially if you found that success down in WCW. Prime examples? Booker T was made to look like a complete joke when he first arrived in WWE. Goldberg was jobbing to Triple H. The guy who was unbeatable in WCW had to be beaten in WWE. The same circumstances would apply with Sting. He was never a WWE guy and in the bitter boardroom, this is never forgotten.

1 Missed the Boat

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The main reason why Sting would never wrestle in WWE is fairly obvious. They missed the boat. If there were ever an opportune time for Sting to make his WWE debut, it would have been twelve or thirteen years ago when WWE bought out WCW. Sting was still in fine ring form, still relevant, still a major player in the wrestling world. Back in 2001 when the “Invasion” angle was happening, we were all waiting every week to have the camera pan up to the rafters; hoping to see Sting, sitting like a crow. Of course, that never happened.

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