Top 10 Reasons Why We Complain About WWE but Can't Stop Watching

The WWE has fallen on dire times – at least according to all us internet complainers – yet we continue to watch week in and week out with our critical eyes and disillusioned opinions. We just can't he

The WWE has fallen on dire times – at least according to all us internet complainers – yet we continue to watch week in and week out with our critical eyes and disillusioned opinions. We just can't help it; the WWE provides the buzz which we all crave.

The problem with WWE is the product as a whole; it just doesn't captivate the viewer as it has in years past. The storylines are weak and often recycled, the stars we want to see pushed are usually the stars being held down while the stars who are being pushed get shoved down our throats. Besides the rise of Daniel Bryan, nothing feels organic anymore.

However, when Monday night rolls around; there we are on our couches ready to watch and complain for the next three hours. Sometimes watching Raw feels like sadomasochism of the senses but we don't turn away because deep down inside we enjoy every minute.

Of course, we remain faithful to the WWE because it is all we know. Those of us old enough to remember WCW and ECW can only look back fondly on those promotions. We are left with nothing else but the WWE (don't say TNA or ROH, you know you don't really care about those promotions).

The WWE is where the big stars come out to shine. Some falter and burn out quickly while others remain bright for years. That’s just the way it works in WWE.

The current product may be stale but we will continue to buy into the McMahon-driven machine until we learn any better. There are those who got out, changed the channel one day and never looked back but what about those of us who are trapped in their Universe? Will we ever escape?

These are the top 10 reasons why we complain about WWE but can't stop watching:

10 We Love to Criticize


The first reason on our list is fairly simple; we love criticizing the WWE. Hell, we love criticizing in general. The human mind should be critical; question everything, always, even something as trivial as wrestling.

WWE programming consumes hours of our lives. Therefore, we reserve the right to tear it apart as much and as often as we please. This is no different than that of a movie critic who sits and watches the latest films just to unleash his/her personalized view of the feature.

We are living room critics of the squared-circle.

9 We Believe Our Voices are Heard


We like to think – somewhat vainly – that out voices are heard and that they actually matter. Somehow, we feel that our critique of WWE's product may actually help the company improve but we're really just voices in our own heads.

Let's be honest here, we're complaining about wrestling, not foreign affairs, gays rights, racial equality, or any other social injustice … actually our voices are muted on all of these issues and the only voice that matters in the wrestling world is the voice of Vince McMahon.

But, hey … never stop screaming.

8 We are Entertained


The main purpose of the WWE is to entertain its audience, which it does for better or worse and even though we are still going to complain, we watch WWE because it is entertaining.

There is a lot of crap displayed on WWE programming but sometimes it turns out to be so bad that we find a speckle of amusement among the nonsense. Perhaps our own imaginations allow us to out imagine WWE creative and find our own enjoyment within their treachery.

7 We Find Escape


Speaking of our own imaginations, another reason why we continue to watch WWE is the escapism that their programming provides.

We get to live vicariously through these superstars for a few hours each week which is often helpful when life has become a drag. When “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was beating up Vince McMahon every week, how many people were wishing they could treat their own boss in that manner?

Sometimes when life gets you down, watch a little wrestling and dream about suplexing somebody.

6 We Fear Missing a Big Moment


If we reflect upon the past few years in WWE, the biggest moment that has occurred has to be Brock Lesnar defeating The Undertaker and ending “The Streak” at WrestleMania XXX.

The casual fans who tune in every year around 'Mania season witnessed this moment along with the hardcore fans. However, it is moments like this that keep the hardcore fan watching all year long; the fear of missing one of these monumental moments.

Sure, we can watch everything online nowadays, but there is nothing like capturing a big moment live and in real time.

5 We Remain Hopeful


Despite all our objections about the WWE, we do hold on to hope that one day the product will find its spark once again. That it will shake off this decline and rise to the ranks of where it once stood. Of course, this is only wishful thinking.

Hope is a word that is often thrown around in every day life. We are always told to “remain hopeful,” and that “good things will come,” and who knows; maybe they will someday.

4 We are Grown Children


Admit it, every time Hulk Hogan or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin make a WWE appearance; the little kid inside of you jumps out of your skin.

We are grown men and women but when the heroes of our past reappear, we are suddenly in elementary school again and there's nothing wrong with that. The WWE has the power to take us back to a simpler time. when the world felt so young and the future seemed so bright.

3 We are Era Junkies


The 1980s were known as the “Golden Age” of professional wrestling and depending on your age, you may long for that period once again. However, those of us who were raised on 1990s wrestling still crave the attitude and competition which that decade provided.

Either way, we watch the product of today and always compare it to our most treasured wrestling years. Our world views may evolve, our fashion may change, our living arrangements may alter but when it comes to our wrestling, we remain stuck in past eras.

2 We Still Care


Those of us who still sit and wallow in our professional wrestling world do so mainly because we still care and like a past love, it is hard to just let the WWE go and pretend as though we do not care anymore.

If you were raised on something, the sentimental value does not diminish. How did it feel when your mom found your old teddy bear in the closet? The one that kept you company every night when you were a kid and then told you that she was planning on throwing him away?

The WWE is that old teddy bear.

1 We are Wrestling Marks


The main reason we complain about WWE and can't stop watching is because we are all a bunch of wrestling marks. If you do not know what a wrestling mark is then good news, you are not one.

The term is usually used to describe a person who still believes that professional wrestling is not staged. However, the term takes on many different meanings that more or less revolve around some belief in professional wrestling.

Now, our belief is not that it is real. Hopefully, none of us are as sad as the “it's still real to me, damn it!” guy. Our belief is that professional wrestling used to mean something and perhaps it can once again.

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Top 10 Reasons Why We Complain About WWE but Can't Stop Watching